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How to Create a Vegetable Garden in a Small Place?

This article is updated with new information!

If you have a small garden as I do, you can still create a beautiful vegetable and even fruit garden.

How to create a vegetable garden in a small place? A vegetable garden doesn’t need much space; it is not a problem if you have enough fences and walls to cover up with peas and beans or blackberries and pears.

I have seen a video showing a man who lives in Las Vegas and has designed his small backyard into a vegetable garden where he lives from. Even in the hot desert, you can still grow vegetables and fruits using excellent compost for your soil. The good thing about deserts is there will be no snails like we have here. But there are also many other videos, like this one. Please, check it out!

In the Netherlands, we have much rain, even in summer, but the temperatures are around 20- 24 degrees, which is ideal for growing vegetables. And for snails that love our vegetables.;)

In these times, it is excellent to live self-sufficient and be able to take care of yourself. Well, it is delicious to eat healthy vegetables and fruits, and the taste is so yummy! Have you ever tasted the difference between natural and artificial vegetables you can buy in the supermarket?

How to create a vegetable garden?
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Living a Self-Sufficient Life

To live a self-sufficient life is not difficult, but here in the Netherlands, we are controlled and can hardly use energy that the energy companies do not regulate. If you are trying to use an independent supply, I am sure that we would receive problems because the government controls us. We pay more than 50 % tax on our energy, and the government always tries to milk the population!

The energy industry has created a monopoly, but nowadays, in the money fight, the companies have much competition that suppresses the prices, which is beneficial for the customer. We can choose! And they are fighting very aggressively for their customers.

If we buy the energy, the companies receive money. As the population, we have been bombarded with contracts promising us to save money on our energy. However, 2022 will be an expensive year where our gas prices have gone up very much. Families nearly can’t put the heating on because they can afford the money for the energy. The winter is still coming, and I hope it will be mild for all of us.

However, talking about being independent of the government and listening to Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, I would rather live independent of the bank system, energy, petrol, and food supply very quickly. It doesn’t sound good to me that others want to control the world. And everything we need.

One crucial step to independence is creating a new internet, but healthy and freeway, without censorship and suppression. I am sure it would have an impact to be independent of the digital world, and in this manner,  flee control.

It would mean to design a completely new system but still be democratic and free. We are the people, and we have to keep together against people who want to control and manipulate us because they have the money. We don’t need such people who try to force their will onto us. The government is elected to make sure that our needs are met and that we can healthily increase productivity while having enough for meeting our basic needs, like food, water, healthy air, etc.

Living a self-sufficient life means owning electricity, energy supply, water, food, a piece of land to grow our vegetables and animals.

How to Create a Vegetable Garden?

Even if you have a small garden, there are many possibilities of growing vegetables, fruits, and berries. The first thing you need to do is sit down and think about the position of the sun and the quality of your soil. If your soil is problematic,  you need to use compost and fertilizer to improve it until it is rich and of high quality. Always buy organic fertilizer and compost.

You can make your compost very quickly and use it for your vegetables and berries.  A high-quality soil will give you a high-quality harvest. When you have figured out the sun’s position, you can start to sow seeds or plant little seedlings according to their needs. Otherwise, they have difficulties growing, becoming long and thin, or staying small. Maybe they wouldn’t grow at all. I have experienced all of that.

To prevent snails from destroying your vegetables, you could plant garlic and certain flowers between your vegetables, keeping snails and other bugs away. Mixing vegetables and herbs helps very much with nasty bugs. Don’t use pesticides and herbicides that are not good for the environment and yourself. There are many alternative methods to prevent insects from eating your vegetables, and especially your seedlings.


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

You could plant an appletree or another fruit tree, as well as many berries. Your walls and fences are great for beans and peas, tomatoes that need much sun and protection. If you plant herbs between your vegetables, you also prevent snails and other bugs from consuming your vegetables, and you help the bees and butterflies to find enough polls and nectars. It is much fun to grow your vegetables, but it can be overwhelming to process them all when you harvest your produce. You could give the neighbors from your harvest, and I am sure that they would love it. When my peachtree had a great year and I was blessed with so many peaches, we gave our neighbors peaches and jam.  I do freeze vegetables and peaches or grapes for another time when I prepare more jam. Owning a freezer is a blessing!


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

A very convenient method of growing vegetables on a balcony is to plant them in plant pots. I do this on my terrace, where I keep some vegetables in pots. We still have many flowers and plants in our garden because I restart growing my vegetable.

Years ago, I had already created my own vegetable garden, but I was so busy working that I had no time for the garden. Now I organize my time around my job and the vegetable garden, hoping it will work out very well. Harvesting your vegetables and fruits is the best we can do for our health. The taste is fantastic!:)

A Community Garden For All

Well, what I like is the idea of working in the garden together, having the same goal. If all neighbors would come together and create a beautiful huge vegetable garden, we would benefit from this. Nobody needs to be hungry, but there is enough food for everybody. A community could have some animals, like chicken for eggs and meat, and cows for the milk.

I looked up the internet for producing my own cheese, a healthy cheese. It is not difficult! I don’t eat cheese, but my husband loves it, and I would always prefer sheep and goats before cows because the stomach might digest the products better. Our stomach and gut can handle better the milk of sheep and goats than cows. For vegans,  you can also make cheese from cashew nuts, did you know?

People are making their own beer and wine, and it is not difficult. We are so spoiled that we can buy everything, so we don’t even know how to make our own food anymore.

It is far easier to stay healthy when baking your bread, eating bread with vegetables instead of antibiotic and hormone-containing meat.


bread on a plate
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Real eggs come from healthy chickens that can eat worms and beetles and are beneficial for humans because they contain so much healthy protein. We don’t need supermarkets with their unhealthy stuff; believe me; the real product is not very expensive.

We pay so much for our food because the supermarkets and governments are earning money on our behalf. There is no difference to other former centuries; we pay the taxes!

Some food has become cheap but not healthy. I prefer healthy food! If we grew our own food, the world wouldn’t warm up so much, changing the climate. We need plants and trees to cool down the climate.

The farmers do not desire to damage the environment with their work and produce, but the system chose the wrong way, more animals, more antibiotics, more hormones, more pesticides, and herbicides.  Organic produce will save the Earth and our lives! We need the farmers and their healthy work on the fields, and I desire that they have a good income that we pay for our nutritious food and their work.

How to Be Self-Sufficient in Energy and Water?

I have no idea about the water supply! Being independent of the energy supply of the government and the energy companies might not be difficult. There are already several people who have great ideas to create a solar system for only about $200, that is not even 200 Euros, and we would all have our own energy supply, for cooking, and heating, the fridge, and the freezer.

Backyard Revolution
Check out if you are interested in self-supply

However, I have to admit that I don’t have an idea for the water supply. I try to collect rainwater for my plants, but I don’t know how to get water for drinking, cooking, and washing without our well-known water system. Here in the Netherlands, we have many rainy days, and it is stupid not to collect the water. We open the tap, and the water is coming through the pipes; how convenient, but what would be if this stops? What will we do without our drinking water from the tap? Well, we certainly need a water filter to receive healthy water. Some filters help to clean rainwater so that we can drink it. In survival shops, you find many items that help us to survive.

a chinese woman cleaning dishes under the tap
Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels

Maybe you have any idea how to collect and use the water. I mean, even the Romans already had a water system. We can be independent and have our own water supply. Let me know what you think, and if you have any idea about our water supply.

Final Thought

Regarding the coming threats and changes due to the globalists already promised, we should be independent and outside of their control, creating a self-sufficient living, not only for us but for all people.

Building communities that work together on their energy, water, and food supply and their financial system is the best way to stay away from these people who think they are the elite and God themselves, controlling and manipulating the world’s population.

Hitler already thought that he was the crown of the world, so we need to stop these, in my eyes, ill-minded people who think they are allowed to control the population. If we all hold together and create our own world without these evil thinking people in the world who are only interested in money, and control, and their games, we could create a world that combines old and modern principles, leading to a self-sufficient life where all people are happy and taken care off. Solidarity will help us to survive, a way that has always functioned all the past centuries. It is not good that people are isolated.

Here is another video to grow vegetables indoors.

Maybe it sounds too idealistic for you or idiotic, but I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. Perhaps you even didn’t know about these developments, and you are pretty surprised. However, I would love to hear your ideas and opinions, but also your feelings.

All the Best,



  • Hannie

    Hi Sylvie, if you look at YouTube for the Tiny House movement, you’ll find examples of people who live off-grid. It’s very inspiring to see all these different solutions people use.

    Are you sure you are not allowed to quit the electricity company? We thought Spain wouldn’t allow it either, but it seems they do. However, by now we are not sure we want to anymore. Because on dark days our solar panels don’t make enough energy and we’re very happy to take energy from the grid then.

    In the Netherlands, the compensation for the solar energy you would give to the net is way better than in Spain. I won’t say it’s ideal, because if you earn too much you would be seen as a company. But over here, we must always pay the standing rights, and we never get extra money for the surplus.

    Anyway, your subject is a small kitchen garden and yes, that’s ideal. Our kitchen garden is also small but I love it. 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Yes, I know, Hannie, I have written an article about the Tiny House movement, and I love this idea. I would love to buy a tiny house with a vast garden. Spain is undoubtedly a great country for solar panels. But I have seen a video and read an article about the panels that need to be exchanged from time to time and that they bury the panels and the wings of the windmills into the ground in America and Europe, creating more waste on this planet. I was shocked!
      We were thinking of creating a vegetable garden on our rooftop. I think it is a great possibility to build a glasshouse. But small gardens are also great for growing vegetables.:) I believe you won’t have too many dark days.

  • Tom

    Hi Sylvia,

    Interesting topic, tiny garden. Our garden is tiny as well. Unfortunately too tiny to grow enough food to feed us.

    That’s no problem though, there are enough organic farmers and shops in the vicinity of where we live.

    One of these farmers introduced a tip on how we can check whether the soil is healthy enough. He put a little bit of soil in one hand, added a little bit of water, and rolled a small cigar of the soil. When you can roll such a small cigar, the soil is good.

    Our soil is not healthy enough, despite the organic compost and fertilizer we add. We’ll keep trying though.

    Did you ever try a plate with beer against the snails? Snails love beer. However, they do not support the alcohol in it. They get drunk and die. Of course, you can eat the snails. Extra free proteins.

    When it comes to collective systems, such as for water and energy (don’t forget waste disposal and all the other public services), I get the impression you hopscotch on two feet. On the one hand, you call citizens to unite collectively, on the other you are not very positive about the existing systems.

    Perhaps it’s just a scale issue. Collective systems can be very overwhelming. Perhaps it’s a commercial issue. In the latter case, I agree. Collective systems for the people need to be controlled by the people.

    It’s obvious that when people do not want to be responsible for the control of the systems supporting them, my reasoning stops. This often happens I’m afraid and gives me the feeling of being a preacher in the desert with no name.

    Keep up the tiny kitchen garden though. It’s always a pleasure, no matter how tiny.


    • Sylvie

      Hi Tom, Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!
      Yes, you are right! I love the collective communities, growing food together. We have one in the city, and a woman I always meet at the organic market has joined them. She also has a tiny garden, and in this manner, she can grow her own food. She loves that and has told me that it is a great community.
      At the moment I prefer to do my shopping at the markets and in the farmer’s shops around Apeldoorn. There are quite many, and I know them all. Also, we have an Eco Plaza organic shop, but it is pretty much expensive. Because I love to ferment the milk, I prefer raw milk from the farmers. My husband Henk drinks much Kefir and eats self-made yogurt.
      I have tried to use beer to get rid of the snails, but I find it an ugly method.
      Now I grow my vegetables in pots. We are going to use the rooftop for growing tomatoes and peppers. There is a lot of sun on sunny days, and it might work well. A tiny garden is not a problem, because even then we can grow many herbs and some vegetables, the snails don’t favor.
      Henk thinks we should rent a garden in a gardening community, but they are mainly located along the motorway, and I don’t fancy that.
      I loved how you described how we could find out if we have healthy soil in the garden, and I must admit I went directly outside to see if our soil is healthy.:)
      There are different areas in our garden, some are sandy, and some have heavy soil. We use much compost to improve the soil, and it helps.
      I think you are lucky to have so many sunny days in Spain. This summer has been quite wet here in the Netherlands, the same as the last summer, and cooler temperatures. It is not bad because I’m not fond of too much heat, like in Southern Spain, but the cloudy dark weather pressurizes the mood. Temperature around 28 and 30 C would be fantastic.
      I know this feeling of being a preacher in the desert with no name. It is also my experience, Tom!
      But it is beautiful to keep doing what we love and having results.:)
      Enjoy the beautiful summer in Spain! 🙂

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