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Give a Tree as a Gift on Mother’s Day- Sustainable and Beautiful

You may think it is a strange idea to give a tree as a gift on Mother’s day. Mothers desire something personally, like jewelry, or flowers, perfume, etc. But I think it is a great idea to give a tree as a present. My mother loves such presents, especially because she loves the garden and plants. Me too!

Giving a native tree or a fruit tree is something special. It beautifies your garden and the environment attracting lots of bees and butterflies. I have been looking up for native trees to help the insects increasing their population. Still, I already have three big trees in my small fairy garden and several small trees, making it a paradise to relax and recharge our energy.

Give a tree as a gift on Mother's Day

My mother has a huge garden with lots of trees, but two fruit trees have died due to mice eating the roots and Woodie Woodpecker, which has searched for food. So I think it is a great idea to give a tree to her on Mother’s Day, and I will. My mother loves to work in her garden, and of course, some mothers don’t like it or are not be able to work in the garden anymore due to their age. Maybe a small bush is then the answer. 😉

Planting a Tree

In this world, we already have so much that we don’t need more like perfumes or another blouse, etc. Why not doing something for the environment by planting a tree?

If you like to bring your mother to dinner, you can still do this, but at the moment, it is a challenge to make a reservation in a restaurant. They are not allowed to let many people in, and only two persons per table due to the Corona rules here in the Netherlands and Germany. We still can order something and have a beautiful dinner at home, but of course, many desire something special to visit their favorite restaurants. I understand it very much, after months of being captured in our houses. However, I love to cook, and ordering something special, like greek food, is also a hit in our family.

a heart in a hedge

Beautifying our garden is something we all can do; maybe this will be our island for still more months to come if we can travel only being vaccinated or having a vaccine passport. It could be that we can’t even visit my mother due to Germany’s rules which views the Netherland as a risky country, making it nearly impossible to travel over the border without a certification of a test that is a joke.

However, giving her a tree is easily done because my mother could go with my brother, who lives close to her, to a garden center, choose a tree matching her heart, and plant it with my brother. I have already given her a tree for her birthday, but then we could find the perfect tree together while I have been staying with her in my parents’ house. We love to observe the bees and bumblebees and butterflies flying in the blossoms; nature is essential for us, especially my mother and me.

a bumblebee on a purple flower, Iris

So, the beautiful idea of helping our planet is something that makes our hearts cry, especially because so much forest is disappearing in the world, like the Amazon forest in Brazil. Of course, we can’t make it up for the Amazon, a beautiful, unique bio top where animals live you will not see anywhere else in this world and are disappearing forever, making space for greedy industrials.

In other parts of the world, forests are destroyed because of fires, so a lot is going on, polluting, destroying, and exploiting our beautiful planet. If you think it has nothing to do with you and your family, you better inform yourself. All the countries on the Earth belong together; nothing stands on its own; what a country does on the opposite side of the planet affects our countries. That is beautiful to know, but also worrying!

Mother’s Day is a Day of Life

It certainly is if we see the day as an honor to our mothers who have given birth to us, brought life into this world. The same is for Mother Earth, who gives life to all the creatures on this planet. She is certainly crying, losing her beloved children due to our exploiting behavior. Why not stand still and thinking of her as a mother who gives us everything that we need. We don’t need all the inorganic things in this world. We can use so many sustainable materials for our needs that are compostable, the way we always have done it for centuries.

a mother with her baby sitting in a field of wild flowers

Honoring our mother is something completely normal for us, but honoring our planet is not thought worth it for many people in this world. They think the ocean is a supermarket where they can pick the fish whenever they desire without thinking that the fish population needs time to recover, and other animals and fish depend on them as food.

The same for the forests! They are our lungs, the lungs of Mother Earth. Humans, animals, all life is depending on oxygen, clean air, which the trees and plants are filtering for us.

Mother’s Day is not only for our mothers but for all mothers and Mother Earth. It is a day to stop, rethink and return, to our roots, save the planet, our environment, and stop exploiting the earth. Let us stop and purchase a tree for our mothers, and finally for our Mother Earth.

Why not giving a tree on Mother’s Day? 

The oceans are her tears collected, the many tears she has cried for her children, and for us, the stupid humans, whose greediness has blinded them. But I am sure she still loves us!

Spending Life as a Symbol

Giving a tree on Mother’s Day is symbolic and supports life on Earth, but our choices can save Mother Earth or destroy her for the future. If we keep buying and are not aware that more than 90 % of all products are coming from China, we will destroy our life here on Earth for cheap and poisonous products that pollute a beautiful country and makes beautiful people like the Chinese very ill.

a chinese woman on a feast day

We can buy second-hand or refurbished, or just baking an organic cake, making an own dinner, inviting our mothers and family, and having fun, being together. Next time we walk in the forest or along the sea, in nature, let us open our eyes and senses, taking in our environment, honoring Mother Nature, fully clear and awake, observing the beauty of the trees, the water, Mother Nature.

Maybe love and respect will change our choices towards possessions. Choosing the right products, choosing simplicity,  quality over quantity will save life on Earth. Give a tree as a gift on Mother’s Day is life- spending, for Nature, your environment, and yourself. I think it is a good choice to choose life and to be active in saving the planet.

Well, our choices need to go further than just giving a one-time tree to our mother. Spending life is eating organic meat, and vegetables, and fruits, supporting organic farmers in your surrounding, buying organic bread and products in farmer’s shops. Stop eating industrial-made food that is unhealthy for us and the environment. Spending life is buying quality products that go with us for years, using the waste we already have on Earth, like buying in secondhand shops or using platforms where people sell their stuff or swap.

However, we need to be aware that we don’t need so much in our houses or wardrobes. Life would be simpler and more relax if we wouldn’t need to buy so many items. Stop competing!

Giving a tree as a gift on Mother’s Day is a beautiful, respectful gesture in honor to our mothers and Mother Earth. Do you not think so?

Give a Tree as a Gift on Mother’s Day

bougainvilla plants, purple on a roof

Ok, finding the right tree that fits in the garden, or balcony, you have to think about the sort of tree you would love to give as a present. A fruit tree is always a fantastic tree that we can keep small but still harvest lots of fruits. Fruit trees are sustainable and bought organic; many insects will visit them. In late summer, your mother can bake an apple cake or make jam from the fruits. There are native trees of all sorts, I buy small trees for my garden, but for my mother, I can buy a bigger tree because she has a huge garden. Buying a tree is a great value for the garden and environment, helping butterflies, bees, and other insects and birds and small mammals to live in a better environment. Green is so important for our eyes and senses. Today we drove through our town, and I saw many rooftops, just brick, stone, and ugly. How much would we win if we plant flowers or even small trees on rooftops of apartment buildings, like creating a garden or even a park? Starting with giving a tree as a gift on Mother’s Day is a beautiful gestic and begin respecting our environment and giving something thoughtful to your mother that stays with her for years. Most mothers don’t need any stuff because they have a whole house full of forgotten things. I will not give another item that my mother can’t value because she has too much, but better to give something living that beautifies our environment, a tree for life.

Final Thought

an apple on a apple tree

Maybe it is weird in your eyes to give a tree as a gift on Mother’s Day, but maybe you are welcoming this idea very much, and it is complimenting your heart. Why not honor our mother and the Earth by giving something living, something like a tree that spends and keep life here on earth? A tree helps us filter the air and clean the air, giving us back oxygen, and the flowers are giving food to insects while their fruits are giving food to birds and insects and us, depending on the sort you have chosen. The green leaves are spending shade when the sun is strong and relax our eyes. I think a tree is a beautiful present.

What do you think? Please let us know your thoughts! I would love to hear what you think and how your mother thinks!

All the Best,



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