• spiritual music

    The Beauty of Music – Healing Sounds

    Music heals! Did you know this? Listening to music can give us energy, calmness, peace, and joy, but it can also make us aggressive. It depends on the frequencies of the tones. Music is also used to connect us with our spirituality, with God. Many indigenous populations use specific instruments to balance the body, mind, and spirit. The sounds enter the body and bring the body’s cells in a certain harmony that heals. Some people use flutes or drums or singing bowls for meditation. It is the same with natural, high-quality food with high electricity that heals the body. Music as a Tool to Detox Body and Mind Music can…

  • Handbags and Shoes - A woman's little friends

    Inspired by the Style of Spring- Classy and Sustainable

    Spring has arrived, and we are longing for the warmth of the sun. Our heart will get rid of the heavy winter clothing and, inspired by the style of spring, walk around in pretty dresses, trousers, and blouses, accompanied by beautiful sandals, handbags, and accessories showing it is spring. Every season, an inner force leads us to study catalogs, search fashion shops, and find a suitable outfit. All women and men love to do that; maybe men are less tempted. I love fashion, but I do not depend on the seasonal fashion code dictated by designers. I have found my style and going for the timeless, classy, and sportive design;…

  • crocus i early spring

    The Magic of Spring – Welcome Queen Bumble Bee

    Finally, there is the most favored season of the year, spring. The magic of spring lies in the higher temperatures, the life that is awakening everywhere around us. The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, flowers come up about, and you hear the insects flying, especially the beautiful sound of the bumblebees. The birds are singing; the hedgehogs are waking up. Everything looks bright, waking up from the cold wintertime. I love the spring; I love the warm temperatures, warming me up, the smell of the flowers, and the cute bumblebee queens, which are flying around to get the first nectar and polls for their breed. My little fairy garden…

  • a bed of roses

    Valentine’s Day- 9 Special Gifts For Women

    Valentine’s day is coming up, and you need maybe a special gift for your love. It is the time of Covid 19, and due to lockdown, we are not allowed to travel or go for a beautiful romantic dinner, not even lunch. I am quite fed up with the lockdown. You too? Valentine is the time where businesses are earning a lot of money. In fact, they need Valentine’s day, but now they miss their income because of the lockdown. Maybe it is time to go online if they do not want to get bankrupt. If you need an idea to earn an income these days to keep your payments…

  • Loosdrecht, the Netherlands

    Living Two Worlds- Combine the Modern and the Old Way

    This article is updated! Originally published in June 2021. Why should we want to stop and rethink our lifestyle? Living two worlds, combining the modern and the old-fashioned worlds, is for many people necessary. I know people who can’t find their way in this modern world with all the greediness, the destruction, the noise, the flood of impressions, the consumption, the exploitation of our world. They feel that they can’t escape a world that makes them ill anymore. If you love to live quietly and live in a growing city, you can’t flee the noise. Maybe you think these people are mostly older folks who lived in the older norm.…

  • Christ the victor

    The Beauty of the Spiritual Warfare- The Atomic Bomb

    Every born-again believer knows about the spiritual realm and the demonic attacks. They know about the powerful spiritual warfare. If you are a born-again believer, baptized in water and Spirit, you have become a new creation in Christ. The older man is gone, a new spirit-filled man is born. We are now accompanied by God’s Spirit, the third in the trinity, Our beautiful Friend the Holy Spirit! No real believer is going to war without the proper outfit and weapons. A spirit-filled godly believer follows God’s word and concentrates on what is going on in the spiritual realm with his inner eyes, ears, senses, and heart. The Holy Spirit is…

  • Deventer in autumn colors, skyline

    The Beauty of the World I Knew

    We had a beautiful world, a life full of positive and negative happenings. We didn’t know that other humans who have much money and power had always influenced our world in such a way that they are even responsible for all the wars. I didn’t know! I didn’t know about false flags agendas. But what I knew was that we had to learn a profession, work a job, pay our expenses, pay taxes, and join the elections. I learned as a Christian to pray for the government and all our leaders so that we might have a peaceful, blessed life, and I did! Now I know all the hidden agendas…

  • christmas tree

    The Beauty of Christmas

    Christmas time was beautiful in my childhood, not because of the presents and the family coming together, but because there was always this feeling of peace inside me. The beauty of Christmas for me as a child was having a long time at home watching fairy tales, eating lots of sweets, and the magic of the lights in the living room while outside we experienced cold and snowy days. As a child, I witnessed many fights between my parents because my grandparents have visited us nearly every Christmas, and they presented themselves as quite dominant. The atmosphere forced me to seek my own inner peaceful space. However, the memories of…

  • woman and child are having fun

    The Beauty of Life- Life is a Gift!

    The beauty of life lies in the creation of God, our creator of all life. Life is a gift! Especially in these times and history, we suffer from many man-made threats in which greedy people try to profit from certain situations. We are all born as free human beings, but because specific systems are suppressing their population, people are kept as slaves. For me, this is unacceptable that other fellow human beings think they have the power over the rest of the people and keep them poor and exploit their lives. The beauty of life is different for everyone, but it is about peace, respect, sensing, love, happiness, and creativity.…

  • a joyful woman

    The Beauty of Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

    Do you think there is something like the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle? Yes, and there is undoubtedly a benefit of living a healthy lifestyle. When you decide to live healthily, you will change spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. A healthy life does not stop with organic food and doing sports, and it goes beyond that. It wakes you up, your senses, and brings you back to your roots. Your body will heal, but so your mind will heal! It is a win/win situation for your whole life! What is a Healthy Lifestyle? Most of us are unhealthy, for sure. There is always something missing in our lives, healthy…