• a bumblebee on a thistle

    Living a Sustainable Lifestyle- RefurbishedProducts

    Living a sustainable lifestyle is actually not that difficult because wherever you live, you could make adjustments. If you have read my posts on my natural health site, you will have learned that I love everything natural; nature, moving, food. There is so much we can do without leaving much waste behind. I buy my vegetables and fruits in an organic shop or market, and I try to purchase only organic meat, knowing where it comes from and how these animals have died. For me, it is essential to know. But I have to admit that I have also not given a thought to the idea of living healthy and…

  • blossom in spring

    The Beauty of the Busy Bee in My Garden?

    How to attract bees to my garden is a question I ask myself very often because I noticed that even I have a paradise for the little friends, they have decreased in numbers over the last years, which makes me very sad. The beauty of the busy bee in my garden is something I will not miss, and I do everything for them to love my garden. Her decreased numbers show that many neighbors are still using pesticides and herbicides in their gardens or even have no real flowers for the bees. In the garden shops, you can purchase many different flowers, mostly cultivated, so that many bees and bumblebees…

  • a mountain lake

    The Beauty of Air- Let’s Take a Deep Breath

    Air is an essential element; without it, we die within one minute. The beauty of air- let’s take a deep breath, is about the quality of natural fresh, beautiful air which energizes and restores our cells within minutes. We need to breathe clean air; otherwise, we get many toxic substances into our respiratory tract that inflames our lungs. The body needs oxygen for its cells. In the lungs, there is an exchange of used air, carbon dioxide,  with a new oxygen-rich perspective that, added to the iron in the red blood cells, will be transported to every cell into our body. In contrast, used air high in carbon dioxide will…

  • water drop

    The Beauty of Water- Crystals of Life

    Water is an element, expressed chemically as H2O, that stores information. The beauty of water has many faces, sometimes quiet and peaceful, but also deep and unfathomable, sometimes wild moving, making a beautiful sound passing stones. The sea is also a beautiful medium where its water can be warm and caring and deep and cold, showing its amazing life. We all know how it feels sitting on the beach stretched out in the sand periodically covered by the sea’s waves, coming and going. Matched with the beautiful, life-giving sun, it is an experience, reviving and relaxing you simultaneously. I am coming from Northern Germany knowing what I am talking about.…

  • a crystal ball

    The Beauty of Sustainability!

    Sustainability is a new topic, but it is so essential for us and the world. The beauty of sustainability leads me back to my youth. We had not much, but the consumption already began to develop having a face. The development of exploitation already had arrived, greediness, desire to have more, and more.   People could suddenly buy everything, they were consumers, and still, there was so much to receive and develop, no end in sight. But nowadays, the earth is after decades have passed, violated, raped, exploited, exhausted by the world population who has drowned her in consumption, leaving developing countries in poverty, in a huge amount of waste,…

  • the globe

    How to Draw Wild Animals in Your Garden?

    If you love sustainability and helping the planet, you might want to know how to draw animals in your garden?   This is actually very easy because the animals are very pleased to receive a space to live with a helping hand. My fairy garden is changed into a paradise for animals over the years. If you look for the right plants, organic plants, you draw bumblebees and bees, and butterflies into your garden, which already helps these insects to increase their population. I love the sound of the bees in spring and summer. Our garden has become an oasis for us to relax and for the animals all year…

  • a mediterran rooftop garden

    How to Design a Rooftop Garden?- Happy Bees

      How to design a rooftop garden is something that has kept me busy already last year. I love nature, and I love to design my little fairy garden. Now our environment has big problems with architects building lots of houses on disappearing green landscapes. In the Netherlands, houses are built very often with small gardens where you find a stony terrace, but nearly no plants and trees. The cities try to plant flowers, especially wildflowers, between the strokes of the streets that are flowering a certain time which is not enough for bumblebees, wild bees, and many other insects to live on. They can’t find enough food in early…

  • white tiny house, surrounded by a garden

    Small Houses-Great Houses and Full Comfort

    Small houses-great houses and full comfort seem to be a trendy development these days. They come originally from the States of America, and worldwide people love to spend their holidays in such a house. These small houses’ comfort and sustainability make them a well-desired object, certainly in Europe where people love to spend their holidays in a “glamping place” instead of a camping place. Glamping means between ” glamorous and camping,” where people can live, for example, in a small house with everything they need, kitchen, bathroom, and a living room with television for the evening. It amazes me how beautiful and practical these houses are decorated. In the Netherland,…

  • bench and table snow covered in a garden

    My Winter Fairy Garden- Covered With Snow

    I have already written about my little fairy garden and by having been asked to continue the fairy garden stories, I decided to write about my winter fairy garden. We seldom have snow in winter due to climate change, but this time in February, it snowed very much, about 30 cm the whole day, and everything is covered with snow. It is a beautiful picture. I can’t get enough observing this beautiful white cover. Temperatures are freezing, and the weather forecast has proclaimed that we will get shallow temperatures, even during the day. They talked about minus 20 * C at night, so I have to prepare my garden to protect…

  • a bed of roses

    Valentine’s Day- 9 Special Gifts For Women

    Valentine’s day is coming up, and you need maybe a special gift for your love. It is the time of Covid 19, and due to lockdown, we are not allowed to travel or go for a beautiful romantic dinner, not even lunch. I am quite fed up with the lockdown. You too? Valentine is the time where businesses are earning a lot of money. In fact, they need Valentine’s day, but now they miss their income because of the lockdown. Maybe it is time to go online if they do not want to get bankrupt. If you need an idea to earn an income these days to keep your payments…