The Art of Living a Free Lifestyle


The Art of Living a Free Lifestyle!

When I was young, I always felt pressure on myself. I had to take on so many responsibilities; I could hardly breathe.

Maybe that is a reason that many young people have  Asthma. The pressure to be educated is so enormously huge that young people already suffer burnout. Parents asked so much of their children because society has become a pressure. The statistics show that many young people can’t function without a certain level of drugs in their blood. They are living at high speed.

When I was a teenager, we had to walk or take a bicycle to visit and see our friends. We had no smartphones. And so life has been quieter. I had enough time to walk barefoot to the city center and back home. I loved that. That was my freedom. Otherwise, there has been a lot of pressure in finding the right future profession, following the training in nursing school, knowing already that I have picked the wrong profession for me. I needed to be free, an artist, creative, that is the moment I can breathe and feel free!

woman sitting beside a lake

To live and to breathe free!

a peaceful scenery, with a calm water, forest and a lake, zen atmosphere