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    The Beauty of Using an Induction Hob!

    I am in love! I am in love with my induction hob! It has been the most significant decision since long to buy an induction hob. The beauty of using an induction hob is worth mentioning. For years we used a gas cooker, and I didn’t like it very much! In Germany, we use mostly electricity for cooking, but in the Netherlands, people use mainly gas. I disliked the mess I created while cooking the meals and never felt comfortable using gas. Many people in the Netherlands say that gas is the cheaper source, and maybe it was an inexpensive source for energy in the past, but the coming year…

  • bird sitting on the hand of a person in winter

    How to Help Birds to Survive The Winter?

    Animals have a difficult time in the winter finding food and shelter. How to help birds in the winter to survive is not very difficult, but there are so many people buying the wrong food, which is very damaging to birds. I will explain what is necessary for birds and small mammals, and insects to survive the winter. For me, it is so normal to help animals and people. 🙂 Winter is Coming! For many animals, winter is a tough season. They need shelter to hibernate, food to keep their temperatures up, protection against the cold and windy days, and have the energy to survive till spring is coming and…

  • a bumblebee on a thistle

    Living a Sustainable Lifestyle- RefurbishedProducts

    Living a sustainable lifestyle is not that difficult because wherever you live, you can make adjustments. If you have read my posts on my natural health site, you will have learned that I love everything natural; nature, moving, food. There is so much we can do without leaving much waste behind. I buy my vegetables and fruits in an organic shop or market, and I try to purchase only organic meat, knowing where it comes from and how these animals have died. For me, it is essential to know. But I have to admit that I have also not given a thought to the idea of living healthy and sustainable…

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    How to Draw Wild Animals in Your Garden?

    If you love sustainability and helping the planet, you might want to know how to draw animals in your garden?   This is actually very easy because the animals are very pleased to receive a space where they can live and multiply. My fairy garden is changed into a paradise for animals over the years. If you look for the right plants, you draw bumblebees and bees, and butterflies into your garden, which already helps these insects to increase their population. However, if you buy plants, look for pesticides because these little insects will not survive the toxins. The toxins will also kill small mammals and birds. I love the…

  • a dutch gracht, a canal in autumn

    Visiting the Netherlands- Beautiful Nature and History

    Today I write about visiting the Netherlands and the beautiful nature you will find here. In my blog “A Beautiful Winter day in the Netherlands,” I have already written about the Veluwe National Park. There was a time I couldn’t arrive in the Netherlands mentally. My heart grieved because I couldn’t find my place in this overcrowded country. You know me now a bit, and I am a person who loves to live in a quiet environment. In my opinion, the Netherlands is very loud and packed, full of cities, villages, houses, people, and cars. My mind, my heart needs the beauty of quietness to be creative and to recharge.…

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    Color Your Hair Grey- Beautiful You!

    Color Your Hair Grey! The majority of women don’t embrace their natural hair color as they age. The idea of looking older seems to have a strong impact on deciding to go grey—even the promise of looking younger by complimenting the facial skin and hair color. Dying the hair in the wrong color leave us older and tired-looking, even to the point of ill-looking. You know when friends or family ask you if you are sick or tired, observing your black swollen eyes circles and deep engraved wrinkles. Grey is beautiful! A mature woman whose hair is already turning to grey looks stunning with the right style and colors balancing…

  • erica plant in Dublins mountains

    Living in Ireland – Beautiful Island

      I loved Ireland, especially my life in Dublin, so much that I wrote the post “Living in Ireland, beautiful Island.” It has been a great experience living and working in Dublin. To travel is beautiful because you get to know other countries, cultures, and people. Well, to live and work in another country is completely different. Getting to know another culture and the people, to learn how things work in another country can be a challenge for some people. Otherwise, it is a great decision to help us to stretch our horizons. It has been a challenge for me, for sure. An Irish Lady I have been friends with…

  • woman with curly black hair sitting in a coffee shop working on her laptop

    The Art of Living a Free Lifestyle

    How to live a free Lifestyle? How to live a financially free lifestyle is the question. I would love this lifestyle, and I am working hard to get there. Would you do the same? How to live a free lifestyle, a financially free lifestyle? When I was young, I always felt pressure. I had to take on so many responsibilities; I could hardly breathe. Maybe that is a reason that many young people have  Asthma. The pressure to be educated is so enormously huge that young people already suffer from burnout. Parents asked so much of their children because society has become a pressure. The statistics show that many young…

  • a "Gracht", waterway in Amsterdam

    Corona and Holidays- Where to Go?

    After spending the winter and most of the spring in lockdown, we all would love to travel again, but there is still so much insecurity among the people. Corona and holidays- where to go? We tried twice to travel to my family in Germany. We couldn’t go because of the lockdown, but also because Germany didn’t want Dutch people to travel over their border due to the high numbers of infections in the Netherlands. Now summer is coming, and the infections dropped down. People who registered with symptoms have been the vaccinated ones, according to many doctors’ observations. I believe that the summer is doing us a great favor, like…

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    The Top Fashion Trends in Spring-Summer 2021- Hip and Classy!

    Please, read my Affiliate Disclosure Here! Every season designers are coming with something new that compliments the old trend. The top fashion trends in spring-summer 2021 are hip and classy, and wearable, making a new fashion style trendy. I have already found my style and never change it, but sometimes I purchase something new( very often secondhand or sustainable) to complement my wardrobe. Luckily I am not letting myself be dominated by the fashion labels, but I certainly did in my younger years. I see the different fashion styles in this season, and some are just not me, like leaving my stomach undressed. Of course, I don’t have the age…