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    How to Avoid Plastic Pollution?- The Threat- Update

    Plastic is a big problem for our planet! It was a discovery of the century, a beneficial material. But we have arrived at a point where we ask ourselves, “How to avoid plastic pollution?” Plastic particles are everywhere, in animals, oceans, soils, drinking water in the air we breathe, food, and in us. Everything is polluted, and the worse point is that plastic is hardly be avoided anymore. People know about the results of plastic pollution, but there are still not enough people who try sustainable ways of storage. Luckily, many people are against plastic and already use alternatives. And I hope more will join the movement! Plastic is Everywhere…

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    The Beauty of the Spiritual Warfare- The Atomic Bomb

    Every born-again believer knows about the spiritual realm and the demonic attacks. They know about the powerful spiritual warfare. If you are a born-again believer, baptized in water and Spirit, you have become a new creation in Christ. The older man is gone, a new spirit-filled man is born. We are now accompanied by God’s Spirit, the third in the trinity, Our beautiful Friend the Holy Spirit! No real believer is going to war without the proper outfit and weapons. A spirit-filled godly believer follows God’s word and concentrates on what is going on in the spiritual realm with his inner eyes, ears, senses, and heart. The Holy Spirit is…

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    The Beauty of the World I Knew

    We had a beautiful world, a life full of positive and negative happenings. We didn’t know that other humans who have much money and power had always influenced our world in such a way that they are even responsible for all the wars. I didn’t know! I didn’t know about false flags agendas. But what I knew was that we had to learn a profession, work a job, pay our expenses, pay taxes, and join the elections. I learned as a Christian to pray for the government and all our leaders so that we might have a peaceful, blessed life, and I did! Now I know all the hidden agendas…

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    What Are The Benefits of Working From Home?

    Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure here! These days many of us are forced to stay home regarding the restrictions, new lockdowns. What are the benefits of working from home? I would love to hear your opinion. You know that many people lost their work or business due to the restrictions, the many lockdowns, and don’t know how to survive. Many businessmen and women are bankrupt, totally broken in their existence. However, I also see that people with the necessary vision and creativity create new businesses. I adore such people; their power and determination are impressive. You can see that whatever comes out of our reptilian brain results in defeat, depression…

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    The Beauty of Life- Life is a Gift!

    The beauty of life lies in the creation of God, our creator of all life. Life is a gift! Especially in these times and history, we suffer from many man-made threats in which greedy people try to profit from certain situations. We are all born as free human beings, but because specific systems are suppressing their population, people are kept as slaves. For me, this is unacceptable that other fellow human beings think they have the power over the rest of the people and keep them poor and exploit their lives. The beauty of life is different for everyone, but it is about peace, respect, sensing, love, happiness, and creativity.…

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    The Beauty of Using an Induction Hob!

    I am in love! I am in love with my induction hob! It has been the most significant decision since long to buy an induction hob. The beauty of using an induction hob is worth mentioning. For years we used a gas cooker, and I didn’t like it very much! In Germany, we use mostly electricity for cooking, but in the Netherlands, people use mainly gas. I disliked the mess I created while cooking the meals and never felt comfortable using gas. Many people in the Netherlands say that gas is the cheaper source, and maybe it was an inexpensive source for energy in the past, but the coming year…

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    The Beauty of Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

    Do you think there is something like the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle? Yes, and there is undoubtedly a benefit of living a healthy lifestyle. When you decide to live healthily, you will change spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. A healthy life does not stop with organic food and doing sports, and it goes beyond that. It wakes you up, your senses, and brings you back to your roots. Your body will heal, but so your mind will heal! It is a win/win situation for your whole life! What is a Healthy Lifestyle? Most of us are unhealthy, for sure. There is always something missing in our lives, healthy…

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    The Birth of a New World- Being Prepared is Crucial!

    Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure Here! This article is updated with new information! Many people want to go back and combine a little bit of the modern and the old world by living more sustainably. Luckily people are waking up to the disasters happening on our planet. The birth of a new world might happen; being prepared is crucial. Trying to live independently of our world systems these days might be an essential step towards health, especially when I see how Big Industry, Big Tech, and Big Pharma manipulate the world population. The global connection is beautiful and brings many advantages, and also worries people, asking whether this system is…

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    What is the Importance of Sustainable Living? – Our Future Generations!

    This article is updated with new information! I am sure that this topic will give uncomfortable feelings to certain people, especially those who only want to make huge money on the cost of the environment and other humans. Also, people still trust the government doing only good things for us and the environment. What is the importance of sustainable living for our future generations? Everything, because they will otherwise not survive. If we don’t stop greedy people who power to destroy the world and us, we will not survive. It has already begun for years, destroying our world, ecologically and economically, whereas we as their stupid sheep are helping them…

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    How to Create a Vegetable Garden in a Small Place?

    This article is updated with new information! If you have a small garden as I do, you can still create a beautiful vegetable and even fruit garden. How to create a vegetable garden in a small place? A vegetable garden doesn’t need much space; it is not a problem if you have enough fences and walls to cover up with peas and beans or blackberries and pears. I have seen a video showing a man who lives in Las Vegas and has designed his small backyard into a vegetable garden where he lives from. Even in the hot desert, you can still grow vegetables and fruits using excellent compost for…