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Sustainable Living

Future House Designs- Sustainable and Beautiful!

Can you imagine living in small houses or apartment blocks full of green areas, roofs planted with vegetables and herbs? Can you imagine living with other families in one house? Future House design must be sustainable but also beautiful, social, and healthy. If we could live together in houses made from sustainable healthy materials, and living in communities, we all would be healthier. It is not good for people to live alone. I have no idea how our future houses will be, but if I see how old many houses are in Europe, 400 or 500 years old, or even more, that shows the people living in these centuries to create sustainable houses. Castles and churches are made in such a way that they are still amazingly intact. How about the oldest buildings? Is it not amazing that humans in these times have been creating such enormous buildings, like the pyramids, andTaj Mahal?Future house designs- sustainable and beautiful

Nowadays, we build many houses and apartments using materials that make people sick or toxic. There is a trend for years trying to use sustainable materials, avoiding becoming sick. Let us use sustainable materials but also create a green sustainable environment. The trend of designing tiny houses is already used in recreational areas worldwide. I think it is very convenient to have smaller houses, but more gardens where insects and animals can live. These areas are peaceful and relaxing, which takes away the stress of our modern living. I wrote about rooftop gardens that make life more livable, especially in the cities; green rooftops and balconies are a good trend that helps people calm down. Having communities in the countryside, completely self-containing, with their own animals and vegetable gardens improve social closeness. These are points helping people improve health in every area of their being, avoiding loneliness and depression. I think this could all be our future design of housing.

Housing Today

The last decades have shown that owning houses has made many victims, especially older people who live completely alone in a family house, unable to help themselves due to age and illness. Families need a house with space, which is essential, but many live in huge houses or apartments completely alone.

Around the world, we have these apartment blocks, where you have up to 15 levels, or in many cities, even more. a forest of apartment blocks, brick

People often don’t know their neighbors anymore, and we have heard so often of people lying dead in their apartment for weeks, without even someone noticing that the person has not come out of their place for weeks. Unbelievable! There are houses made from materials that are intoxicating the people living in these houses. Materials have to be cheap! You see that this is the development in all areas of our life, food, fashion, furniture, cosmetics, houses, everything has to be cheap.

But even then, house prices are exploding in an artificial way, not affordable for many people. I know when we said that the rent price should be 1/3 of your income, but nowadays is the rent often 3/4 of the income, forcing parents in working jobs trying to get the money together for their living. Stress makes people sick! There is often no money left to buy healthy food and clothing, visit a doctor, or for some fun in their life.  If we all could live in a lifestyle that helps to decrease the pressure, people would maybe become healthier and more joyful. We need more sustainable materials, communities, cities.

terrace houses

When we lived some years in a recreational park, we had more relaxed moments than living in a terrace house, being a victim to all the noise around us, coming from the neighbor and the traffic. Also, all the electrical and digital devices, now you can purchase G5, are making many people sick, without them knowing it. You can’t escape the radiation coming from your neighbors.

The community council is told to create an area to keep free of G5, and you can apply for that. However, how much space is there for how many people? There will be an increase in diseases due to the radiation and the electrical devices connected to wifi. The health system will not carry them all; we are already spending too much money on diseases created by humanity. That will be difficult for the system to pay for the new illnesses that will develop.

Problems of Building Houses

There are cities which have difficulties building houses due to the lack of space. In the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, they have already built years ago more apartments on top of apartment blocks because they have not enough space to build new apartments and houses. The migration of people from other countries has taken up so many houses that there was an instant need for more houses and apartments to come. Farming fields had to go, becoming a ground for new living projects. Wherever they have found a little area left, they started building new houses. Of course, in the same manner as usual. Money is king!

Rotterdam harbor

The Dutch population is increasing very hard! But I believe, everywhere in this world is the population rising, making it a need to build more houses. We need innovative, thinking young architects who are creating sustainable houses from healthy materials fitting in a sustainable environment where people’s health and nature can recover. We don’t need more patented medication, but a healthy environment where people can live naturally. Of course, I don’t believe that most people will deny their comfort and change their living. But maybe that some people will come together to create their own healthy living space. Many communities live a sustainable life together in villages, but even in cities, selling their organic produce. When I visit Bonn in Germany, the city where I have lived for 17 years, I always get my groceries from a community on the other side of Bonn. They have chicken, goats, and pigs, but also vegetables and fruits. I love buying organic food there while I am in Bonn. There is also an organic market, but I haven’t been there.

organic vegetable garden, Father and son

Actually, while I am writing this blog post, we are already looking for an alternative house to rent in my area here in the Netherlands. I would love to get back to a recreational park, and I am going to ask the community council if this is possible by now to live and register on a park. Houses are urgently needed so that they might tolerate it now. Do you have these problems in your country too? I would love to hear how the situation is in your place! 🙂


The Environment and Living

The environment is damaged absolutely. I have been today in Deventer, walking with my husband along the river Ijssel, and there are meadows where cows are grazing. I have seen many native flowers, but not any clover. Years ago, you could see them covering a whole area, where bees and bumblebees and butterflies feed themselves. The native plants were already flowering, but we haven’t seen any bumblebee, bee, or butterfly. That is not a good sign! If we don’t stop exploiting our environment, we will have a huge problem. Have a look in your area if you still see these beautiful insects flying around from flower to flower! In my garden, they become less present; even I do everything to find a living space where they can indulge with lots of flowers. I have recognized already for some years that the bee and butterfly population is more decreasing.

two bumblebees on a purple flower

We need more educated people who help develop an environment where people, insects, and animals can live together. Sustainability in building houses, and an intact environment with many plants and trees that are native, and cover the area the whole year around. I have twice registered for meetings and community work to find ways to make this area more livable and sustainable, but they haven’t contacted me. If we all work together, we can improve the quality of the countries. There is a need to reach farmers to stop polluting the environment, exploiting animals, and recreating a healthy living area for all of us. It is possible!

Future House Design

We will not live in caves anymore, and that is not my intention writing the post. Still, we need to stop, rethink and return to more healthy ways of living, avoiding inorganic waste, creating houses that emerge into the environment, helping people finding back their roots. Why not developing more parks with huge green areas where we have houses sustainably made, emerging in this green area, bringing back insects and animals, creating a community garden, or several vegetable gardens for our own produce? Why not covering roofs in stony brick areas with vegetables or other plants? There is so much possible to improve living on this planet, recovering nature instead of exploiting and destroying it. People need to stop their destructive behavior. I don’t have children, but I think of your children to live in a healthy world.

house island, green environment

People don’t need so much space; it is possible to live smaller, not collecting much nonsense stuff that they don’t need. We have too many possessions that we don’t need. Living in tiny houses with big gardens around us, build with walls of windows, gives us the idea that we live in a green environment. Observing birds and insects like bees and bumblebees is beautiful and relaxing. They have not to be killed because we don’t want them in our space. Rethink your behavior of using pesticides and herbicides, which are not necessary. If we stop intoxicating our environment and ourselves, we will all be healthier, needing no medication at all. There are so many children who have cancer, that is not normal! Children should be healthy, having strong immune systems, playing around in a green environment with animals they learn to respect, and being happy. Many young people have no idea what vegetables and fruits are growing in the season because they can visit the supermarket to purchase everything cut in a plastic bag.

Apartment blocks can uplift by growing plants and small trees on their roofs, balconies, or even walls. Many plants cover the walls, housing for insects and birds, relaxing our eyes and mind. Brick is deadly for our health, but if we could combine brick with sustainability, we would already have a great opportunity to live in a healthier environment. Maybe aggression would decrease. Saving the Earth means saving us! 🙂

Final Thought

Future house designs need to be rethought of, bringing back a healthy and sustainable environment. We have little space left, which brings up much stress for many people, not being able to pay the price for the rent. The building of houses or uplifting houses in a sustainable, comfortable way, so we can afford to house, nobody needs to live on the street, but also to heal nature, should be the trend of the presence and future. Creating communities that support each other, growing vegetables and fruits, self-supporting housing models, giving more peaceful time will heal us humans, and nature,  the Earth. Exploiting is past, and the future should be respectful to the Earth and ourselves, designing sustainable houses and areas to live healthily.

What do you think? How do you experience the exploitation of your environment? What would be your idea of living a healthier life?

All the Best,


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