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Living Two Worlds- Combine the Modern and the Old Way

This article is updated! Originally published in June 2021.

Why should we want to stop and rethink our lifestyle? Living two worlds, combining the modern and the old-fashioned worlds, is for many people necessary. I know people who can’t find their way in this modern world with all the greediness, the destruction, the noise, the flood of impressions, the consumption, the exploitation of our world. They feel that they can’t escape a world that makes them ill anymore.

If you love to live quietly and live in a growing city, you can’t flee the noise. Maybe you think these people are mostly older folks who lived in the older norm. Many young people don’t want overconsumption in this world but still need all the digital devices; otherwise, they can’t connect with others feeling lonely in an artificial world.

Living two worlds- combine the modern and the old world

Many people love their roots and think that they are going the wrong way in their life. Being outdoors, recharging, and feeling complete is what they love and deeply desire. I understand them very much, and discussing this topic shows that people still know where they are coming from. Sustainable travel agencies are coming out like mushrooms, illustrating a method of traveling that significantly younger folks love.

Why Should You Want to Live the Old-Fashioned Way?

This is a good question; I believe the answer is because you feel yourself! Older folks live with the memory of having grown up as children without the luxury and knowing the social value of living a more simple way of life. Luckily, living the old-fashioned way brings you back to your roots, which is still essential for many people.

dancing couple
Natalia Sabolivska

I think every time has pros and cons, that is quite normal. Nowadays, people worldwide live in a fast-changing time, like being in a centrifuge, feeling overwhelmed by the news, and life in general. It is essential, yet vital, to stop, rethink and return to the way of life, especially for our children. We need to save the planet. We have been going too far already, destroying our ground. It is not difficult to produce your food in a healthy, sustainable way and use old furniture or devices refurbished. You can be creative, creating your own home using derivative products, painting them, or refurbishing digital devices.

We need to grow more green areas; why not use our gardens to grow our produce? Even on the roofs of our houses, we can create more green spaces. Our whole living environment will improve the air, water, and health.

You can use sustainable sources of winning energy for your houses, depending on where you live. Creating solid social communities where we are not isolated is essential to defend ourselves against nonsense laws that the governments establish. We need to refind ourselves.

In the digital world is essential to reach out to others quickly, knowing we are not alone. But do we need 5 G? It destroys our energy and cells, mutates them. There must be areas where sensitive people can live without getting in contact with all the ill-making radiation.

We need to rethink and stop using plastic only because supermarkets make it convenient to sell their products packed in plastics to keep them fresh. If we could prevent these habits and do our groceries in a sustainable bag, leaving all the plastics behind, we can change the production and behavior of the industry. But we all need to do this together. Together we are strong!

Modern World Needs a New Design

We are stuck in our development in this modern world; overproduction has created massive waste that pollutes our rivers, oceans, forests, the Earth. Our modern world is built based on exploitation, a completely wrong approach, a reason I try to contact and promote companies that produce sustainable products. Well, still classy and exclusive, like the sustainable fashion companies and companies that help us live healthy by developing sustainable lights, energy, green areas, refurbished products, and water filters supplying us with healthy water and organic made cosmetics and household cleaners.

woman and child in lake while it is raining

My goal is to open people’s eyes, showing another way of life; for example, making your compost to create rich soil without toxins would make such a difference for our bees and insects, which may be increasing their population. This world already has too many toxins everywhere in our bodies, environment, even already in the unborn child because the mother is intoxicated. I don’t want to preach, but I believe I sound like a preacher. :);)

Another way to keep our water levels up is by collecting our rainwater in-ground tanks using them for our garden. Saving precious water by showering twice or three times per week will also add to life sustainability. Governments need to establish laws that force the main polluters like oil-, car-, fashion-, pharmacy- and other industries to pay for their pollution. They have the lobby, and we, as the citizens of a country, get the bill, paying for their exploiting behavior. We need to stop that!

Education is essential; nearly 80 % of the population cannot analyze, investigate and track the facts. Even highly educated people are following the crowd into the destruction of the world, not questioning the activities of the government and the different industries. That is something to worry about.

Why is this happening? Fear, comfortable living, greedy for fun? Well, greedy for money is a well-established reason.

Of course, we need many things from this modern lifestyle, and it is partly a treasure, to be able to live a more comfortable life, not needing to live in caves, having it cold in winter. Nobody wants to live such a life, but this is not the intention of this article.

However, there are many developments that we don’t need and are nonsense, developed to make big money getting people hooked on certain products. There is a whole industry, finding out how to become people addicted. For example, the food industry, producing particular “food,” where people eat it, can’t stop eating the crap until the package is empty.

Now World Economic Forum has created so-called food innovation hubs to produce synthetical food like meat to prevent people from overeating meat. This is crazy because synthetical food makes us sick. I don’t need to eat much meat, which is undoubtedly my advantage. I love to eat salads and seeds.

Living Two Worlds

To live in the two worlds, we need to have strong mindsets, withstand the temptation of unnecessary products, and avoid getting addicted. Most people are weak, tempted easily, and going the wrong way. We all have our weaknesses, but of course, some people have a stronger mindset than others.

To live in both worlds is possible; reducing or renouncing the produce of non-organic waste is possible. We have to change our thoughts and minds because people can get used to another lifestyle, especially if all people live this way.

woman harvesting carrots

Having a community garden where organic vegetables and fruits are growing or an own little garden is possible. It begins in our mind! Reducing our shopping behavior is possible; buying second-hand clothing or sustainable organic materials is not that difficult. Using digital devices until they are broken, and returning them to get refurbished, is possible. We don’t need to buy new stuff, and we can get used to the fact that we are purchasing high-quality furniture that stays with us for decades. The only problem is our mind and the economy, which depends on our buying habits, increasing their profit. All economy is orientated towards big profit, and the customer’s attitude, purchasing their products.

If we want to save the planet, we need to stop, rethink, and return to our roots. Maybe for most of us, the most difficult point, renouncing luxury, meaning to renounce the possibility of getting everything when you want and what you want.

We will not live in shabby houses anymore or caves. Living in houses made from sustainable materials, renewing the kitchen and bathrooms is a great idea. We can combine the modern world and the old world, living both. Plastics have to disappear; there are sustainable plastics made from sugarcane or other organic materials. We already have these developments, but the greedy industry doesn’t want to lose us, trying to make further big money. The patent system where superrich people earn more money needs to be eliminated. It is the reason for all the suffering in the world! These people are so greedy for making more profit.

However, we are the customers, and our choices dictate the direction, whereas industry will follow.

How to Combine These Two Lifestyles?

I think if we change our thinking, our direction will change automatically. If we are programmed towards sustainability, we will start making the right choices. We will watch our groceries in the supermarket, avoiding toxic plastics and products. Maybe we will do our groceries at the organic market or in farmer’s shops. We will get to know our baker, farmer, butcher, and maybe not even buy in a supermarket anymore. We might purchase only seasonal, native produce, avoiding fruits coming from far.

friens sitting on stairs

We will ask more questions and investigate the internet, searching for sustainable products. Our life will become more quality, socializing with family and friends, not being busy with the smartphones, but with real people, discussing, listening, singing, and being joyful.

Our loneliness will disappear, our lives become more simple. Maybe we are trading refurbished or sustainable articles made from organic materials; in our holidays traveling by train, and bicycle, or walking. We will only take the plane if we need to.

There are so many possibilities to combine both worlds and decrease global waste. The only thing is we must want this lifestyle, all together, and be happy with fewer possessions, meaning that we are not overproducing and over-possessing things, a condition we have nowadays, and what creates too much rubbish.

What do you think? Does it sound good to you or threatening?

Final Thought

Living in the modern and old-fashion worlds, combining them, seems to be not working at first glance. Otherwise, there are enough ways to make the best out of every world if we think of possibilities, reducing waste and our carbon footprint. Starting this way of life needs to be created first in our minds, rethinking possibilities and returning to a healthy lifestyle for us and the planet.

More sustainable producing companies must create products that will last for long, high quality, and not leave any waste behind when used. I believe this is possible. If we make the right decisions and choices, we can save the sinking ship.

What do you think? Do you already do something reducing waste and live sustainably? Do you live already combining both worlds, And how is your experience? I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

All the Best,



  • Christine

    Hi Sylvia,

    I love this article. It is so important to share articles like these, to make people more aware, although you make a good point when you say that many – especially young people – are already waking up and want to return to our roots. I think that I live in a perfect combination of both modern and sustainable, natural world. I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, living in a trailer while I’m building my house. I have solar power, just a little, not enough to run a household but enough for the bare basics.

    Your point that even highly educated people are following the crowd into the destruction of the world is something I have been noticing over decades. You’d expect highly educated people to make a change, right? But they don’t, the majority doesn’t; on the contrary, they keep on arguing and they’ll use every single fancy word they have in their arsenal to convince us why we should continue with our destructive ways (I’ve been in such situations with so-called intellectuals, and it’s exasperating) So, I stopped arguing, I mean, I never started the arguments anyway, but you know what I mean 🙂 and I live my life the best I can, doing my best to be in harmony with nature, live and eat cruelty-free, and avoid plastics as much as I can.

    I hope that more people will read your article.

    • Sylvie

      Christine, Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love how you live! I would directly swap with you, getting out of this kind of civilization. For me, living in tune with nature is what I desire, and I can imagine how you live. Beautiful, Christine! We have to reach many people to rethink their lifestyle! Thank you very much for your support!:)

  • Deepshikha Bhagat

    People need to learn to develop the right mindset towards consumption. There is a need to redefine the idea of ‘Luxury’. People need to understand the importance of making a choice between unmindful consumption and responsible consumption. Your article makes a very beautiful case for combining the values of both the modern and the old world. There is an urgent need to maintain a good balance between the both, in all areas of human life.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much, Deepshikha! Yes, you are very right. We need to redefine the idea of Luxury. I think it is not necessary to consume so many things and overproduce them. It is better to be happy with a few items. We need to relearn to be content without having so many possessions. I appreciate you very much your comment!:)

  • Bikram Pratap Singh

    Hallo Ms. Sylvie ,

    Greetings of the day ,

    I must say its a beautiful article and gives a real true insight on us humans as a species . Well , yes life is all about evolving and an ongoing process of experiences , Unlearning and learning and doing lots of self retrospection . Human nature has been evolving from time immemorial and we are still on the journey ….and our choices on every aspects of life which reflect our innermost beings . Life is all about peace and happiness and every individual irrespective of the geographical map or from different descents has it own definition of finding that ….which can be based on choices they pick to live a life to get to that peace and happiness . However , in this unique and beautiful journey called life they transgress on mother nature , which has its own ways to convey us of the outcomes which are evident in todays fast changing materialism and other idiosyncrasy towards this new world order , i wonder if somehow we all as human race could somehow come together on certain basic old age golden principles of life as so well defined in your article , the world definetly would be a beautiful place to breathe , live , eat , Pray , play and we could in perfect harmony all together .

    Loved your article Sylvie …… hope to read more and cherish your ideology on life and living .

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment! We need more people like you! The way you describe our journey on this beautiful earth is like a love letter to mother nature. I hope so much to reach more people, and if you like, please feel free to share my articles.
      Thank you again! Stay healthy, and keep up your beautiful thoughts! 🙂

  • Hannie

    A few weeks ago I listed a lot of things I can add to my present way of sustainable living. After all, we can always do better, can’t we? So one thing I have added is putting the showerhead in a watering can until the water is warm. I can’t believe I didn’t think earlier of such a simple solution. I read it somewhere in a comment.

    If we add a few things time and again, instead of wanting to completely change what we do, it’s quite manageable to handle.
    If we feel good, it’s easier to stick to changes. After all, people hate changes, it’s in our genes. 🙂

    I can recommend everybody to list what you already do in a sustainable way. I am sure you’ll surprise yourself, which will motivate you even more.

    Thanks, Sylvie, and all the best.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment, Hannie! You are right; I learned to keep water watching patients of mine while they shower. They collect water in a bucket as well to avoid wasting precious water. We learn so much by exchanging thoughts and ideas.
      We try to do a lot avoiding of waste and natural resources but certainly could do more.
      Thank you, Hannie, great ideas!:)

  • Henk van Dijkhuizen

    Heel goed artikel!! Het is goed de zelfkant van onze moderne wereld te zien. We denken dat we steeds gelukkiger worden als we meer en meer kunnen kopen en dat we steeds gemakkelijker kunnen leven. Maar we zien niet dat ons zogenaamd makkelijker en luxe leven ons compleet verstrikt in een stressvol leven, waardoor we ziek worden en waarbij we steeds meer en meer het gevoel hebben van alles te moeten, maar langzaamaan niet meer weten waar we mee bezig zijn.

    De generaties die opkwamen direct na de tweede wereldoorlog, hebben misschien het idee gehad dat zij nog dicht aan de grens van de armoede leefde, maar zij waren veel meer bezig met de basis zaken van het leven. Namen het leven veel eenvoudiger en leefde dichter bij de natuur.
    Ook was er meer discipline en een groter verantwoordingsgevoel.

    Laten we de oude en nieuwe wereld samenvoegen waarbij we niet alleen kijken naar wat beter kan, maar ook wat we op een duurzame manier kunnen hergebruiken, om zodoende onze planeet niet verder te belasten, maar helpen te herstellen. Waar blijft onze verantwoording voor de planeet.
    Zijn we aan het zagen aan de tak waar we zelf op zitten

    • Sylvie

      Dankjewel Henk voor jouw comment! Ja, ik denk echter dat wij aan het zagen zijn, met zekerheid! Het is zo makkelijk in twee werelden te leven, en van beide het beste te pikken, maar duurzaam te leven. Waarom niet zo leven dat de planet weer bijkomen kan, en alles leven daarop!

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