• a mountain lake

    The Beauty of Air- Let’s Take a Deep Breath

    Air is an essential element; without it, we die within one minute. The beauty of air- let’s take a deep breath, is about the quality of natural fresh, beautiful air which energizes and restores our cells within minutes. We need to breathe clean air; otherwise, we get many toxic substances into our respiratory tract that inflames our lungs. The body needs oxygen for its cells. In the lungs, there is an exchange of used air, carbon dioxide,  with a new oxygen-rich perspective that, added to the iron in the red blood cells, will be transported to every cell into our body. In contrast, used air high in carbon dioxide will…

  • autumn allee

    The Golden Time of the Year- Beautiful Autumn

    The golden time of the year is autumn, at least in my country and in the northern hemisphere. The sunlight is covering all nature in a beautiful golden light, warm and fascinating. It is the time of the year I love to go hiking or just walking through the forest; it is still warm, but not too much, the ideal weather for walking and sitting in the woods drinking our coffee. Everything is orange, red, brown and yellow, beautiful nature. Autumn in the Netherlands We are so blessed in the Netherlands because autumn is the most beautiful time of the year with its beauty of light, the golden time of…

  • a bumblebee on a thistle

    Living a Sustainable Lifestyle- RefurbishedProducts

    Living a sustainable lifestyle is not that difficult because wherever you live, you can make adjustments. If you have read my posts on my natural health site, you will have learned that I love everything natural; nature, moving, food. There is so much we can do without leaving much waste behind. I buy my vegetables and fruits in an organic shop or market, and I try to purchase only organic meat, knowing where it comes from and how these animals have died. For me, it is essential to know. But I have to admit that I have also not given a thought to the idea of living healthy and sustainable…

  • water drop

    The Beauty of Water- Crystals of Life

    Water is an element, expressed chemically as H2O, that stores information. The beauty of water has many faces, sometimes quiet and peaceful, but also deep and unfathomable, sometimes wild moving, making a beautiful sound passing stones. The sea is also a beautiful medium where its water can be warm and caring and deep and cold, showing its unique life. We all know how it feels sitting on the beach stretched out in the sand, periodically covered by the sea’s waves, coming and going. Matched with the beautiful, life-giving sun, it is an experience reviving and relaxing you simultaneously. I come from Northern Germany knowing what I am talking about because…

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    Sustainable Living

    How to Save Money on the Energy Bill?

    This article contains affiliate links! If you click on the links and purchase a product, I get a small commission without any additional costs for you! Please, read my affiliate disclosure! It is sure; energy costs are rising! How to save money on the energy bill while having a comfortable, warm house in winter? We all love a cozy home, and in wintertime, when we have been outdoors or working, we love to come into a warm place. Nowadays, it is so easy to warm up your house while you are still at work. You can use a smartphone app that connects to your devices and heating system and use…

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    Sustainable Living

    Sustainable Farming is the New Way!- Save the Planet!

    Is sustainable farming the new way? Or do our governments think differently? For me, I feel with the farmers who have worked for our food for many years. They have been under political pressure since the European Union has formed. Farmers couldn’t make it right and have lost a lot of money; even they have received subsidies. The laws, rules, restrictions have made it nearly impossible for them to work right. I believe politics shouldn’t have anything to do with farming. Farmers do best to change to a sustainable, non-toxic way of agriculture, with no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. Let us dive into the disaster the politicians have caused.…

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    Sustainable Living

    The Beauty of The Earth!

    How beautifully made is our planet? The beauty of the Earth is breathtaking! The different landscapes, the sea, the mountains, the countries, the continents are so beautiful. Now we all suffer from the pollution Big Industry and Big Pharma are causing, but we, as the world’s population, pay for them and suffer. Look at the natives living in the Amazon region. They suffer violation, destruction of their environment, and death because we, the consumers, are responsible for buying products that destroy our beautiful Earth. Point! You and I must stop consuming and rethink other possibilities to save these people and their environment. Our Planet, Mother Earth When I was a…

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    Sustainable Living

    How to Travel Sustainable – Glamping is the Hit

    At this time, it is essential to travel sustainably, decreasing our carbon footprint, and doing everything to support the environment. How to travel sustainable, well glamping is a kind of possibility to spend beautifully relaxed holidays. Normally, my husband and I rent a house or apartment using Airbnb. We love this and have had great experiences in Praha, Czechia, and Denmark. Because of my food allergies, I prefer to have my own kitchen to cook my special healthy meals. I eat anyway very much raw vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Glamping is a great idea and, even for people like me, a great experience. I can still cook and eat my…

  • a crystal ball

    The Beauty of Sustainability!

    Sustainability is a new topic, but it is so essential for us and the world. The beauty of sustainability leads me back to my youth. We had not much, but the consumption already began to develop having a face. The development of exploitation already had arrived, greediness, desire to have more, and more.   People could suddenly buy everything, they were consumers, and still, there was so much to receive and develop, no end in sight. But nowadays, the earth is after decades have passed, violated, raped, exploited, exhausted by the world population who has drowned her in consumption, leaving developing countries in poverty, in a huge amount of waste,…

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    Sustainable Living

    Your Health Matters-Toxic Free Fashion!

    In these times, it is so important to live sustainably. Your health matters – toxic free fashion is a topic close to my heart. There are still so many people buying intoxicated materials, from clothing to furniture, from cars to household products, not thinking about the devastating effects on their health and their children’s health. There is no area left where Big Industry is not producing cheap products containing many chemicals that have a hazardous effect on your hormones and cells. When you are ill because of your toxic interior, clothing, cars, and food, you go to the doctor and receive even more health-wrecking medication from Big Pharma. The food…