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    Summer in the City- Use Your Bicycle!

    Do you love summer? I know many people who actually don’t like the summer, because it is too hot, or they have pollen allergies what I think is really very uncomfortable, to say at least. Summer here in the Netherlands is beautiful but short, so I try to enjoy it very much. If you live in the city, you experience summer differently as someone who lives in the countryside, or close to the sea. Summer in the city, you might get your bicycle out, but maybe you experience problems with breathing? Here in the Netherlands, people cycle very much. The country is mostly flat, not in the south or east,…

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    Living in Ireland – Beautiful Island

      I loved Ireland, especially my life in Dublin, so much that I wrote the post “Living in Ireland, beautiful Island.” It has been a great experience living and working in Dublin. To travel is beautiful because you get to know other countries, cultures, and people. Well, to live and work in another country is completely different. Getting to know another culture and the people, to learn how things work in another country can be a challenge for some people. Otherwise, it is a great decision to help us to stretch our horizons. It has been a challenge for me, for sure. An Irish Lady I have been friends with…

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    The Art of Living a Free Lifestyle

    How to live a free Lifestyle? How to live a financially free lifestyle is the question. I would love this lifestyle, and I am working hard to get there. Would you do the same? How to live a free lifestyle, a financially free lifestyle? When I was young, I always felt pressure. I had to take on so many responsibilities; I could hardly breathe. Maybe that is a reason that many young people have  Asthma. The pressure to be educated is so enormously huge that young people already suffer from burnout. Parents asked so much of their children because society has become a pressure. The statistics show that many young…

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    Wearing a hat- Beautiful Woman

      Wearing a hat, beautiful woman. Women wearing hats, I love that! In these times, it is nearly impossible to wear a hat during a normal day. People are staring at you like you are a crazy person. If you are aristocratic, it is normal, and everyone thinks you must wear a hat. I think they would miss the hat if Royalties wouldn’t wear one. We live in the Netherlands, and for us,  Queen Maxima, wearing a hat with a beautiful outfit is absolutely normal. People are used to it. But for a person like you and me, they seem to be not very tolerant. Or maybe it is they…

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    Dancing as a Tool of Creativity – Have Fun

      Dancing as a Tool of Creativity – Have Fun If you love moving, if you love to express yourself differently, you indeed love dancing. I always loved dancing, for myself at my house, but also in a club. My dancing wasn’t a performance for an audition. I love to move my body, feel I am alive, and express my joy, my whole being. These days there are even some forms of psychology where they use dancing to bring people back to themselves. They begin to feel themselves again to get out of the darkness of depression. Dancing is a great tool for depressive people because while you are dancing,…

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    Fashion is Art- The Art of Beauty

      Fashion is Art, the art of beauty. If you are a woman like me, you love clothes. The most woman I know they love to dress. Of course, some women are happy with grabbing jeans and a T-Shirt out of their wardrobe. This is also an expression of themselves. Fashion has always been significant in all centuries and all cultures. Of course, the western part of the world has taken over many countries,  in Africa and Asia. But many cultures still wear their traditional clothing, for example, people of different tribes and areas in Africa, Asia, and South America. Even here in the Netherlands are villages where they wear…

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    The Mature Beautiful Woman- Grey is Gorgeous!

    It is the time of the baby boomers. There are so many people on earth above 50 years old. I believe we are the biggest generation. In former days a woman above 50 years old was already old, exhausted from working and childbearing. But in our days there are so many vital mature people, it is a completely different picture compared to about 200 centuries ago. The mature beautiful woman is a stunning personality of this time. They do sports, dance, socialize, and laugh a lot, but they also know to be themselves, emotional and spiritual. I see many pictures of grey-haired women who look vital and young, being young…

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    How to Create a Fairy Garden For Insects?

    Do you love insects? Most of us don’t, I think. It is a pity because if you observe the beauty of the insect’s life, you will see that God has created them beautifully. Creating a fairy garden for insects is a topic of my heart, especially I have witnessed over decades how we have minimized these creatures by using pesticides and herbicides, which is also devastating for birds and small mammals. I have joined several organizations that try to save the insects like bees and native birds because, without bees, we will die within two years. Here in the Netherlands, people do quite a lot for the insects, but it…

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    Corona and Holidays- Where to Go?

    After spending the winter and most of the spring in lockdown, we all would love to travel again, but there is still so much insecurity among the people. Corona and holidays- where to go? We tried twice to travel to my family in Germany. We couldn’t go because of the lockdown, but also because Germany didn’t want Dutch people to travel over their border due to the high numbers of infections in the Netherlands. Now summer is coming, and the infections dropped down. People who registered with symptoms have been the vaccinated ones, according to many doctors’ observations. I believe that the summer is doing us a great favor, like…

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    The Birth of a New World- Being Prepared is Crucial!

    Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure Here! Many people want to go back and combine a little bit of the modern and the old world living more sustainably. Luckily people are waking up to the disasters happening on our planet. The birth of a new world might happen; being prepared is crucial. Trying to live independently of our world systems these days might be an essential step towards health. The global connection is beautiful and brings many advantages and worries, asking whether this system is crashing, what will it be? We will not connect and hear from others, not draw money from our accounts to buy food, connect our devices to…