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Color Your Hair Grey- Beautiful You!

Color your hair grey-Beautiful You

Color Your Hair Grey!

The majority of women don’t embrace their natural hair color as they age. The idea of looking older seems to have a strong impact on deciding to go grey—even the promise of looking younger by complimenting the facial skin and hair color.

Dying the hair in the wrong color leave us older and tired-looking, even to the point of ill-looking. You know when friends or family ask you if you are sick or tired, observing your black swollen eyes circles and deep engraved wrinkles.

Grey is beautiful! A mature woman whose hair is already turning to grey looks stunning with the right style and colors balancing her expression. We are all fascinated by such women.

Grey is Beautiful- Color Your Hair Grey

Years ago, we learned about the seasons and their colors, and it was trendy to visit a color stylist to find out what suits us. Wearing black and white as my favorite colors, I was devasted when I learned that only the winter looks great in these colors. As a summer person, I needed to change my whole wardrobe due to the wrong colors. Women belonging to the winter possess this beautiful silver-colored hair as they age. The disappointment of letting go of my favorite color, black, was difficult to overcome. I had problems thinking differently and forced myself to pass black and buy the colors that made me look beautiful.young woman dressed in a white dress with grey hair

Since then, it has been easy to pick out the right colors, and I loved them, underlining my person, creating a self-confident and joyful woman.

I believe the more natural, the more beautiful we look.

A friend, already grey, dyed her hair in a yellow blond, letting her look old and ill. That was sad.  I told her she better washed her hair with a silver shampoo to reduce her yellow color. Following my advice, her hair returned to a better, more natural-looking color that complimented her skin and age.

Why not color your hair grey?

I would go grey if this is the dominating color of my hair, but I am still blond, a kind of ash-blond. ( mouse-grey), which goes really well with light pink, blue and neutral shades.

It has been customary to color grey, mature and younger women in the last five years. Great development! The right shade of grey looks fabulous on women making them even younger-looking.

Aging with Grace

Why do we have so many women’s problems with aging and going grey? It is a phenomenon that women think their origin color will make them younger looking than going grey. A silver lock is associated with a mature age to the extent of assuming society is rejecting them. The opposite is that grey is a classy color, and being a mature woman, a classy or elegant style should be your goal.

There are so many older women in shabby clothes, not knowing how they lose attraction to men. Nowadays, many women prefer short haircuts which can look stunning!  I prefer longer hair for a woman for a  softer look. As we grow older, estrogen levels decline. In contrast, testosterone levels seem to rise, reducing our female softness—a significant step in balancing our hormones as we transition into menopause.

mature woman and younger woman, middle age sitting on a bench in the park, looking on a smartphone

When I think back to the ’60s and 70s, women looked classy; even they were already attaining a mature age. You would have never seen Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren dressed in shabby clothes.  It doesn’t matter if they wear jeans; they still looked stunning. Wrinkles are not a problem, but your mindset ages you. I know many women over 80 years old, and they always look gorgeous. Why is that? Because they are themselves, they still love to color their life.

Women who don’t allow themselves to age are sad caricatures mirroring their immaturity. You still can grow old, making a stunning but natural portrait out of yourself, being a magnet to other people. If you have never accepted yourself, you will have trouble respecting your life when you grew old.


Ageless Beauty

older woman, grey hair with glasses

You know these women who don’t seem to have any problem with their age, reflecting their self-confidence and warmth to others, whatever they wear. They are great examples of how to live a grounded, confident, and full life. They are free of self-rejection and condemnation, have found their freedom in their lives. Impressive to observe such women who have no urge to suppress other women trying to feel superior because they are self-contained and refuse to see other women as competitors. How relaxing such a woman!

Grey is an elegant color and very well combined with other beautiful colors like dark red, blue, and antique rose. This is also an outstanding basis outfit, not only for the office and business but for every day.  Most women do not look great in black, but exceptional good in grey and blue, and by adding a beautiful scarf, the outfit receives a classic and elegant note.

Look- Is She not Beautiful?

Stunning! If you see some celebrities like Meryl Streep or Jamie Lee Curtis, who have a modern short haircut and still look fabulous, like Jane Fonda, another fantastic-looking celebrity who is an impressive person.

Search the internet for these women watching how beautiful grey hair looks.

These mature women have fascinated us with their lifestyle, balancing their hormones, eating healthy, doing sports. They also have demanding jobs, families, and the pressure of being a celebrity. Why is this not possible for “normal” women like you and me?

I love graceful women who are charismatic. What amazes me the most how many women look really stunning with their grey, silver hair. By speeding up transition, which can last for several years, it might be better to go cold turkey changing completely to grey. Dyeing is not an option costing quite a lot of money if you need to cover your grey hair every three to four weeks.

Look at this video below; I would love to hear what you think and your reaction.


Final Thought

Many women have problems turning to grey hair, so trying to cover it with a color that doesn’t suit them ages them very much. For more than five years, the silver lock is a trendy movement that celebrities have embraced. Most women who decide to go grey look stunning, changing them into self-confident, warm, mature-looking people. Transition is a time where many changes, emotional and physical, hit us. It is not easy to let your youth go and grow in acceptance of your new season. But it is worth letting go and become the person you are.

Maybe you experience a fearful time, thinking you have lost yourself completely. That is what I wish all of us, becoming the woman we are intended to be, free, self-confident, and self-respectful! It is an adventure to finally be the person you have ever been without wearing a mask.

Please let me know what you think, your experiences in your youth and now, at a mature age.

All the best,



  • Henk van Dijkhuizen

    Hi Sylvie,
    I came across your article, and I like that you keep it simple. Grey hair is beautiful, and I don’t understand why women must dye their hair, or color it. As a mature man I am already completely grey, and I don’t care, but there are so many women thinking they look younger coloring their hair. I think the opposite is the case, they look more beautiful keeping up the own hair color. It suits their appearance. And the toxins are very extrem using colors. Great work, Sylvie! Keep it up!

    • Sylvie

      Hi Henk, ye, you are very suitable! Women look so much better having their hair color. Everything works together with the way we are created. Absolutely, and we wouldn’t release many toxins into the canalization. Thank you very much for your comment! 🙂

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