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About glass-light

about glass-light

Very welcome to my site Glass-Light.

My story

I have always been Nature’s child. My mind was always searching for deeper meanings. I felt free outdoors, loving to write my emotions and my observations down. I loved to feel myself, sensing my surrounding, being creative by expressing my emotions.

When I became a pediatric nurse, my inner being experienced trauma. I couldn’t cope with the very sick and dying children. All their suffering was too much for me. There has been none who understood in my social environment.

Art, in the form of expressing myself, has always been significant to me. Words were helping me very much. I wrote a lot in my diary, Or just thoughts that came to my mind on a sheet of paper. Reading was a tool for me. Being in Nature gave me beautiful, creative moments.

Once I observed the moonlight passing a wineglass, and its reflection gave such a beautiful moment. I was captured. It was pure Beauty like God has created a picture. This is the reason I choose the name of this website to be “glass-light. This is Art for me!.” And there is so much beauty around us.

The Art of Movement

An african woman dancing joyful


I love to walk and to do Yoga or Pilates as a form of a gym. It makes me feel I am living. To shape my body is also art for me, even I must admit that I do less of my fitness regime.

When I dance or see people dancing on ice, that is another kind of movement. Beautiful flowing movements! I am quite insecure, standing on the ice myself. And I do not dance like a professional, but I love dancing for myself.

To feel my body moving is so strong. I have seen lots of people who can’t move anymore because of illness or an accident.  To see that is very sad. They can’t go with the flow of their bodies. They are stuck, bodily, and mentally. Others are still able to move mentally. They see themselves walk again.

God has created us so beautifully. If you see, for example, dancers performing, this is art.

The Art of Beauty


Now art has many faces, so has Beauty. As long as we are creative, we can express ourselves, and we can do this in many ways.

For me, it is writing blogs, helping people. Living a natural life,  using organic, natural cosmetics, having a beautiful garden, making compost, and eating healthy is essential for me. Maybe this kind of living is Art as well, these days. But of course, it shouldn’t be art, but our first impulse respecting ourselves, others, and the environment.

Fashion is a great tool for creativity. I love colors and playing with them. I love hats and express myself wearing beautiful clothes, shoes, handbags. We can give our expression to this. I am very happy that we can still go fashioned but respecting the planet by trying to avoid overproduction and waste. There are so many alternatives to purchasing like sustainably produced products, healthy sustainable, but still beautiful materials that will not burden the Planet.

I love to take photos of Nature’s light; wherever I go, I am taking pictures.

Beauty is so different for people. Every person has a different understanding of Beauty. And that is so fantastic! Our world is moving, and we are moving. Movement is essential! Being stuck is standing still for me. My creativity gets stuck, as well. Let us see the beauty of sustainability, being creative in finding ways to combine the modern world with the old-fashioned world.

Expressing the Art of Beauty

Nothing stands on its own. We can find beauty in so many things and moments.  For every person, it is different. But we need to move, to be creative, to love, to respect, to live. There are different ways to show it, to express it. But let us all living life in honor of our Earth, which is created by our Father.

This is what this site is about. So you will find lots of different expressions. And I hope you have much fun expressing yourself, as I have.

If you have something you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. Please, let me know! You might see the Art of Beauty differently, and that is beautiful!


All the best,SylvieChrist




  • Monique Richie

    Wow, Sylvia, you are a master at describing your feelings. Thanks for this insight into your innermost being. that really touched me. Your lifestyle Blog is beautiful.
    I love Fashion, Art, Photography, Yoga, and nature.
    Thank you so much for this Lifestyle Blog, I love to read your articles.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much, Monique, for your beautiful comment! Yes, I am a person who is in contact with my belly. I love transparency. And I love exactly what you love as well. Creativity is movement; the flow of the mind and body. Beautiful!

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