Handbags and shoes- a woman's little friends

Handbags and Shoes- A Woman’s Little Friends


Handbags and Shoes- A woman's little friends

I know many women who are crazy for handbags and shoes, I included. You heard the song Marilyn Monroe has sung, ” Diamonds are the girl’s best friends”?

I believe many women love jewelry and especially diamonds. But most of us can’t afford such pricey things, so I would even say that the girl’s best friends are now shoes and handbags. And that has a reason. We love to look beautiful, and shoes and handbags make us beautiful.

Now women are quite different, and knowing women who only wear sneakers shows us that we are all different.

I love a heel, not too high, but still elegant and classy. So do most girlfriends of mine; they love classy shoes and style. I know even women who have so many shoes that I believe they have cost a fortune. Maybe if we would save on shoes, we could finally buy the diamonds. 🙂 For me, I prefer shoes!

Why do Women love Handbags and Shoes?

What is so fascinating about purchasing new shoes and handbags? If I follow my own heart, going into town, passing the different shops, feeling the seasons change, wakes up a feeling in me, creating the desire of purchasing a pair of seasonal new shoes in the actual color of the season.

It makes me so happy thinking of my wardrobe, and by going through my clothes in my mind, I directly follow up if the color and design fit my style.

A pink colored high heel shoe, a handbag and a scarf on a table

If they have a good price, I am sure they will be the new bombshell in my wardrobe, I will get them. And it doesn’t matter if they are new or secondhand, and nearly not used, I am happy to buy them.

It is hilarious, but the content, joyful feeling the purchase is giving me is priceless. For me, it is always important that the shoes or handbags are made from leather.

Many materials are quite timeless and don’t pollute the environment. We should avoid plastic on all our clothing.

The times where the organic design looks like a tent or shabby are over. There are so many beautiful from organic – made cotton or linen, or wool that it should be a clear “No” to buying clothes where the environment and the people who have made them suffer because of us.

If we all thought that way, the environmental pollution and damage would stop. Please investigate the internet, and start buying “green clothes.” I have highlighted brands throughout my post that are working against modern slavery and pollution. Please check!

Shoes Are a Girl’s Best Friends

Shoes are a fantastic way to pep your outfit. If you wear black clothes, combining them with beautiful colored shoes will make you a magnet. Wearing a scarf and a handbag makes you very elegant looking.

green elegant shoe with a red rose, and a pearl broche, makeup pencils, lipstick, flacon with perfume on a golden colored material

I understand women very much! Shoes can beautify a whole outfit if you are working in an office or being invited to an event. When I need new shoes, I often visit a second-hand shop first because I am nearly always lucky to find a pair of beautiful shoes hardly not used. So that is my first step.

If I can’t find something secondhand, I go into town and look in the shoe and handbag shops. I often search online, knowing they are cheaper, even if they are made from leather.

I am also quite fond of handbags. They make every outfit perfect, which is very important for me, even though I wear Jeans. Fashion is a great tool for me to express myself. And I know this applies to all my girlfriends; it doesn’t matter if they are working or staying at home, minding their children.

I love quality products that are handmade and processed according to certain rules. Organic products are essential for me. That is a reason I love investigating the internet. There are so many organic brands these days that have really well-designed clothes, and they are not that costly anymore. So no excuse! 🙂 Save the Planet while wearing great dresses, shoes, and carrying handbags. 🙂

Are Women Superficial?

I believe and have known enough women who are really only interested in themselves. Maybe you can call them superficial, but I call them egoistic and self-centered.

A beautiful woman lying between roses and purple flowers

But that is a complete other category than being interested in clothes or shoes. Women love to express themselves with beautiful things.

It has always been imperative for them to look stunning, dressing in beautiful clothes. Women are broad up being interested in dressing up, complementing the proud man.

There are cultures where a woman needs to dress up in a certain way. She wants to get noticed by men, and that is completely normal in some cultures.

In our culture, women are independent and are allowed to wear what they wish. But actually, they are still dependent on the judgment of others.

It hasn’t changed; even we women want to think that way by not feeling dependent. We still get dictated what to wear.

Women love color and beautiful design. This force is in us! It is so normal that we are drawn to design our homes, our husbands, and ourselves.

Marketers know that they have to address women in their taste because they will decide what to buy. Our strong side is that we are very visual creatures, and we love color, materials, making our home an oasis of beauty, whereas the style changes due to the taste of a woman.

Women are Visual

Maybe I should say that women are sensual, not only visual. When I am working and creating my little garden, I love to hear the birds and the fountain’s sound, the bees, feeling the sun on my skin, and observing the plants’ beautiful colors.

So that is not only visual but also acoustical, sensational. I think this is what describes women the best. And that is why we beautify the world with our presence, with our home, with our heart.

Men have their beautiful part in this world and the relationships, but women have their amazing part in this world. Is this not beautiful?

Maybe it is because we are hormonal-dependent creatures, but I believe this is also given to us by our grandmothers and mothers. And it depends on the culture we are born into. What a beautiful world!

Final Thought

Dear woman, stay the way you are, a beautiful, amazing human being who encircles your friends, family, who makes this world more beautiful, a lovely place to be.

I think no woman should have self-doubts because we are created that way, and that is perfect!

If you love shoes and handbags, it doesn’t matter. It defines you as a lovely, sensual, beautiful woman who makes this world a great place. Let us make this planet a green planet by making the right choices!

Would you please let me know what you think, what your choices are? If you are a man, please tell us how you see women and their choice of fashion.

All the best,


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  • Susan

    I love your blog and am so excited to be a part of it. I’d love to send you photos of my one-of-a-kind (hand crafted) vegan bags! Let’s talk soon.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Susan, Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment very much! I saw your handbags online, on your site; they are so beautiful! Wonderful design! 🙂

  • Cogito

    Hey Sylvie. What a great post! Couldn’t agree more that bags and especially shoes are woman best friend and you can’t have enough of them. Lat year was very challenging, and due to covid restriction and spending more time in home there were less opportunities to present my findings to the world, but at the same with all these issues around, nothing improves mood better then new pair of shoes. I hope this year will be better, and there will by much more opportunities to show our stylish beauty to the world.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment! Spring is coming, and we love to get our shoes. 🙂  I am glad that I am not the only one! I hope for the sun to come out! :)Then our mood should improve!

  • Oviss

    Hello Sylvie, Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information. I am happy I came across this because I have to buy many gifts for Valentine’s Day,  so this review comes in really on time. Now I got some ideas, and I  love these products on your website. In these times of Covid 19, we can better order from the internet!

    • Sylvie

      Thank you for your comment, Ovis! Yes, now it is Valentine’s coming, and it is good to get some ideas. I appreciate it very much that you love my pictures. 🙂

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