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Svala- Beautiful Sustainable Vegan Handbags and accessories

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Svala- High-Quality Vegan Handbags and Accessories


Founded by Helga Douglas to create beautiful, stylish, versatile pieces of handbags that are animal-friendly and produced sustainably, is Svala a child of this time.  Helga made a line of luxury, vegan handbags and accessories handcrafted in LA from premium, European, innovative fabrics. In 2019, Svala was a nominee for the Eluxe Magazine sustainable luxury Eluxe Awards and in 2020 was awarded Best Vegan Brand of the Year. Still, Svala has been published in several magazines like Vogue and Fashionista.

Helga Douglas,SvalaOriginally from Sydney but now living in Los Angeles, the inspiration for Svala’s name comes from Iceland, where Helga’s mother is from. Svala is an  Icelandic girl’s name, which means swallow in Icelandic.

The swallow bird symbolizes love, loyalty, freedom, and hope in many cultures – everything Helga wanted her brand to stand for. Svala is inspired by Helga’s love of animals and nature, her affinity for the relaxed, colorful feel of Sydney and LA, and the simplicity of Scandinavian design. ( from her website)

Svala stands for high-quality vegan products, handcrafted, a brand focus on sustainability and giving back.

Produced locally in Los Angeles, each Svala handbag is crafted by artisans. Chosen to be a direct-to-customer company allows them to offer you the best of sustainable luxury with a modern approach to pricing and access.

Svala does very much for Organizations that try to stop the illegal wildlife trade and participate in reducing their carbon footprint to help our planet.

Check Out The Beautiful Sustainable Creations!


Made from sustainable cork from Portugal!

Svala vegan cork Gemma backpack purse
Svala vegan Simma Totes


Handcrafted from Italian Vegan Leather!


Svala python vegan tashi crossbody

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