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    The Beauty of Sustainability!

    Sustainability is a new topic, but it is so essential for us and the world. The beauty of sustainability leads me back to my youth. We had not much, but the consumption already began to develop having a face. The development of exploitation already had arrived, greediness, desire to have more, and more.   People could suddenly buy everything, they were consumers, and still, there was so much to receive and develop, no end in sight. But nowadays, the earth is after decades have passed, violated, raped, exploited, exhausted by the world population who has drowned her in consumption, leaving developing countries in poverty, in a huge amount of waste,…

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    Why Stylish Organic Clothing is the Hit?- Healthy and Stylish!

      This post, “Why stylish organic clothing is the hit?” is my absolute heartfelt message for you all. For years we have helped our world get polluted by buying clothing treated with hazardous chemicals. By doing so, we have allowed the industry to ruin many Asian, European, and South-American countries’ landscapes because our greediness has never stopped. The enormous demand ( greed) has created worse conditions for the poor people in Asian and African countries depending on their jobs. This site is a Beauty website, and you may think that this blog is not fitting this site. But I feel different! How will we keep the Beauty of this world…

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    The Beauty of Colors -Our World

      I love colors! Do you love them too? The beauty of color is our fantastic world. Knowing some people love black, even though their houses’ interior is black, I can’t warm up for black maybe because it doesn’t suit me at all. God has created color into our world, and it lifts our mood. Black is the business color, but grey and dark blue are looking more classic. I will always go for them if I have to dress up classy. People are so different in colors, and I love reading magazines where you can find new inspiration in designing your home or wardrobe. Changing colors in your house…

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    Handbags and Shoes- A Woman’s Little Friends

      I know many women who are crazy for handbags and shoes, I included. You heard the song Marilyn Monroe has sung, ” Diamonds are the girl’s best friends”? I believe many women love jewelry and especially diamonds. But most of us can’t afford such pricey things, so I would even say that the girl’s best friends are now shoes and handbags. And that has a reason. We love to look beautiful, and shoes and handbags make us beautiful. Now women are quite different, and knowing women who only wear sneakers shows us that we are all different. I love a heel, not too high, but still elegant and classy.…

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    Color Your Hair Grey- Beautiful You!

    Color Your Hair Grey! The majority of women don’t embrace their natural hair color as they age. The idea of looking older seems to have a strong impact on deciding to go grey—even the promise of looking younger by complimenting the facial skin and hair color. Dying the hair in the wrong color leave us older and tired-looking, even to the point of ill-looking. You know when friends or family ask you if you are sick or tired, observing your black swollen eyes circles and deep engraved wrinkles. Grey is beautiful! A mature woman whose hair is already turning to grey looks stunning with the right style and colors balancing…

  • The Beauty of Light

    The Beauty of the Light- Wonderful

    To show the beauty of the light is also art for me. Light has always attracted me, sunlight playing on the water or in the leaves of a tree, in the forest, or the eyes of a person. Light is beautiful! You create something like a beautiful glass or a lamp, maybe a painting pointing to a reflection, or you use a camera to catch nature’s light; it is an act of art for me. My heart jumps if I see all the beauty around me. I love to walk and capture what I observe. In this manner, I take many pictures with the camera on my mobile. To see…

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    Wearing a hat- Beautiful Woman

      Wearing a hat, beautiful woman. Women wearing hats, I love that! In these times, it is nearly impossible to wear a hat during a normal day. People are staring at you like you are a crazy person. If you are aristocratic, it is normal, and everyone thinks you must wear a hat. I think they would miss the hat if Royalties wouldn’t wear one. We live in the Netherlands, and for us,  Queen Maxima, wearing a hat with a beautiful outfit is absolutely normal. People are used to it. But for a person like you and me, they seem to be not very tolerant. Or maybe it is they…

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    Dancing as a Tool of Creativity – Have Fun

      Dancing as a Tool of Creativity – Have Fun If you love moving, if you love to express yourself differently, you indeed love dancing. I always loved dancing, for myself at my house, but also in a club. My dancing wasn’t a performance for an audition. I love to move my body, feel I am alive, and express my joy, my whole being. These days there are even some forms of psychology where they use dancing to bring people back to themselves. They begin to feel themselves again to get out of the darkness of depression. Dancing is a great tool for depressive people because while you are dancing,…

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    Fashion is Art- The Art of Beauty

      Fashion is Art, the Art of Beauty. If you are a woman like me, you love clothes. The most woman I know they love to dress. Of course, some women are happy with grabbing jeans and a T-Shirt out of their wardrobe. This is also an expression of themselves. Fashion has always been significant in all centuries and all cultures. Of course, the western part of the world has taken over many countries,  in Africa and Asia. But many cultures still wear their traditional clothing, for example, people of different tribes and areas in Africa, Asia, and South America. Even here in the Netherlands are villages where they wear…

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    The Mature Beautiful Woman- Grey is Gorgeous!

    It is the time of the baby boomers. There are so many people on earth above 50 years old. I believe we are the biggest generation. In former days a woman above 50 years old was already old, exhausted from working and childbearing. But in our days there are so many vital mature people, it is a completely different picture compared to about 200 centuries ago. The mature beautiful woman is a stunning personality of this time. They do sports, dance, socialize, and laugh a lot, but they also know to be themselves, emotional and spiritual. I see many pictures of grey-haired women who look vital and young, being young…