• woman holding a yellow string light and a glass

    The Beauty of Solar Lights inThe Garden.

    This article contains affiliate links! If you click on the links and purchase something, I will get a small commission. This will cover my expenses, and you will not experience any increased costs. Spring has arrived, temperatures are still not warm and not low, so we prepare for the warmth to come in our garden. Having beautiful relaxing days and evenings sitting on our terrace in the garden is so uplifting. Do you know the beauty of solar lights in the garden? I can’t be without them. They are beautiful spots in the darkness and let us experience a lovely summer, listening to the cricket’s sound, smelling the perfume of…

  • white bank in front of a beautiful purple flowering bush

    My Little Fairy Garden- An Oasis of Peace

      Today I will write about my little fairy garden. In these times of Covid 19, it isn’t easy to travel. We have many recreational parks in the Netherlands where you could rent a small house, and relax your mind. I love to do that, and I need it very often because my present job is quite demanding. I just came home from doing my groceries and observed many shops are closed. Poor owners, I thought. There are the supermarkets where people go in and out, wearing a facial mask, but are not really on distance. Why close other shops and making their life a disaster? We could do social…