The Beauty of Colors

The Beauty of Colors


I love colors!

Do you love them too? 

The beauty of color is our fantastic world. Knowing some people love black, even though their houses’ interior is black, I can’t warm up for black maybe because it doesn’t suit me at all.

a woman dressed in a red dress in front of a small waterfall coming down a graphit grey wall

It is the business color, but grey and dark blue are looking more classic. I would always go for them.

People are so different when it comes to colors, and I love reading magazines where you can find new inspiration in designing your home or your wardrobe.

My girlfriends are very much in colors and designing their homes. I think this is entirely normal as a woman. If you are a classic or modern person, colors play an essential role in designing your home and choosing the right car or clothes.

We love colors! You see many colors in some cultures, for example, in India where women wear these beautiful saris. In the Caribbean, people love to wear color, or in Africa, you see gorgeous women in their traditional clothing.

It gives our world a lively expression.

two benches in autumn in the park covered with orange red leaves


interior design, in red and brown, chair island