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Sustainable Farming is the New Way!- Save the Planet!

Is sustainable farming the new way? Or do our governments think differently?

For me, I feel with the farmers who have worked for our food for many years. They have been under political pressure since the European Union has formed. Farmers couldn’t make it right and have lost a lot of money; even they have received subsidies. The laws, rules, restrictions have made it nearly impossible for them to work right. I believe politics shouldn’t have anything to do with farming. Farmers do best to change to a sustainable, non-toxic way of agriculture, with no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones.

Let us dive into the disaster the politicians have caused.

Farmers in Danger

Farmers in the Netherlands will have a challenging future. The government is thinking of expropriating farmers on a mass scale, everything in the name of climate change. But they are lying, as usual, the real agenda is not to improve the climate but to create more space to build more houses for the migrating people. Of course, these people need a place where they can live, but not at the cost of the environment and people.

Sustainable farming is the new way!
Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

It is devastating what they do to their own country and people. I am not Dutch, but my husband is Dutch, and we are living here. I observe that the politicians do not mind their own people’s needs, but it seems they hate them, follow the EU, and even worse, the globalists where the European counsel belongs to. Since I live in the Netherlands, they have never thought to do anything for their own country but create misery for the population, vice-minister-president  Balkenende, and today’s minister-president Rutte.

Farmers are in danger of losing their life work while the population is paying the price. I have no idea why the population is keeping these politicians up. Instead, I would suspect that they would hinder them from creating more harm. They have elected them as representatives of their needs, but these politicians have failed, again and again.

At present, it is normal for politicians to lie and betray!

In the name of climate change, the politicians will dispossess these farmers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut off the organically working farmers first. Why? Because nothing they do is in the name of climate change, but the industry that has the lobby. It is the way it works these days. But of course, I might be wrong! There is so much information on the internet that our heads get dizzy!

The farmer who has done everything to provide us with food, keeping the rules and the law, is now the one to pay the price. But we need to stay together in solidarity and support our local farmers, purchasing food via them.

If the population is supporting them, the lying government can’t win. Let us help them!

How to Help Local Farmers?

Very easy! Visit them, and confirm your support! Try to figure out what we can do for them, meeting each other and making plans. Help them produce organic, sustainable food and support them in selling it on the local markets or farmer’s shops. It might be the only way to be independent of a  government constantly making the wrong decisions, destroying our lives. Let us create assemblies to find a way together. Maybe now is the time to offer support by working on the farm for our food. We need to create a system completely free of the interference of the government. And we can do it!

The government and the royal families are not to be trusted anymore. They make themselves rich on our costs. It is we who need to create a system near their system, staying together in solidarity. Don’t you believe this? Keep dreaming! Do you have children and grandchildren? Better take care of their future!

I go to the organic market and buy my food, and it is not more expensive than in the supermarket which belongs to the cooperations that earn a lot of money! Visiting the local markets is the best you can do for your health and the farmers’ income. The industry will never be interested in your health but in your profit.

farming, a field
Photo by Anton Atanasov from Pexels

We need to stop that by supporting our local farmers. They should work more sustainably and organically, so the future will be more healthy for everyone. It has to happen without the government that is not interested in climate. They are marionettes of the cooperations that never have the climate or our well-being in mind. Never!!!!!

I don’t know about other countries, but I would love to know! Please, don’t hesitate, but let me know how you experience your government and treat the farmers. I love our farmers, and we need to support them! We have 27 countries belonging to the European Union, and they need to get out of this false leadership, the only way to survive and keep nationality in the first place, something very precious!

Get Connected!

The only way we can win is by connecting with our farmers. Our farmers take care of our food, and they need our support. We can’t allow Big Industry to take everything over. Even in so-called watchdog organizations, there is so much corruption that will enable or forbid toxic chemicals in pesticides and herbicides. Scientists can’t stop high-toxic substances from entering the markets because they will get punished when they don’t sign the papers. The money has corrupted top managers in such organizations.

Watch the video! Haha, it is so funny but true!

The same you can observe in hospitals. It is not the doctor who decides, but the manager who has not studied medicine, and he will always try to earn more money following the orders and payments of Big Pharma. We can’t trust doctors, scientists, the government, or watchdog organizations anymore because it is about profit, nothing more. Our health is not necessary, and indeed not the health of the environment. If someone still thinks that our authorities want to protect us, I must laugh! Hahahaha!!!

They possess the lobby, the money, the operations that are controlling our governments and watchdogs.

Since we entered the European Union, our farmers experienced enormous pressure from all the laws and rules, making it difficult to work correctly and earn money. They had to use pesticides and herbicides or antibiotics and hormones for their animals. Restrictions and regulations have pressured them to feed particular food to their animals because they can’t exist if they work organically and sustainably, feeding the Big Industry. The EU has made it very difficult for European farmers or nearly impossible to earn savings. Many farmers have created high debts because they had to buy better machines or extend their stables and fields to livelihood. So, I believe they are so desperate to burn down their stables with hundreds of animals. It is so sad! I am sure they don’t want this to happen, but pressured by the government and their regulations; they think they have no other choices.

a farmer on a harvest machine
Photo by Jannis Knorr from Pexels

Luckily more farmers are rethinking their way of farming and adapt to sustainable and organic agriculture. But with the takeover of their fields, they will be thrown into nonactivity and depression. Of course, they will receive money from the governments that we have to pay for, but I don’t know if this is enough. Farmers love their animals, fields, and life; even it is so difficult for them.

I have so much respect for their knowledge and way of life.

And what are the plans of the government to give back these fields to nature? No, surely not! They will build houses on these fields for the immigrants. So, they are not dispossessing the farmers to stop climate change. Big Lie!!!

Since the building of the EU, we have had so many hidden agendas and corruption.

It is time to contact others and connect so that our countries will not be exploited. If governments created plans to make the areas more sustainable and healthy, restoring nature would be different. Do you trust your government? 

However, why do they not help the farmers to reduce their animals and work on a sustainable, organic way of farming so that the environment and health will improve? I believe the reason is that they don’t earn any money from healthy people and environments. We have to be kept unhealthy. Big Pharma, Big Mafia has written the course! Shame on them!

Sustainable Farming is the New Way

We need to stop the governments from exploiting plans, all in the name of climate change or the people’s health. It is a lie, and they are lying and betraying their people for the profit of few cooperations that will never want to stop earning massive money. I am sure the pocket money of the ministers of our government is not small.

When we stop consuming so many products and make sustainable choices visiting local shops and farms and the organic markets, we would stop the palm industry from burning huge forests or the chemical industry from intoxicating our environment. We can choose how to build up our health and not consume patented medications to help Big Pharma profit. It is up to us to remodel our lives and environments.  It is time to elect a government representing their people and country, not the Big Mafia.

This was in 2016. Can you imagine how much forest has been destroyed till now?

I wouldn’t even be surprised if the government tries to dispossess the organic, sustainable working farms because they are a thorn in the eyes of the Big Industry. I hope that my presumption is wrong. We need our local organically working farmers very much, for the environment is indispensable for our health.

The bumblebee is already on the list for disappearing life on the planet. In the Netherlands, many people do very much for insects and the environment. Organic, sustainable fields contain many wildflowers where bees, butterflies, and other insects can live and multiply. These fields are so essential for them! And these insects are crucial for us! It seems that politicians don’t understand!

Different organizations, as well as private people, are trying to support these insects. But if farmers are also working with pesticides and herbicides close to sustainable farmers, it is a Sysiphus situation, still killing many insects. It is time to stop using pesticides and return to biological natural pest control, the only way to improve our soil, water, air, and insect population.

Bayer has to pay a huge fine!

However, this summer, my garden is such a paradise for insects. I notice bees I have never seen before since I thoroughly mix my plants with wild plants. It looks beautiful and is essential for bees and butterflies, certainly because, in our neighborhood, we are only a few people who have also used wildflowers in our gardens. I would love to have more sunny days for the bees and us! 🙂

Education needs to come to tell people what to do to improve our environment. My neighbor has used a very toxic substance to clean the terrace, and a beautiful American sering is suffering very much from this treatment because this toxin went into the ground where the tree has its roots. Unfortunately, so many stupid people don’t connect the dots and what damage their actions can cause.

Final Thought

Sustainable farming should be the new way to improve our environment and our health. Farmers should receive subsidies to be able to work biological and sustainable. I would instead want my tax money to go to the farmers than to the Bill Gates Foundation, which is only interested in his profit. The Dutch government pays 320 Million euros, our tax money, to the Bill Gates Foundation every year, and this is not right! They should instead support our farmers to work on and create sustainable organic fields. Cows that live according to their nature are not a burden for our planet. Instead, receiving the wrong food that inflames their stomachs creates lots of air in their intestines.  Healthy animals are not a burden to our environment. I also think that farmers should have fewer animals, keep them in the fields, not only covered with grass, but also with wildflowers, the way it used to be decades ago. Our fields have to recover, becoming a home for birds, small mammals, cows, and insects. Nature must recover!

I would love to hear from you, especially from other countries, to learn what is going on in your country, but all countries are welcome. Please, let us connect!


All the Best,


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