bench and table snow covered in a garden

My Winter Fairy Garden- Covered With Snow

I have already written about my little fairy garden and by having been asked to continue the fairy garden stories, I decided to write about my winter fairy garden.

We seldom have snow in winter due to climate change, but this time in February, it snowed very much, about 30 cm the whole day, and everything is covered with snow. It is a beautiful picture. I can’t get enough observing this beautiful white cover.

Temperatures are freezing, and the weather forecast has proclaimed that we will get shallow temperatures, even during the day. They talked about minus 20 * C at night, so I have to prepare my garden to protect it from frost. I love my plants, and I have an Oleander in the garden that doesn’t like such temperatures.

Caring For My Plants

When they said we would get much snow and low temperatures, my husband and I went to the only open garden center to get materials to cover the plants. We got some hoods of different sizes that we can close using a zip, convenient and easy to do. I also bought some felt to wrap them before I cover them with the hood. My winter fairy garden- covered with snow

I am worried that my beautiful Oleander( Nerium) that flowers in summer so extensively will not survive these temperatures.

They can easily survive minus 6 *C, but lower degrees could be problematic. I don’t want to lose it.

We took the felt and wrap it around the plant several times, finally covering it with the hood. When the temperatures are going down, we will also cover it with a wool blanket to prevent it from freezing.

I have more plants they might not like the low temperatures, so we wrapped them too and covered each of them with a hood. Hoping we had done everything we could, we have to wait now how it is going.

The climate has changed so much that we mostly get winters where the temperatures are not falling any further than minus 3 * C.

That is the reason I see many people having Mediterranean plants in their gardens. Me too! But if we get a winter like this one, it is important to cover these plants.

Mediterranean plants are lovely in summer, flowering in the most beautiful colors. They give the garden another design!

Snow Covers My Winter Fairy Garden

Saturday, we have prepared our garden for the snow to come. When I got up on Sunday morning, everything was covered in a white blanket, and still, it was snowing. A peaceful, beautiful scenery overtook the garden, something I would have loved to sense on Christmas day.

crocus in snowIt has been chaos on the streets in the whole country, people driving careful over the streets.

Parents with children playing in the snow, having so much fun, children who don’t really know much snow, now screaming and playing with much enthusiasm in the snow. What a lovely picture!

My garden radiated a picture of deep peace, hitting my heart, remembering my youth where my father went with us through the deep snow.

These pictures remind the strong, freezing winters we had experienced as children these days. It has been a beautiful memory of my father playing with us in the snow.

These moments will never come back, giving me a thankful heart of having had these moments with my father, telling me to live every moment fully conscious and with a content heart.

There I stood at the window observing the snow dancing through the air, creating this beautiful white blanket of peace reflecting my heart. God is in everything; nature reflects Him as well.

Feeding My Little Friends -The Birds

a bullfinch eating from a hanging bowl in winterWhen everything is covered, little birds have a hard time. My heart bleeds seeing them desperately looking to find something to eat.

Every autumn, I start to fix the bird’s feeding houses to the walls and to set up the birds’ house in the back of my garden. My little friends are already used to me feeding them daily.

It is a beautiful time of the year, watching birds which are normally staying in the forest. But when the season is changing, they come towards the people’s houses, looking for food.

Many people feed the birds, especially older people who stay at home most time, enjoying the company of the different birds, and the squirrels.

On these snowy cold days, the little friends need a lot of food, seeds, and fat. Every morning 6 blackbirds are waiting for me to put their favorite peanut butter on the place and oat, raisins, and berries in fat. They are all male and fighting each other; even there is enough food for all of them. I enjoy different doves, many finches, robins, titmouse, and sparrows. It is so lovely to see them all together.

I have ordered food online for them, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I needed to get back to the garden center, buying birdseed. Coming home and putting the seeds up into the houses, many birds welcomed me with their beautiful voices, thanking me for saving them, and my heart jumped joyfully! This makes my day!

Sleeping Winter Fairy Garden

Today the sun is shining and gives the blanket a beautiful light. It has stopped snowing, but it is still icy. The sunlight is already early spring. If I wouldn’t see the snow, I have the feeling I could already sit in my chair outside, enjoying the warm sunlight in a protected corner.

But this is an illusion! 

Temperatures are still below zero, and dropping down to minus 15 in the night, and minus 7 during the day, doesn’t feel warm. My fairy garden looks so beautiful with its sleeping plants covered in their pajamas and their white bedlinen, waiting on the sun finishing their sleep, whispering it is time to wake up, dressing in a beautiful green gown, decorated with lovely accessories in different colors.

blossom in spring

Oh, I love that time to come soon, spring with all the birds singing, the flowers and plants growing and changing. Feeling the sun shining on my body, giving me the signal to live life to the fullest.

I hope that lockdown and Covid 19 will disappear, and we have our lives back, starting a new chapter this year.

I watch the snow and let my mind travel to regain my free feeling having the possibility to go where we desire to go. Being able to revisit my mother is my deepest wish. There will be a way!

Final Thoughts

The beauty of winter is finally visible in my garden in all its greatness, and enjoying the peaceful scenery, I feel in my heart it is time now for the next season, spring.

I feel that winter can pass, waiting on spring to arrive. My beautiful garden covered under a snowy blanket is a lovely picture of winter’s peace; I love to see my little friends who are grateful to be fed through this cold time of the year.

But my heart longs for sunshine and warmth, finishing of winter season and spring to arrive. My heart longs for the freedom of visiting a cafe or restaurant, being able to travel again, sitting somewhere with other people enjoying the sun and life.

How do you feel about winter and spring? Do you have a garden to enjoy all the beauty? Are you fed up with lockdown and Covid 19? Do you long for spring and sun to come?

I would love to hear from you, what you think, or what you feel?

All the Best,



  • Hannie

    There sure has fallen a lot of snow over there! I saw some similar pictures of my sister-in-law. When we left the Netherlands 3 years ago it also snowed. Not as much by the looks of your photo, but still, it was a huge 20 cm. We had planned on leaving in the middle of the night because Tom likes to drive at night when the roads are quiet. But changed our plans when we discovered we couldn’t leave our driveway in a simple way.

    Those were a couple of scary moments, slipping and sliding, and almost bumping into the fence. Phew. It lasted until the North of France before there was no snow anymore.

    It is so sweet of you to feed the birds. Do you make fat balls yourself? Funny that they act like cats being fed at the same time every day. 🙂

    Can’t you cover the oleander with straw or something like that? It would be such a pity if it would die. Plants are amazing. Sometimes you think there is no more life in them and then in the spring, new leaves are there. On our walks, we pass a lot of almond trees and one of them looked quite dead. It blooms indeed later than the others, but when we passed it yesterday it looked absolutely gorgeous.

    So don’t despair. 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, the snow was so much, and it was freezing; we hadn’t this for a long time. Amazing! But I am fed up, wish it is becoming spring now. And it is getting warmer. Today is the first day towards spring! Wonderful! 🙂
      I feed my birds every year, and they are already used to it. It is beautiful to see when 6 blackbirds are sitting on my peach tree waiting for me to feed them. I love that, and I am grateful for every animal I have saved through the winter.
      Tomorrow I am going to uncover my oleander, and I will see if it has survived! I hope so much, even have covered it with a sleeping bag. 🙂

  • Andrea

    I’m in Canada so we’re accustomed to a lot of snow, especially in February. But there’s definitely a quiet, soothing beauty to winter and you got a chance to witness it.
    Mindfulness emerges when we are in nature, that’s for sure! And each season brings something special.
    Bless your heart for feeding the birds!

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment, Andrea! Yes, winter is a beautiful quiet time, and I believe you have a real winter with much snow in Canada! I would love to witness it one day. I love the birds! 🙂 Thank you very much!

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