The Beauty of Light

The Beauty of Light


To show the beauty of the light is also art for me. You create something like a beautiful glass or a lamp, maybe a painting pointing to a reflection, or you use a camera to catch nature’s light; it is an act of art for me. Light has always attracted me, sunlight playing on the water or in the leaves of a tree, in the forest, or the eyes of a person. Light is beautiful!

My heart jumps if I see all the beauty around me. I love to walk and capture what I observe. In this manner, I take many pictures with the camera on my mobile. To see them reminds me of God’s beautiful creation. He is Light; there is no shadow in Him.

light on a bridge, covered with moss

Light in all its facets is beautiful! In Light is the Truth!


light coming through trees hitting the stree

Light in the dark forest hitting a street!