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Fashion is Art- The Art of Beauty

Fashion is Art-the Art of Beauty


Fashion is Art, the Art of Beauty.

If you are a woman like me, you love clothes. The most woman I know they love to dress. Of course, some women are happy with grabbing jeans and a T-Shirt out of their wardrobe. This is also an expression of themselves.

Fashion has always been significant in all centuries and all cultures. Of course, the western part of the world has taken over many countries,  in Africa and Asia. But many cultures still wear their traditional clothing, for example, people of different tribes and areas in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Even here in the Netherlands are villages where they wear their “kledingstracht,” a traditional style where other people from other parts of the Netherland know where they are coming from. However, many young people are not interested anymore in wearing traditional clothes.

But there are cultures worldwide where it is still quite common as a sign of identity and tradition. So I really think it is beautiful to keep this going, and I think the government and laws should support them.

But this is actually not my intention to write about different cultures and their style of Fashion. I am more in expressing myself through the clothes you wear.

Clothing as a Self-Expression

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Of course, most women and men are going with the season of fashion. Every season designers are telling you what is in, what to wear. The big fashion stores do their buying and stock up on clothes which are prominent in that season. You learn about the style, the colors, the handbags, shoes to wear, what to do, and not to do. So all kinds of advice to keep you updated. We find lots of suggestions on what to wear. And of course, if you are young you play that game because you want to be fashionable, look beautiful. I know older women who still follow the guidelines of the season.

For me, fashion was always difficult. I loved so many clothes that others didn’t like me wearing. And it took me years to find my style.

Of course, when you are young, you don’t like so many parts of your body, and you get insecure about yourself. If I had to get myself ready to go to a party, I had nearly the whole wardrobe lying on my bed because I couldn’t decide. Boh, that wasn’t very pleasant in those days.

Now many of you think there are worse things in the world. And you are right! But when you are young and try to be someone of a group, to feel loved, and you always think your girlfriend looks so much prettier than you, insecurity hits you. So very often, I finally didn’t go to the party, or I first needed to drink a glass of wine.

I bought so many beautiful dresses; I have never worn them. They stayed in my wardrobe. What a pity! I believe many of you know what I am talking about.

And do you know, I ended up wearing my normal jeans with a blouse or a T-Shirt. So I know what I am talking about. I felt more secure in my jeans. But I have desired to wear beautiful dresses.

Everything changed when I moved to Dublin in Ireland. I developed my own style, and it was beautiful. Suddenly I could express myself the way I loved. And I love to wear very feminine clothes, playful dresses and skirts, feminine handbags, and shoes.

Ash and Rose, catalogue


I love to be classy and elegant. But also wearing jeans with a beautiful feminine blouse is what my heart loves. So I began to play with colors and style. Now the Irish people made it easy for me. Because they let you live and make your choices without putting you down, I felt so much myself again and could express myself in my own way. My friends have been very encouraging.

I encourage you to play with style and color and show yourself. To copy others is easy, but to have your own style, although it doesn’t fit the season’s style, is not easy, but it gives you so much self-confidence and happiness to be yourself. So don’t try to copy others! Instead, find out what you like!

Of course, if you dress up like a Gothic, a punk, or whatever you like, you put yourself in a certain category. Your style tells others something about you. If they don’t understand you, it doesn’t matter.

Fashion is Art

chinese girl in pink dress

I saw in Germany a woman who wore a historical dress on the street. She liked it so much, and it didn’t interest her what others think. She looked like visiting us, coming from another century. She had the courage to do what she liked.

Many people stared at her and were laughing. But it didn’t bother her, and she went her way. That is so great, this mindset. She has created a piece of art herself.

When you watch Fashion Designers with their models, it is the same. This is an art that they have created. In earlier times, you couldn’t even wear it on the street on a normal day. Now the designers make fashion for you and me. But, it is still art, and the materials and patterns make it beautiful.

If I go shopping, I stick to my style and sometimes buy only one piece of clothes. Every piece needs to compliment the others. That is the way I like it.

I am not buying cheap clothes and throw them away after some weeks. Rather do I buy a few pieces of excellent quality, which I wear for years. That works best for me. I prefer the classical or sportive,  and the main and important point, a timeless style.

If I don’t get something because the style and the colors of the season match my heart, I will go to secondhand shops, believe me or not; I always find something elegant for little money.

I got a pair of Italian shoes, made completely from leather, even the sole, for 6 Euro. It seemed that the woman who has owned them had not worn them; they looked new. I tell you it is worth having a look in second-hand shops. I have learned from the Irish people. They have lots of secondhand shops in Dublin where you can also find designer clothes for little money.

Fashion Self-Made

If you can make your clothes, you are really an artist. You can design everything that you want. When I go to a clothing shop, I pick what I like, keep it in my mind, and copy it at home. Also, you can change your secondhand dresses and make them more fashionable. In this manner, you save yourself a lot of money and look fantastic.

Our markets sell many different materials to buy cotton, linen, or even silk to make a beautiful dress.

We have a magazine called “Burda,” where you can find all kinds of patterns to make clothes. For example, it is not difficult to adjust the design of a dress or coat by changing the pattern.

The story behind the magazine “Burda” is about Aenne Burda, who lived 28.7. 1909 – 3.11.2005. She was a German publisher of the Burda Group. She was one of the symbols of German’s economic miracle. (Wikipedia).

Beautiful woman! After 1952 she began to include sheets of paper with patterns for clothes. It was really a blessing for many women who had no money to buy beautiful clothes in her time. Even today, many women use these patterns to make their own clothing. Burda Moden is published in 90 countries in 16 different languages.

Secondhand Clothes- Play Around For Little Money.

woman in black dreaa and black gloves, black hat, with pearls and earings

So many items I have already found in secondhand shops or bought from a private person. There is a beautiful secondhand shop for fashion, houseware, features nearby the place where I live. It is like a normal shop; everything is well laid out and neat. So many second-hand shops are not organized; they don’t look inviting. But this one, and we actually have two shops very close to us that are really very organized, tidy and well designed. It is an experience to go around and find stylish clothes.

Years ago, when I still lived in Dublin, there were many secondhand shops, and I used to be there every second day. They were very organized, like other shops too. I found so many beautiful pieces there, also for my friends. If I have seen something and imagined that it fits them very well, I bought it. So this was a beautiful time for me in Dublin.

If you save the world from too much rubbish, you could better buy clothes in a second-hand shop. And if the seasonal style doesn’t fit you, you might find something there. So many women buy clothes or other things and bring them home. Then suddenly they don’t like them anymore.  So you could be fortunate to find something new for little money.

Final Thought

We make fashion happen by creating a certain style we love. Fashion defines us. You can use it as a tool to express yourself. If you wear hats, high heels, or carry excentric handbags or watches, you create your style as art. This is you! Play around with it, with different styles, colors, and materials. To dress is to declare who you are, your personality, your identity. It is so much fun!

Would you please let me know what you think about this topic? Do you think that fashion is art? And what is your style? I would love to hear from you!

All the best,


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  • Rose

    Our style… our clothes… tells something about us. I love clothes but I have a problem on my “fashion” choices that’s at least according to my betterhalf. Between the two of us he is the “fashionista” always trendy one. 🙂 He plays fashion consultant to me whenever we go shopping.

    I usually wear clothes that I feel comfortable and appropriate not caring for the “trend” or what people think. But I’m also aware of how people tend to judge us base on what we wear. So it kind of give me a little stress sometimes that I’m treated “poorly” just because my clothing style didn’t meet their standard. That’s the sad part of it.

    However, I also appreciate fashion that truly shows an amazing work of art that’s why others are willing to pay the high price just to get them.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Rose, Thank you very much for your comment! My husband also loves to be fashioned. When we go shopping for him, he never gets tired.;)
      I know what you mean. If I wear just jeans and a blouse, people look at me, and you can read their mind. But that should never be a problem. We need to wear what we love. I love experimenting with style. And I wouldn’t pay too much for beautiful clothes.

  • lioness98

    I love fashion! I agree that this is the way each of us expresses ourselves and it is definitely an art. I also think that we should not blindly follow trends, but that we should create what is interesting to us. The most important thing is that we feel good in our wardrobe. Fashion is my great passion, I always find it interesting to read about it.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, it is really a tool to be creative! I always loved it. But every woman should wear what they like. She should feel great about what she wears. You are completely right!

  • Joyce Easton

    Thanks for the fashion post! It’s really exciting reading and learning about fashion through your blog, though I’m not a fan of fashion. As per the necessity to dress gorgeously and look more beautiful than usual, it becomes necessary to dress well and follow the normal dressing trend out there.

    Although I know it’s not ideal for copying others in the way they dress, playing with style and color can help build so much happiness and self-confidence. Of course, I have met people who dress without minding what other people say or think about their look. I think it’s a good idea to emulate in the world of fashion. Thanks.


    • Sylvie

      Hi Joyce, Thank you very much for your comment! You are absolutely right. It is important to have your own style. That is the way for every person to feel good. I see fashion and clothes more as a tool for creativity. To be creative has many faces. And that can be so satisfying. But everyone should wear what he /she wants and likes. It is the way to feel good!

  • Yvonne

    Hi, I love your post on fashion. I myself is not a fashionable person, and I am the same as you in the story, I dress in jeans, I feel safer and warmer.

    When I was growing up in England, all my dresses were hand-me-downs. I only got one good dress, coat and shoes every Whitsunday; and if my feet grew, I would have to wait until the following year or wear shoes that were handed down to mum for me.

    So fashion for me was not a choice, wear it or do without.

    I do admire people who can pull off fashion really well. I always feel uncomfortable in the dress.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Yvonne. Thank you very much for your comment! I know your feeling. I also grew up in a time where my parents had not much money left. So I felt very often like a parrot. This makes a child really insecure. Later I could buy my own clothes and be dressed more fashioned. But now I go to secondhand shops, or I order it online. We have so many more possibilities. For me, fashion is a beautiful tool to express myself.
      The dresses are so lovely, but I don’t sometimes feel like wearing one.

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