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    How to Avoid Plastic Pollution?- The Threat

    Plastic is a big problem for our planet! It was a discovery of the century, a beneficial material. But we have arrived at a point where we ask ourselves, “How to avoid plastic pollution?” Plastic particles are everywhere, in animals, oceans, soils, drinking water in the air we breathe, food, and in us. Everything is polluted, and the worse point is that plastic is hardly be avoided anymore. People know about the results of plastic pollution, but there are still not enough people who try sustainable ways of storage. Luckily, many people are against plastic and already use alternatives. And I hope more will join the movement! Plastic is Everywhere…

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    Sustainable Living

    How to Create a Vegetable Garden in a Small Place?

    If you have a small garden as I do, you can still create a beautiful vegetable and even fruit garden. How to create a vegetable garden in a small place? A vegetable garden doesn’t need much space; if you have enough fences and walls to cover up with peas and beans, or blackberries and pears, it is not a problem. I have seen a video showing a man who lives in Las Vegas and has designed his small backyard into a vegetable garden where he lives from. Even in the hot desert, you can still grow vegetables and fruits using excellent compost for your soil. The good thing about deserts…

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    Sustainable Living

    What is the Importance of Sustainable Living? – Our Future Generations!

    I am sure that this topic will give uncomfortable feelings to certain people, especially to people who only want to make huge money on the cost of the environment and other humans. Also, there are still people who trust the government doing only good things for us and the environment. What is the importance of sustainable living for our future generations? Everything, because they will otherwise not survive. If we don’t stop greedy people who are in power to destroy the world and us, we will not survive. It has already begun for years, destroying our world, ecologically and economically, whereas we as their stupid sheep are helping them because…

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    Summer in the City- Use Your Bicycle!

    Do you love summer? I know many people who actually don’t like the summer, because it is too hot, or they have pollen allergies what I think is really very uncomfortable, to say at least. Summer here in the Netherlands is beautiful but short, so I try to enjoy it very much. If you live in the city, you experience summer differently as someone who lives in the countryside, or close to the sea. Summer in the city, you might get your bicycle out, but maybe you experience problems with breathing? Here in the Netherlands, people cycle very much. The country is mostly flat, not in the south or east,…

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    Sustainable Living

    Future House Designs- Sustainable and Beautiful!

    Can you imagine living in small houses or apartment blocks full of green areas, roofs planted with vegetables and herbs? Can you imagine living with other families in one house? Future House design must be sustainable but also beautiful, social, and healthy. If we could live together in houses made from sustainable healthy materials, and living in communities, we all would be healthier. It is not good for people to live alone. I have no idea how our future houses will be, but if I see how old many houses are in Europe, 400 or 500 years old, or even more, that shows the people living in these centuries to…