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How to Reduce Carbon- A Deeper Life

At the moment, the new word that seems to have an exclusive meaning is “Sustainability.” Everything has to be sustainable and “Green” because armies of industries and stakeholders try to establish a new market. First, they and we have exploited the planet. Now they try to make huge profits by leading us in a for them unique market opportunity, ‘ green and sustainable, not that I am against sustainability, you know I am fighting for the Earth. However, they change the market goal and still exploit the planet and us!

The industry has been the leading polluter for decades, yes, by now, centuries. And now they want still follow their road, but make us pay the bill. What worries me the most is that ordinary people have no common sense and follow blind their politics and hysteria. My opinion is that we have to stop overconsuming, using our communities to live a better life.

How to reduce carbon- A deeper life

Patents Destroy the Planet and Humanity

Patents, patents, patents! If you knew what people are patenting for the coming years, you would be shocked. If the super-rich people own patents, they will make money from them, so they create a plan, and with the help of the lying and betraying mainstream media, they influence the ordinary people. You might know how Bill Gates is earning huge profits. Owning a philanthropic business saves him taxes but earns him millions. Create a problem and come up with your already designed solution.

These patents are easy to find in the patent database. I had no idea before I started to invest the matter around patents and the global pandemic we are sitting in right now. Suppose I tell you that the Covid 19 virus is just a patent owned by the super-rich Rothschild and is a plan to implement digital passports into society. Would you believe me or think that I am a conspiracy theorist? I invite you to do your research! The ultimate goal is the nanosized microchip in our bodies.

patent Covid 19, Rothschild

Big Pharma has lots of patents that bring them huge profits. To follow the patents, they have worked out laws to prevent them from being liable for the many deaths and damages they have caused to millions of people worldwide. This Mafia has pressurized whole health systems and doctors to describe their deadly medications and bribed many hospital managers, governments, health insurances, and managers of health organizations.

Big Industry has many patents on food products, so what you buy in the supermarkets and eat is patented toxic food that our bodies are not recognizing and can’t get rid of. People are getting sick and developing autoimmune diseases and other inflammations because of their poor choice of food. They create a vicious circle; visiting their doctors and receiving toxic medications certainly shortens their lives and provides a life full of hospital visits and suffering.

There are certainly some medicines that are a blessing to humankind, for sure, like antibiotics, but first of all, God has created an arsenal of healing plants. Nowadays, people are so far away from their roots that they don’t know when certain vegetables are growing and ready to harvest. I know many people, including my family, who don’t even know common vegetables anymore, only what the supermarket offers. It is very sad! But on the farmer’s market, you will see all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We need to eliminate the patent system. Patents are making rich people even more prosperous, and the temptation to be involved in criminal acts is very small. I know it might sound communistic, but it is essential to stop destroying our habitats and humanity.

The ‘carbon footprint’ is also an expression of these days, easy to be used to make us worry and anxious, a way to let us follow their agenda. However, we need to find a way between our roots, Nature, and modern times.

Nature is the Only Answer

For me, as a Christian, God has created Nature, and we humans belong to Nature in harmony, so if we destroy our environment, we destroy our homes and ourselves. I know in my youth when my senses functioned perfectly, and I was in balance and harmony with my surroundings. As a child and a young woman, I spend more time outdoors than indoors. My intuition and inner Nature have worked very well.

I am convinced that the many toxins the industry has released into the environment have made people sick and disconnected them from their inner being, Nature, others, and especially from God. The consumption of chemical changed patented products weakens and destroys our systems, our cells. Our bodies are made precisely and can only function when they receive natural food, vitamins, minerals, etc. The hormone cycle is so delicate, and our brain can only work if it gets the proper nutrition. Many young people are already suffering from severe depression and mental disorders that are not normal. Mental disorders are on the rise, including Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The vaccination children receive within the first year hasn’t helped this development but made many suffer life-long.

So why should we now believe industry again for the environmental problems we experience in these times?

We still have many older people who know how to live a natural life. To reduce the carbon, we don’t need to destroy our farmers and build more houses in their fields. We don’t need Bill Gates’s synthetical patented meat that brings him huge profits but makes us weak and unhealthy. We need to reduce our consumption and eat less meat and fish, but more seeds, nuts, healthy fats, and organically grown vegetables. In Germany, they have started replanting fruit trees in the city parks and surroundings where people can take the fruits without paying. I think this is a significant development. Why not plant national and seasonal plants and vegetables, and create more green environments? Every planted green is making a difference.

Bill Gates
Bing, Bill Gates

If we help the farmers make the right decisions, they could work organically and support the environment with healthy soil.

In the Netherlands, we have tiny gardens; I call them dog huts. Most people have only a terrace to sit on in the summer, but planting a tree and some berries or herbs is still possible. It all starts in our heads. If all people do this, we don’t need an energy bill that blows up our income, which is only governmental abuse of the population. We need common sense and creating communities where we connect socially and grow our food. Laughing and singing, even arguing, is healthy.

Isolation and unhealthy food are the nails of our coffins. So many young people are already socially isolated!

Supporting Nature is the only answer and is helping to recover the insect and bird population, like bees and bumblebees and butterflies. But also, small mammals like hedgehogs and bats are critical to our ecological system, and they need a green environment.

I come from a country with a lot of Nature and a green environment. Living in the Netherlands has a devastating effect on our health, a country crowded with houses, cars, pesticides, and herbicides used in farming that intoxicates our drinking water and harms our mental and physical state. The air is so bad here that people suffer from chronic respiratory problems. Traffic jams are usual here. Many farmers are living beside the motorways. So, what is going to be exported? Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides? I would never sell such food to another human!

a clean forest
Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

People suffer from light and noise pollution in the cities and never find rest anymore, impacting our sleep and health. The radiation and wifi pollution is a further aspect to think about; especially now we know that Apeldoorn is the first project for the “Smart City Agenda” of the World Economic Forum, which depends on a complete 5 G network. Our bankrupted city council has surely received much money to get involved in this project, even citizens are listing the health issues, and are worried for their children and environment!

Scientists and doctors have warned the politicians of the impact on our health and environmental health. We are not able to escape anymore if installed throughout the cities. The neutralizing energy of the Erath is getting weaker because of all the positive charged electrons coming from our digital systems. It could be the end of all insects and animals because their bodies will not resist radiation.

However, humankind will pay the price as well! Some wealthy people do not have the right to dictate the other fellow humans how to live only to gain more profits. It is time to stop that and fight back; otherwise, our children will suffer unhealthily and be disconnected from their God-given senses. Do you want your child to suffer?

Planting a Tree

a strong tree
Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

With so many forests burning globally and cut down, we need to reforest and plant trees. Trees are using carbon to produce oxygen, which is the desired result. Trees are producing healthy air! Without trees, we would die very quickly, a reason that you see in some cities a patented artificial tree that works like a dust hover, cleaning the air and producing oxygen. Why do we need such a tree if natural trees work perfectly? Creating more woods and parks and plantcovered balconies and rooftops is all we need while reducing the building of houses.

I would rather want to have a tiny luxurious home and a bigger garden to grow my vegetables and have my fruit trees. These patented, manufactured products are only for saving problems that we have created and help the designer earn lots of money. We don’t need all these artificial constructions that finally need a lot of maintenance and often fail to work. It helps develop and create an artificial world that is more harmful than beneficial. Give me Nature, and I am happy!

Many climate catastrophes have been created. Do you know that Bill Gates and many scientists are involved in the HAARP Project(High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) , a huge machine in Alaska that influences our weather? They can use it even in one country and create sun, rain, snow, and storms. Do you think this is a suitable machine in the hands of greedy people who want to control our climate? I don’t think so! There is a series of videos, I have problems believing, but it could be right. Watch for yourself! It is interesting, but I don’t know if this is right. However, I heard the strong noise in my own neighborhood. And I observed the chemtrails from my garden in summer in the Netherlands. We are betrayed!.

I also believe many of the disasters we experience result from using the HAARP machine and the chemtrails we have already observed for decades. These people must be stopped! They spray so many toxic elements on Nature and us that I ask myself how to stay healthy.

How is it possible that they play around with God’s creation at our cost? Most people are not informed and don’t want to know because it might be too depressing for them and too worrisome. They rather like to dissonate and not to know; even their children and grandchildren still need to live their lives in this world. It makes me angry that people who have received an excellent education don’t want to know what is happening in the world. It might be their way to survive and stay positive. I rather face reality and facts!

Trees and plants will save our lives and the planet. If we eliminate toxic plastic,  pesticides, herbicides, and patents, we will heal the Earth and us. Our environments belong to us, not to some greedy people.

As a Christian, I believe that God will never allow us to destroy Earth, but He will maintain His creation! However, we need to live more pro-life orientated and not create this destruction. We people have the power to force Big Industry, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the many stakeholders, patent owners, and governmental institutions to stop following their destructive way! But then we need more education for the mass of the population to wake them up.

However, I am delighted about the many people who are already trying to contribute to a more sustainable way of life. They are the people who will change everything for the better.

How to Reduce Carbon?

Planting trees is one possibility! Stopping industry to exploit our environment! Connecting people to communities and helping them socialize with others while creating healthy food and a healthy environment.

If we have healthy bodies and brains, we make healthy homes and a healthy environment! Healthy people will live more joyful, loving, and respectful, connect to others, laugh, and be happy. If people have more energy, they can create a healthy system where not money is the most important, but people and Nature.

Healthy people have a healthy hormone level, a healthy brain without brain fog. They think clear, and their senses work perfectly.

The government is elected to represent our interests, but if they are busy in a  destructive manner, they have not complied with the contract and should leave! People have to wake up to their governments’ massive abuse, creating many poor people instead of a wealthy society.

Plans to reduce carbon cost most families so much money that they can’t even buy food anymore are no plans for support but plans of destroying a system and their people. It is a lie that solar and wind energy can produce enough green energy for a Nation, maybe in warm countries where the sun is shining most of the year, but not in the north countries.

The rubbish they are producing with the solar panels and wings of the windmills is also creating a problem. Maybe we should move more and keep temperatures inside the house lower. Do we need to go around in sleeveless T-Shirts in winter? Insolating the places covering them with plants will keep the warmth inside. There are many possibilities, like living inside a greenhouse where we need less heating and grow our food. I love this idea, and if you are interested, you might want to read my article.

Living in a tiny house with natural materials is also an excellent way to use less energy. It is easier to warm up a tiny home, especially if you are like me, and keep the sleeping room cold.

Tiny houses

Also, showering and washing cold is a way to train the body to adapt better to the outside temperatures and develop more energy internally. Of course, it is more accessible in the South where you have better and longer summers, but even in the Northern countries, we have enough possibilities to reduce our carbon.

Modern human life is eating less healthy, moving less, using the car for everything, and producing high temperatures inside the house in winter. It is not necessary! A healthy, well-performing body doesn’t need so much heat. Also, eating about 80% raw organic vegetables, healthy fats, seeds, and nuts produces much internal energy, so people wouldn’t need to heat the house. It is all about our unhealthy, unnatural lifestyles.

Wifi and electric machines are creating an unhealthy environment inside our bodies, so our cells are being destroyed. Sick people can’t maintain balance in their bodies and need more energy from heating. Turning away from an unhealthy lifestyle will reduce carbon too. I am sure that industry produces more carbon than living creatures can do. Animals fed with the wrong food and have stomach pain do fart a lot like humans do if they consume the bad food. It would be better to use our common senses and start with ourselves. You will be amazed at how well you feel!:)

Final Thought

Reducing carbon is not difficult if we are all willing to change our consumption behavior. It has to do with the integrity of a deeper life where we can feel and think clearly, not numb because of toxins in our environment, clothing, air, water, food, soil, homes. Living healthy means cleaning all these areas of toxic substances and starting to live a healthy, creative, productive, and respectful life towards ourselves, others, and Nature. It starts with us! If we change for the better, we can change our environment for the better.

What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion!

All the Best,



  • Matt

    I may start visiting the local farmer’s market to purchase some local vegetables and fruits for the week and start walking more than driving cars to work. Those are easy to implement in my life, but it might take a long while for everyone around me to do the same.

    I live on a tiny island, and everyone lives close to each other, leaving us no room to have a garden in the community. I wonder what life would be if everyone had a garden to grow the vegetables they need for the kitchen, which might save the world step by step, right?

    I also love the idea of planting more trees to clean the air we breathe every single day. More and more companies chose to plant more trees to whitewash their business. Although it’s a publicity stunt, it’s better than nothing. 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Hi Matt, Thank you very much for your comment! I would love to live on a tiny island, I can tell you!:) Yes, planting trees are not the only solution, but it would certainly help, especially Industry is burning down forests, and they need to be stopped. Only we can control them by changing our consumption behavior.
      Even you have only a little space left for growing vegetables, it is possible. We have a rooftop where we can grow tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables. You can use your wall. Visiting farmer markets is a win/win situation. Your food is healthier, and you help the farmers. 🙂

  • Chas

    Hi Silvie,
    It is clear that you are deeply emotional about these issues. Yes, it’s a fact that our air and drinking water is contaminated with toxins the we likey don’t even know about. In the USA, states where the oil companies are fracking for natural gas, the water restrictions have been weakened to allow the drillers to dump their waste water into our streams and rivers. They have declared that the waste water is safe, and the drillers don’t even have to disclose what chemicals they are using in their operations!

    It is the super rich, which we are unable to touch with our protests, and our outrage. Planting trees and green plants will help, but the real problem remains.

    Continued awareness to the problems, and each of us trying to do our part to reduce our footprint are the best weapons we have.

    Thank you for this in-depth look at theproblems and ways to reduce our carbon impact.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Chas, Thank you very much for your comment! It doesn’t sound good what they do to the environment in the USA. Oil companies are damaging the world very much, but believe me, using windmills and solar panels to produce energy is also very polluting the environment. We need to stop the system with these super-rich people from destroying, exploiting, and stealing from the planet and me. Awareness is so essential! 🙂

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