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How to Save Money on the Energy Bill?

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It is sure; energy costs are rising! How to save money on the energy bill while having a comfortable, warm house in winter? We all love a cozy home, and in wintertime, when we have been outdoors or working, we love to come into a warm place. Nowadays, it is so easy to warm up your house while you are still at work. You can use a smartphone app that connects to your devices and heating system and use a timer to set the clock to precisely the time you like the radiators to warm up. Very convenient!

In the Netherlands, the government has already proclaimed that the energy prices for gas will increase very much. This is not good news because most families and people in the Netherlands can’t afford such a bill, but it still is necessary to cut back on fossil fuels. What can we do?

how to save money on the energy bill?
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Energy Prices Will Go Up!

Why is this happening? I read in the Netherlands; it is because they have not filled up the sources on time. Now, because the province (county) Groningen has our natural gas sources,  we could still add to the purchased gas from Russia, so gas was not that expensive. The most costly part of the bill has been and still is the tax. Thanks to the government!

However, in Groningen, people have experienced damage to their houses through gas extraction. After many demonstrations, the government decided not to use the gas from this area anymore. This is a good decision, and I completely relate to the people suffering decades from these extractions.

However, the Netherlands is among the worse countries of Europe regarding sustainable living and the recovery of their Nature. The air and water quality is very bad. They need a plan to reduce modern farming and the many traffic jams in the cities and motorways. Agriculture has polluted the water and destroyed the fields, the landscapes. Many farmers have too many animals, cows, chickens, pigs, goats, geese what is undoubtedly a threat to the environment.

 But it is not their fault! 

Since we have been coming under European law, many farmers had no other choice, following the many irrational rules and regulations politicians have forced on them.

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The Netherlands plans to eliminate every fossil fuel, which is the beginning, increasing the prices for gas and petrol. We already pay nearly 2 Euros for one liter of gasoline, and it is rising. The government would like to see people buying more electronic cars, but the capacity for the chargers is still inferior. They would need more windmills and solar energy, setting up more charging stations all over the cities. The landscapes might be more destroyed due to the many windmills. And people are very much aware of this.

If this happens, I will move to the countryside, or use the bus and bicycle. You know I love to live sustainably, but the health damage coming from electricity will impact the population. The earthly neutralizing energy is already decreased due to the electrical threat. But the earthly negative electrons are essential to protect our health. We will suffer many diseases because of being charged positively at all times, destroying our cells and tissues. Most people are already disconnected from the earth’s electrons, wearing rubber soles, and having massive pollution from radiation in their homes. You can help your health by using earthing mats and sheets for your bed to get connected to the earth’s neutralizing electrons.

However, sustainability is necessary to save the planet, but please, no exploitation anymore!

Governments Will Put Pressure on Decrease of Fossil Fuels!

How can governments achieve their population to live sustainably? Yes, raising the prices! But, be specific, they and the Industry will make a profit! We pay the price!

energy as light around a human

Our government will confiscate the farmers to decrease the nitrogen in the environment, they say, but not without a hidden agenda, as usual! Diposessing farmers of their fields will build more houses for migrants instead of for recovery of the environment. They have nothing in mind for Nature and recovery of the climate. If they had in mind to help our environment recover, they would surely help the local businesses and farmers, not the Industry. They wouldn’t exploit their population by increasing the taxes; instead, they would find a suitable solution with their people. The governments of this world are not interested in the well-being and welfare of their countries, and indeed not at this time. Every election is a farce, committing a massive crime through fraudulent elections. There are now so many pieces of evidence as well as whistleblowers. Sorry, I am constantly being carried away when I am talking and thinking about the injustice of the government. 🙂 But, of course, this article is about how we can save money on the energy bill.

How to Save Money on the Energy Bill?

Most people in the Netherlands are still using gas for warming up their homes and for cooking. Gas was always relatively inexpensive, while electricity was more pricy. Electricity also comes from different sources, mostly a mixture of wind energy, biomass energy, nuclear power, and solar and water. If people have solar panels on their roofs, they save very much on their bills. About 500 Euros every household receives back from the government if they have solar panels. There are more households, rented houses included in a project by their city council, and house owners with a heat pump that the government subsidies like solar panels. All over the Netherlands, people are changing to sustainable energy, and this is a good development.

a kitchen
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Saving money on the energy bill is not difficult when you have solar panels or a heat pump. It is nowadays so easy to install electrical radiators on your walls. They are heating the rooms in seconds, and most radiators have a thermostat to adjust the temperature you are comfortable with. We are renting our house and still have the gas radiators on the wall, which is connected with the central vacuum installation in our home. This is why we have bought standing heaters; we can store them in summer under our roof. You find different heaters of all prices, cheaper or expensive. It depends on what you need. If you still use gas, but on a low setting, you might want to purchase a heater to add some more warmth. But if you are looking for the primary usage of an electric radiator, you better buy a high-quality heater that you can set up for your needs.

For the bathroom, you need a waterproof heater for wet rooms anyway. We have a small radiator, heating up around 5qm, and this is entirely enough for our small bathroom. The advantage is that the electrical heaters warm up the rooms very fast. It always depends on what kind of temperature you are comfortable with. We love it around 19.5 * Cel. I prefer to use an extra blanket instead of a higher temperature; otherwise, I get headaches from the heat.

a bathroom
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There is a special foil you can use behind your radiator that helps to reflect the heat into your room instead of through the wall. These foils save you much energy and money, and they are very affordable and easy to install.

A pricy situation is heating your water for the shower and washing your dishes via the CV installation. You better think about showering for only some minutes, using a timer, which saves you money. I use my water cooker to clean my dishes. The water in the electric oven warms up in under a minute, and it is better than the CV heater.

If you have an electric source in your houses like solar panels, you could easily renew your stove and oven to an electric oven and stove. Cooking with an electric heat system like induction or ceramic field is undoubtedly the better option in saving money on your energy bill. I love to boil chicken broth, and I do this for hours, so using electricity is for me the better option, mainly because we have solar panels. I am always pleased to see my monthly consumption of gas and electricity, mostly we are even under the usage of a single household, and I am proud.

If you don’t install an electric stove, you can use an electric pan and a small oven. There are many such pans and pots in different sizes on the internet, and they are very affordable. I used such an oven for years, big enough to bake a cake or bread, grill my meat, and bake potatoes. These devices don’t use much electricity.

I use a warm water bottle or a blanket for too cold, but I usually am okay with 19.5 degrees. Some days I feel low energy and get tired and cold. If I drink a hot cup of bone broth, I feel warm again. It is warming and healthy, a mineralizing soup.

We also use LED bulbs for our light, and they last very long and save electricity. Another option is to isolate windows and doors with insulating tape. Wind and cold air can’t get in. However, it is essential to open the window once or twice per day to circulate the air. Walking half an hour outside and breathing in fresh air is critical for your immune system and your whole body, the cells. Your body and mind need fresh air for energy building, same as food that gives you energy. You don’t have it too cold when you move outdoors regularly.

An excellent tip is to use the washing machine only if you have enough clothing to wash. In the Netherlands, we have the nighttime for cheaper electricity. Many neighbors wash their clothing at night time, especially when they have small children. I can hear their machines washing.

Living Sustainable is a Must

a car electrical charging
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Nobody can deny that we all need to change our lifestyles. Overconsumption has only helped the Industry to get rich but has damaged our health and the environment. It is urgent to stop this behavior and start to live more consciously. Supporting local shops and the farmers is essential for all of us. Most products we can buy in a Supermarket are unhealthy, so better avoid them, and support your local businesses. We need to go back and produce in our own country, creating jobs and a better living. Most people have too much at home, we do not need more material things, but we need to engage more socially with others, laughing and being happy. So many people live in isolation, which creates depression and suicide, and an unhealthy body and mind. Let’s have less but connect more with others. Let us go out and help our environment, insects, and mammals, trees, and plants. It is better to use more feet, the bicycle, and the train to get around. In this manner, we would create better air for our lungs. Let us plant trees and wildflowers. This summer and autumn, I experienced an increase in bees and butterflies in my garden. I still miss the bumblebees that have a difficult time finding flowers and housing. If we all would be happy with less and be aware of our consumption behavior, we would undoubtedly change our lifestyle, improving our health, environment, and life. And by the way, we cut back on our costs, energy, petrol, and household.

Final Thought

Saving money is always something we like. To cut back on your energy bill is not that difficult if you do insulate very well, using temperatures around 19.5 degrees. ( 67.1 Fahrenheit), a temperature that is very good for our health. Cooking on electricity saves on our bill if we have solar panels, but maybe you need to find out if cooking on gas is better if you have no solar panels or an organic heat source. There are so many ways to help you save money. One way is to follow how to install and build a solar panel system in your backyard for just 200 Dollars. It allows you to get independent from the government; I believe something great in the States in the countryside. However, solar panels will help you to save on your energy bill. Try it out!

Please, let me know what you think and what you do. We can help each other very much! Let us exchange our thoughts!

All Your Best,



  • Estelle

    Thank you for all your good suggestions to save power and live off the grid. When you are aware it is easy to save. After reading your post we will all give more attention.
    Being too dependend makes one vulneravle and insecure, for the future.
    By the way never appologise when speaking the truth. More people should know what is really going on and what is planned by THEM for the people of the world.

  • Jean

    Hi Sylvie

    This is a very timely post as energy prices are rising and some of the budget suppliers cannot afford to supply energy at the price they guaranteed to customers!

    My problem is that my heating system is outdated and needs replacing. It is so inefficient – the house is roasting in the morning but cold in the evening when we get home. To replace it will be a major investment.

    I will investigate all the different options you suggest but I will be starting from scratch.

    Your website is fantastic! Just off to explore the fashion store.

    Kind regards,


  • Matt Lin

    It’s sad to know that one of the natural resources that keep our lives alive will be so much expensive than in the past, which is quite unbelievable in 2021. How can people survive without gas in the winter…? I think if I were in your country, I would do the same as you suggested here. Move to the countryside, install solar panels, and electrical radiators on my walls to make sure that we pay the expensive bills.

    I also love the ways you share that we can live a sustainable life, which is impressive. I will start by walking and taking more trains to see my country. Thanks a lot for sharing this meaningful article. I believe everyone should read it.


    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much, Matt, for your comment! Yes, we could have a difficult winter. Today I learned about a pellet oven that is very sustainable in use and very clean. We might get one, and buy some bags of pellets, so we are fine in winter. I hope you will have it warm in your country. Do you have cold winter as well? Thank you so much for your compliments. Very much appreciated! Stay safe, Matt!:)

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