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Inspired by the Style of Spring- Classy and Sustainable

Spring has arrived, and we are longing for the warmth of the sun. Our heart will get rid of the heavy winter clothing and, inspired by the style of spring, walking around in pretty dresses, trousers, and blouses, accompanied by beautiful sandals, handbags, and accessories showing it is spring. Every season, there is an inner force that led us to study catalogs, search fashion shops, and find a suitable outfit. I think all women and men love to do that; maybe men are less tempted.

Inspired by the style of spring- classy and sustainable

I love fashion, but luckily I do not depend on the seasonal fashion code dictated by designers. I have found my style and going for the timeless, classy, and sportive design; I don’t need to purchase many items, my wardrobe has many pieces I can combine, and they all fit together.

I think that is the advantage of a mature woman. Being in my twenties, I changed the style and clothes so often; I couldn’t find the right pieces. In that time I bought many items I have never worn, just forgotten in my wardrobe.

But the materials in that time have been still organic, mostly wool, leather, cotton, silk, linen. We didn’t buy polyester and all that plastic. It changed slowly, as the quality became less and the quantity more. Every company, also the well-known names, produced in Asia, and quality disappeared, but the price has been still the same. I never liked this and still look for quality clothing, which I have never regretted.

The Magic of Spring

It is like magic when spring arrives. Life is awakening around us, but also in us. Plants and trees are flowering, hibernating animals are awakening, we hear the sound of the bees and bumblebees, the birds are singing, and we love to be outdoors, walking, sitting in the sun.

Everywhere we see a flood of colors popping up, a treasure for our eyes. Sleepiness disappears, and we are ready to dance, sing, feel the joy of the season, the sunny, warm, beautiful days. People will be outside, meeting others, laughing, life is fully active.

This is the time of the year we love to wear colors, beautiful clothes, feeling like a woman, matching the inner world with the outer world. This is the time we love to sit in a restaurant, eating lunch or dinner with friends or family, or just having a coffee. We have been inside most of the winter, and now we need the sun, warming us up, awakening our hormones. These hormones make us want to feel desired, beautiful and loved, respected as women.

The designer and fashion manager know this, abusing the fact by creating a spring and summer collection, advertising their creation, and making us want to purchase the desired items. I think it is quite normal to feel like this, and it is not necessarily a bad thing to want to look good and buying new chic clothing. The problem is when we buy too much, and the wrong clothes.

I don’t know if you have ever had a look into a sustainable store? Why not buy classy, elegant, or comfortable, sustainable products. You will be amazed at how beautiful they are, and they are not expensive anymore. My opinion is rather to buy one or two timeless, high-quality items than many shabby, toxic, low-quality products.

Finding your style and buying complementing dresses and skirts, blouses, and coats let you look stylish and elegant or sportive. It is like owning a business, a brand, your brand.

Feel the magic of spring, and be in touch with yourself and your environment. 🙂

Inspired by the Style of Spring

Do you notice as well how the flood of colors is drawing our hearts to beautiful colored materials?

a field of blue and white crocuses

I love shirts and dresses, or gorgeous pants, but also colored shoes and classy handbags. Women wear colors in spring and summer, beautiful colors like red, orange, yellow, green in all shades, or blue. The flood of flowering plants and the sun draws us to color. It lifts our mood, like an instrument playing a song inside us. We are joyful, lively. It is a beautiful time to sit together in the evening, have a barbeque, or visit a concert.

Designers are inspired by the colors and the easiness of the season, creating soft and flattering fashion, stylish and classy, or comfortable, sportive, using cotton, linen, and silk. I love flattering dresses, beautifully and light, made of cotton or viscose, or light trousers, real summerwear. For me, fashion is art! Self-expression!

Nowadays, I see young women dressing in the same jeans and shirts, wearing sneakers, and very often I think you could be so beautiful wearing a dress and pumps or elegant sandals.

Some designers create sustainable, comfortable, but beautiful, elegant shoes, like Bhava or Dr. Liza. Their shoes are pricey, but buying one pair of shoes is, for years, a timeless high-qualitative shoe, looking classy. We don’t need tons of low-quality shoes in our wardrobe, but one or two really stylish sustainable shoes will last for years.

Click on the image!

Bhava Shoes

If my clothes are outdated, I put them in my wardrobe and wait till they are up to date again. Believe me; my experience is that the style has a come-back. This is a reason that I shop very often in secondhand shops for outdated designer models, fitting my style. If the heel is not fashioned at that moment, I know, it will maybe in two years. In this manner, I avoid creating waste, and I have found the most beautiful originally costly items for small money.

This is like hunting for me! 🙂 If I buy new, I buy quality and sustainable clothing, which will stay with me for decades. 😉

Classy, But Sustainable

I believe you might think of sustainable the shabby shirts and dresses of the past. They looked really not stylish in the beginning years, and I wasn’t fond of them too. But it has all changed! Beautiful designers create fashion from high-quality materials, like vegan handbags and shoes you can’t distinguish from leather. Well, I have to say that I think we need to be grounded, in touch with earth to neutralize the positive electrons from electrical devices; otherwise, we will suffer from inflammation, developing diseases.

Susan Tancer Handbags

For grounding to happen, you need a conductive material, like a leather sole. Our shoe trend of walking on rubber soles has made us ill, a reason that I still like to buy leather soles, which you are hardly able to find anymore. The soles of women’s shoes are mainly made from rubber, but women need to touch the earth for their delicate hormonal cycle.

For men, is it much easier to find shoes made completely from leather? When you wear leather soles, you feel the difference very soon; your feet are not easily tired and feeling heavy. I hope that they will develop shoe soles that are both sustainable and help us be grounded, especially because of all the electricity around us, creating more electric cars that will flood the streets.

I love companies, which design beautiful handbags made from sustainable materials. I know several designers producing handmade gorgeous handbags; the style is perfect, fitting every outfit. For me, it is better to have one or two high-quality handbags than several plastic handbags.

I have several companies in my fashion store which are excellent and classy. Maybe you would like to have a look. Let us together prevent the production of toxic waste from flooding our planet. If you purchase an item via my affiliate links, I receive a small commission, but you don’t pay more. Have a look, and see how beautifully sustainable fashion looks like.

Sustainable Companies

There are many sustainable working companies these days, and I am so pleased that more people are interested in these products. The fashion industry needs to rethink and stop producing ill-making clothes and accessories. We can force them by changing our shopping habits.

The more women are buying sustainable products; the more industry needs to change. This is a way to stop flooding the earth with cheaply-made products and mountains of waste. We need to stop, rethink and change, our lifestyle, our habits.

There are already enough companies that are producing sustainable, and I support it very much! If you don’t like the ones I have listed here under my fashion store, you can search the internet and your region.

They are not only online but also in your place where you live. It is not difficult to live a sustainable life. We need to adjust our thinking and combine the modern with the old world. It is possible!

Final Thought

It is spring, and the magic of spring is felt everywhere; an awakening is happening. The colors are beautiful; plants are flowering in all shades. The fashion industry is getting ready for the great flood of selling clothes, but do you choose the right ones?

Do you choose sustainable or toxic produce? Do you think about the earth and the people who are being slaves for your comfort? Maybe you would like to read more about a thoughtful life, buy sustainable or second-hand clothes, and minimize waste.

Many companies are producing high-quality, sustainable, beautiful clothing and accessories. They might be more expensive at first glance, but you own a high-quality product for years, fitting your style. I hope that I can change your mind, investing in sustainable, second-hand, or refurbished products. Together we will save the planet!

Please let me know how you live? What do you think? Do you already reduce waste? I would love to hear from you!

All the Best,




  • Sasha

    I love spring and absolutely love everything about it! The season is filled with colorfully blooming plants/flowers and there is an invigorating sense of freshness in the air. This is reason enough to bring out all that colorful pieces stashed away in my wardrobe! Your post explains the love of fashion so well that I am almost tempted to put on a flowery dress and my favorite pumps! The only problem is that my clothing or shoes aren’t sustainable. 🙁 Even though, I am a very careful shopper in that I pay attention to what the material used are before purchasing, I just couldn’t find good quality BUT still affordable sustainable clothing line. Thanks to your site, I will head over to the fashion store and check out all the items there! Do you think there are options fo vegan leather out there too? Knowing the amount of animal cruelty involved in making leather, what alternatives would you suggest?

    • Sylvie

      Hi Sasha, Thank you very much for your comment! Spring is amazing! You are so right! This season invites us to put our dresses and pumps on, so beautiful! You asked me about vegan shoes, and I can tell you that many companies produce shoes completely made from vegan materials, like Bhava or Dr. Liza. They are very expensive, but you get comfortable, but the classy shoe lasts very long. The problem with vegan soles is that they don’t help you ground. But I hope they will find a possibility to use a vegan sole that helps us ground. You will feel the difference.:)

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