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How to Live a Self-Sufficient Life? Is It Possible?

Have you ever thought about the possibility of leaving this artificial world behind you? Have you ever thought about how to live a self-sufficient life? I have, and certainly, now, I am fed up with this news and the government’s interference.

I believe in natural healing, responsibility, interacting lovingly and respectfully with humankind, Nature, and myself. How we treat others will come back to us! Nothing stands on its own.

If I hear the many opinions and voices of others, I am getting dizzy. I love to use my hands in a way that I love to work with soil, plants, animals, hand-made products, seeing something growing.

I don’t need the false news of mainstream media pushing us in one direction. I don’t need the false caring of a government that only cares for itself. I need freedom!!!! And a life!! Sustainable and healthy for my body, my mind, and my spirit! Nothing more!

How about you?

Is it actually possible to live a self-sufficient life?

What is Living Self-Sufficient?

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What does it mean, living self-sufficient?

What does Wikipedia say?

Self-sustainability and self-sufficiency are overlapping states of being in which a person or organization needs little or no help from or interaction with others. Self-sufficiency entails self-being enough (to fulfill needs), and a self-sustaining entity can maintain self-sufficiency indefinitely. These states represent types of personal or collective autonomy.  A self-sufficient economy requires little or no trade with the outside world and is called autarky.

A system is self-sustaining (or self-sufficient) if it can maintain itself by independent effort. The system self-sustainability is:

  1. the degree to which the system can sustain itself without external support
  2. the fraction of time in which the system is self-sustaining

Self-sufficiency is giving you a kind of contentment! None tells you what to do! You can support your own life free of financial pressure. Now, there are enough people who can’t afford their own house. Still, even when you rent, there are many possibilities to change your lifestyle and invest in sustainability and self-sufficiency. We are renting a house, but we are going to build our own sustainable house.

In 2019 as a family, we visited a small farm here in the Netherlands. The people who have been living here have lived completely self-sufficient, own produce, water, heating, and very sparingly. They needed minimal comfort and certainly not money. The woman who owned the farm brought the money she earned selling her produce to the bank account but never withdrew any cent. She saved an amount of over a million Euros that her family received when she died. Can you imagine? It made a huge impact on me.

The greediness for money has brought us that far: people offer other people’s lives for their own profit and want to get a complete hold of the other humans to exploit them. This is not my idea of life!

What is happening now in our world has made a huge impact on me, especially because I am working as a nurse, and know already for a long time that people have to pay the deadly price for a system that helps Big Pharma to earn huge money through patenting medications, and vaccines.

I believe in a complete or semi-complete self-sufficient, independent life without any interference from the government. Grow your own food. Generate your own energy and water supply without the need to receive anything from your government. For me, it sounds like living in a green oasis. There is no internet and control! There are no energy companies who are asking for horrendous money to make huge profits.

Everything you do, you do for your family and yourself, and the environment and the planet in the long term!

However, it is also excellent to create a community with like-minded people who desire a free, sustainable, healthy, and self-sufficient lifestyle. I am sure it is possible! 

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I prefer to live a semi- self-sufficient lifestyle because I still love to live in different countries, and I need my laptop to write my posts.

However, there is already an increasing number of people and communities already living such a self-sufficient life. Tendence is growing!

A statistic says that more than 80 % of the people are fed up with their government, which is alarming! I believe it is not difficult to live a sustainable, self-sufficient life without government interference, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Davos clique, and so-called health authorities who all try to make a big profit from our consumption behavior.

Every person deserves to live a beautiful life on Earth with love, self-respect, and peace! However, our reality is far from this picture because of starvation, poverty, diseases, climate problems, pollution, and wars in our world.

I have no children, but I care about your children and grandchildren, that they have a free beautiful future in relative peace. Our grandparents and parents have suffered world war II, but we in Western Europe have lived a good life for more than 60 years, and we want to create this future for our children and grandchildren without exploiting other humans in this world. And without exploiting the planet that is our home.

How To Stop Being Dependent On The Government!

Living a self-sufficient life is not difficult! You need a house that generates your own energy, has a water source, and you need to produce your own food. In these times, it is so easy to step out of the system, not listening to false news anymore, and creating positive energy into our environment and our lives. The big polluters must pay the bill! If we stop following the industry and consuming their products, we will reach ultimate freedom, and the planet might recover.

polluting industry
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Are you ready to live a more content and sustainable life? 

Or is consumption important for you?

I understand, young people! They want to live their life, being able to buy what they like, but also to go where they want. But I think it is the moment to stop, rethink and change the course, and sustain life for the future on this planet. We all can live to have less and to reuse products and materials. We can walk more and cycle, take the train and stop the pollution.

There is a way to live independently from the government and save the planet. The solution lies in our relationship to consumption.

Less is more!

How to Live Self-Sufficient?

There are already many people who are not belonging to this current system anymore. They live in different countries, so it is possible! They have stopped with over-consumption and found their way to freedom.

I don’t live self-sufficient because I still depend on the energy and water supply of this country.  At the moment, we grow our own vegetables and herbs. I visit organic markets and farmer’s shops because I want to support them, especially in these difficult times. However, I am still buying products in the supermarket, but I have planned to stop this entirely because they use plastics for storage and packaging. It is better to support the local small shops.

vegetables, tomatoes, champignons, and potatoes, peppers
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I buy the meat in an organic shop or the organic butcher in my city. They have real organic meat, which is not cheap, but you live healthier and sustainably if you eat less meat. Why should you buy meat from hormone and antibiotics-fed animals that make you chronically ill and which have suffered a short horrible life?  Human beings don’t need to consume so much meat. The most important for a healthy diet are organic-grown vegetables and fruits; the best is seasonally grown produce. It will help you to stay away from the toxic medications produced by Big Pharma. If you strengthen your natural immunity, you will feel better and healthy.

Of course, there are always people who have weak health and disorders and depend on medications.

More doctors, GP’s are standing up, telling their story of how Big Pharma is pressurizing them to prescribe as many medications as possible, create dependency, and make you really ill, so you need more medications. My father died because he believed in this medical system. The more patents, the more they can earn money, and the more greedy they exploit other humans and the planet.

It is all about money! There is no empathy and respect for our lives or our children’s lives.

Mammon is King for these people! It is not about our health, but about profit!

God’s Nature has so much that heals us. There is no need for synthetic medication that makes us ill. Only a few diseases, like diabetes type 1, need medication, like insulin. There is a lot of artificial disorders created by living the wrong lifestyle. You can stop it by adjusting the right steps and living a healthy, fulfilled life!

When you search the secondhand shops in your place, you can find lots of really affordable stuff, and you could be creatively changing the style. It is so easy to learn. We are going to upholster our chairs and paint our furniture. Life can be so easy and so fulfilling! And it is fun!

dining table and chairs
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If you want to be dependent on the energy supply of your government, there are several ways to get there; solar energy with your own generator and thermal or wind energy are excellent options. Some people have a wood stove for heating and cooking, but this is not sustainable. But I have to admit, it is such a cozy heat and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

There are so many possibilities, and I think solar energy and wind energy are really excellent to live self-sufficient. But of course, we need a generator to generate the developed electricity.  I haven’t learned how to live energy independently in the Netherlands, but I know some people already live this life.

Another great point is to own a fountain that takes care of your water supply. I don’t know how to do this in the Netherlands. If you have any ideas, you are very welcome to let us know!

The important point is to be disconnected from the wifi and digital controlling system. All devices, such as Alexa and other artificial intelligence, you bring into your house are a huge danger because you, your family and friends, and neighbors are very easily controlled and observed by Big Tech and the government.

However, the smartphone is also something that belongs better to the past. It is not about these things in general, because they bring great comfort, but they are used in the wrong way by the wrong people who violate permanent our rights for their profit without our knowledge.

I need my laptop otherwise I can’t write my articles for my websites.

Please watch this video! It is fascinating!


Ways to Shut Down Mainstream Media

You might already have known it, but the mainstream media is the propaganda machine of the government and owned by people like Bill Gates, who certainly has no interest in providing the public with true information. Fact checker belongs to Bill Gates, and because he has a big part in Big Pharma, he will not allow contrary voices who speak the truth to reach the mass. It would certainly destroy his profit. Google has an interest in Astra Seneca, so Google will also not allow anyone speaking against the vaccines to go public, and you can experience Big Tech and mainstream media, censoring articles and videos, as well telling lies. They are interested in leading us in a direction that profits them.

social media
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Social media is, of course, for most of us, a tool to connect with others, family and friends, and beyond. It is our tool to build our business for many of us, and I understand that giving up these tools is a big step.

However, alternative social platforms don’t censor and use our privacy details to profit or for manipulation and control. Rumble is a good alternative to YouTube, even they don’t have such a large fan group yet, but they are growing.

I use Facebook and Pinterest for my business and promoting my articles. Still, I am also using them to warn people, telling them the Corona and vaccination facts we are not supposed to know. If you are interested in real news, you better watch Stew Peter’s show or read and support The Defender and Dr. Mercola. I know more people support accurate information in the States of America.

There are also “Cafe Weltschmerz,” “Viruswaarheid,” and de Blauwe Tijger. They all suffer persecution and destruction of their reputation from mainstream media and social platforms. I still listen to mainstream media, only to learn about their lies and propaganda. If you have any ideas, also for other countries, I would like to hear them. Please, share them with us! In the Netherlands, we can read and follow “Ninefornews,” an independent working website to bring honest news.

Final Thought

Living self-sufficient is not very difficult when you start busy with opportunities and learn what you could do. Avoiding too much consumption is easy. Making your products by yourself is a lot of fun, and with practice, you will get better at finding your way of living sustainable and self-sufficient. Of course, it is all about practice and improvement.

Fermenting food is an easy process to regain your health. Baking your own bread is only a small step, and it tastes fantastic. Your gut, your immune system will be very thankful, and finally your whole body and mind! There is a lot of information on YouTube.

I am sure you will experience more contentment while growing your vegetables, preserving them in different ways, using your sustainable energy supply, sewing your clothing, painting furniture, and upholstering your chairs and sofa.

Maybe you would like to try it out!  I would love to know what your experiences are. Please, let me know! 🙂

All the Best,


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