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Small Houses-Great Houses and Full Comfort

Small houses-great houses and full comfort


Small houses-great houses and full comfort seem to be a trendy development these days.

They come originally from the States of America, and worldwide, people love to spend their holidays in such a house. These tiny houses’ comfort and sustainability make them a well-desired object, certainly in Europe, where people love to spend their holidays in a “glamping place” instead of a camping place.

Glamping means between ” glamorous and camping,” where people can live, for example, in a small house with everything they need, kitchen, bathroom, and a living room with television for the evening.

It amazes me how beautiful and practical these houses are decorated.

In the Netherland, where the cities are overcrowded, and a piece of land is too expensive to afford for many people, buying a tiny house might be a good alternative.

The same for the prices for homes and apartments in German cities, which have increased so much that many people, especially families with children and single persons, can’t pay the increasing living costs.

In a real estate magazine, I have read about the trend towards buying or renting a tiny house where people still have all comfort and luxury but affordable living costs. Maybe that is a solution for the near future. Combined with sustainable, organic materials, these houses will be for sure healthier to live in.

Living sustainability and comfortably made me think about building a practical house, well-designed with a new kitchen, bathroom, sleeping room, and living room, enough space for one or two people.

Nearby our house there is a recreational park where you can rent such small houses, which look charming. I fell in love with the idea of living small, owning only a few things instead of a stuffed home. In the Netherlands, they build tiny houses mainly for seniors, but they are often not beautiful houses, but old and outdated.

Are Small Houses the Trend of 2021?

white tiny house with veranda


I don’t think so!

People are still trying to buy houses with much space; families with more than two children will not be able to move into a small house consisting of one bedroom and a living room. Possessing many pieces of furniture and a complete household, they will not move into tiny houses.

But we never know what the future brings, and by observing the signs of this time, couples or single persons are well interested in buying smaller homes. However, the desire to live in an apartment is still very dominant.

The luxury, well-designed interior of small houses will finally find many fans. The bathroom and kitchen are well equipped in the newest design and colors, still kept practical.

There is enough storage space available behind the walls of the bedroom, designed as a wardrobe.

It is a good idea to sort out the rubbish most people collect throughout their lives.

We have enough, do you not agree?

I have seen so many houses where older people live, stuffed with things they don’t use and need.

My husband likes to collect and keep things, while I want to sort out and give away items. That is sometimes quite a problem.

The kitchen is integrated into the living room in many tiny houses, whereby the television is fixed to the wall. Everything is solved practically but also beautifully.

Bigger houses are still available, having more rooms makes them a great home for people who love to have lots of space. I love to have freedom, but I can downsize my living space without a problem.

Enough Space to Live and to Be

livingroom in a tiny house


If you think about what you need to have for a living, I am pretty much sure you need less than you can imagine. Why do we have such a full wardrobe or cupboard? Because we are the generation coming from parents who have survived the 2.world war as children and had literally nothing left. Being in their twenties, they dreamt of a house, family and possession, and pension scheme.

I am the next generation who has learned the same, studying to pay the living costs and working for the pension scheme is becoming an outdated model. Young people will work fewer hours and earn more money nowadays, and they love to work from their homes.

We will not receive the pension the way our parents have received it, so we must rethink our world and save money for our retirement later. It is reality!

The possibilities are broad; working online will create a good income and be a future business opportunity.

But many of my generations are still caught in their upbringing, fearful waiting for the government to take care of them.

I have friends who have already lived from social welfare for years, not taking responsibility for their lives by planning the future. This is not good!

The younger people have the advantage that they know there will be no pension for them anymore, but being too young to think about their retirement, is undoubtedly a disadvantage for the young people.

Wishing to live life to its fullest, experiencing adventures, traveling to other countries, making their own mistakes is important to grow up.

There are many countries where people don’t get any social welfare or a pension scheme, so they have to look for work and save money.

Family is essential to survive as an older person depending on the younger family members earning money and taking care of them.

Traveling a lot, I have seen countries where a big family lives in one or two rooms and a family mostly consists of parents, grandparents, and many children. Do you think this is possible? Yes, it is!

I don’t say that people in developed countries shall live in small houses as a family, but I really think that in overcrowded countries like the Netherlands a tiny house has its future. And I believe that is economical and practical a right decision.

In some countries like Ireland, in Dublin, young people are living together in a rented house. The reason is the high living costs of this country. Every person has her/his own bedroom, but they still share a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and social life.

In a tiny house, you have got a complete home with your own interior. However, buying one is not cheap, even they are small, at least in the Netherlands.

In the Forest

woman in a wood house in winter

In the Netherlands, the small houses are mainly in recreational parks, and they are mostly for tourists renting them for their holidays. Where I live, there is a huge forest surrounding us, the Veluwse Nationalpark.

I believe these parks will also be for permanent living soon, but for now, you are not allowed to live there, but as a tourist for some weeks while spending your holidays.

Nevertheless, I know several people who already live permanently in a park. We did it because the estate agent told us we are allowed to live there permanently. It was a lie for their profit.

It is a great feeling and atmosphere to live in the forest listening to all the nature’s voices, like having holidays forever.

We had to leave because the municipality of the city where we live has threatened with a fine. So we left our little paradise, being sad.

The small houses are standing in the recreational parks for tourists to rent, and they are very wanted.

Divorced women or men desire these houses, relaxing and trying to recover their emotional wounds. They often have no other possibility to find a home where they can stay for a while.

Sustainability is the new lifestyle! And I welcome this lifestyle very much. If you can live a financially free life and love traveling, you can rent such houses in many countries in Europe. Completely equipped with everything you need, they are also relatively affordable to rent in Europe.

Small House- Great House- Big Garden

tiny house in the forest, woman with black hat sitting in front of the house


A significant advantage of building a small house is the space left for creating a beautiful garden. The newly built homes in the Netherlands have hardly any room for a garden where bees, bumblebees, and birds can live.

Why not building a small house with several big windows, experiencing the freedom of living outdoors?

For me a great feeling to have many gardens surrounding my house I can connect with through the big windows.

In summer, I can leave the door open listening to all the insects, birds, and frogs, telling me how happy they are, living in such a beautiful garden.:) I am dreaming!

In winter sitting next to my open fireplace while staying inside, I am still connected with my garden, watching the birds eating seeds and fat balls from the feeding place.

For me, it is heaven on earth to live close to nature where I can experience the peace and relaxation of a natural place.

People living in overcrowded cities will try to spend quality time in nature by buying or renting houses at a recreational park to spend some days renewing their energy.

In the Netherlands, it is a trend to get out of the city for three or four days to experience a relaxing time in nature, staying in a park, hiking, or cycling.

I believe that these small houses are the future houses, that this trend will prevail. Sustainability and comfort might be what people desire, but combined with nature is indeed very desirable.

Final Thoughts

Small houses designed for comfort and sustainability are the new lifestyle trend. People will not burden themselves with the many things they don’t need but will feel free of the heavy load they have piled up in their life.

Big houses are still needed for families, but single persons or couples might not wishing to live anymore in a big house. Small is trendy with a big garden around the house for the insects and birds, maybe for a vegetable garden living a self-supporting life.

The houses own every comfort we need for our daily living; little energy is needed to keep them warm, making them the future trend in sustainability and comfort.

What do you think about small houses? Do you have heard about them? Have you ever lived in a tiny house, or do you know someone living in such a place? I would love to hear your comments!

All the best,



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  • Nina

    I have always been in favor of smaller houses (perhaps because I live with my family in a big house, and such a house is difficult to manage in terms of all the work, repairs, improvements, and the like). However, as a student, I lived in a small wooden house that looked like a fairy tale.
    I like small houses that are spatially functionally arranged because, despite their small size, they provide everything you need.
    However, I agree with you that they are not the most suitable for families. They are suitable for older couples or single people. And a big trend for modern tourism, glamping tourism has become a very popular holiday option in recent years also in our country.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Sylvie

      Hi Nina, Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, small houses are comfortable and very often very luxury designed. You have everything you need, but it is too small for a family. A big house needs to be maintained very much, which I don’t want anymore. If you can’t do it yourself, someone has to come and repair it. It can be quite pricy. We have lived in big houses, but space is becoming a rare and expensive thing here in the Netherlands. The sustainability of small houses is a great accomplishment! 

      Blessings, Sylvia

  • Hannie

    When we planned to leave the Netherlands we had to decide what to do with all our stuff. And having had a business the both of us, and a big house, you can imagine we had lots of it! The plan was to travel for a year. So what did we need that year and could fit in the car? And we hired storage of 24 m3. Everything that wouldn’t fit into the storage, we would sell, give or throw away.

    That was a very interesting exercise. And as you experienced, we were thinking a bit differently about what had to stay and what had to go. 🙂

    And you are right, we can do with a lot less than we presume. The Tiny House movement is amazing to keep an eye on. I saw a foldable wooden house the other day. Beautiful! All you need is a piece of land with water and a sewer.

    I guess, with you living in several countries, have also made decisions several times about what to keep?

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, Thank you very much for your comment! I had to laugh because I experienced the same when I moved to Ireland and later to the Netherlands. I took everything fitting in my car with me, the rest I sold or have given away—the same on my way to the Netherlands. I had no storage at all.
      The Tiny Houses are so lovely! I could easily live there, but my husband has so much stuff and can’t get rid of it. I can imagine that you both have experienced the same! 🙂 😉

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