• crocus i early spring

    The Magic of Spring – Welcome Queen Bumble Bee

    Finally, there is the most favored season of the year, spring. The magic of spring lies in the higher temperatures, the life that is awakening everywhere around us. The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, flowers come up about, and you hear the insects flying, especially the beautiful sound of the bumblebees. The birds are singing; the hedgehogs are waking up. Everything looks bright, waking up from the cold wintertime. I love the spring; I love the warm temperatures, warming me up, the smell of the flowers, and the cute bumblebee queens, which are flying around to get the first nectar and polls for their breed. My little fairy garden…

  • light in a tree
    Sustainable Living

    How to Reduce Carbon- A Deeper Life

    At the moment, the new word that seems to have an exclusive meaning is “Sustainability.” Everything has to be sustainable and “Green” because armies of industries and stakeholders try to establish a new market. First, they and we have exploited the planet. Now they try to make huge profits by leading us in a for them unique market opportunity, ‘ green and sustainable, not that I am against sustainability, you know I am fighting for the Earth. However, they change the market goal and still exploit the planet and us! The industry has been the leading polluter for decades, yes, by now, centuries. And now they want still follow their…

  • Loosdrecht, the Netherlands

    Living Two Worlds- Combine the Modern and the Old Way

    This article is updated! Originally published in June 2021. Why should we want to stop and rethink our lifestyle? Living two worlds, combining the modern and the old-fashioned worlds, is for many people necessary. I know people who can’t find their way in this modern world with all the greediness, the destruction, the noise, the flood of impressions, the consumption, the exploitation of our world. They feel that they can’t escape a world that makes them ill anymore. If you love to live quietly and live in a growing city, you can’t flee the noise. Maybe you think these people are mostly older folks who lived in the older norm.…

  • huge city
    Sustainable Living

    Summer in the City- Use Your Bicycle!-Update!

    Do you love summer? I know many people who actually don’t like the summer, because it is too hot, or they have pollen allergies what I think is really very uncomfortable, to say at least. Summer here in the Netherlands is beautiful but short, so I try to enjoy it very much. If you live in the city, you experience summer differently as someone who lives in the countryside, or close to the sea. Summer in the city, you might get your bicycle out, but maybe you experience problems with breathing? Here in the Netherlands, people cycle very much. The country is mostly flat, not in the south or east,…

  • night in the forest

    The Beauty of Darkness- Day and Night

    This article is updated with information! It is not about the book “the beauty of darkness,” where a terminally ill girl receives visions in the night. This post is about the beauty of darkness and the health effect on all life on Earth. Life on Earth is submitted to cycles, like the circadian cycle, necessary for repairing cells at night while needing light during the day. In former times the sunlight wasn’t darkened by the polluted industrial air. There has been no industry. The sun’s radiation could reach the Earth without any hinder and spent her life-giving warmth to all life on Earth. Nowadays, the air is polluted, and the…

  • living in a greenhouse mansion
    Sustainable Living

    Living Inside A Greenhouse- Sustainable Living

    Wow, I saw a beautiful picture of a Swedish house that was built entirely inside a greenhouse. How to live sustainably by living inside a greenhouse? This picture has impacted me that I did my research to find out what is behind this idea. And I was amazed! Even in the Netherlands, we have brought into reality to combine a house with a greenhouse. This is a beautiful idea of living sustainably and independently. I would certainly be interested in living this way if I had the opportunity. The Swedish House Inside a Greenhouse In colder countries, we suffer from the weather to grow vegetables effectively in wintertime. Now there…

  • Bill Gates' prive jets
    Reflections,  Sustainable Living

    Sustainability – The Carbon Footprint of the Elite

      I have started to place some articles written by Dr. Mercola on my websites because his articles will be deleted after 48 hours due to the censorship Dr. Mercola experiences. It is a pity because his articles are well-researched and trustworthy, a reason that you will find some of his writings on my websites. All credit is given to Dr. Mercola! 1,000 Private Jets Assemble to Execute The Great Reset   Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola   The wealthy elite travel to the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings via a “steady stream” of private planes and helicopters to discuss issues like global sustainability By 2050, it’s estimated that aviation will…

  • autumn allee

    The Golden Time of the Year- Beautiful Autumn

    The golden time of the year is autumn, at least in my country and in the northern hemisphere. The sunlight is covering all nature in a beautiful golden light, warm and fascinating. It is the time of the year I love to go hiking or just walking through the forest; it is still warm, but not too much, the ideal weather for walking and sitting in the woods drinking our coffee. Everything is orange, red, brown and yellow, beautiful nature. Autumn in the Netherlands We are so blessed in the Netherlands because autumn is the most beautiful time of the year with its beauty of light, the golden time of…

  • water drop

    The Beauty of Water- Crystals of Life

    Water is an element, expressed chemically as H2O, that stores information. The beauty of water has many faces, sometimes quiet and peaceful, but also deep and unfathomable, sometimes wild moving, making a beautiful sound passing stones. The sea is also a beautiful medium where its water can be warm and caring and deep and cold, showing its unique life. We all know how it feels sitting on the beach stretched out in the sand, periodically covered by the sea’s waves, coming and going. Matched with the beautiful, life-giving sun, it is an experience reviving and relaxing you simultaneously. I come from Northern Germany knowing what I am talking about because…

  • working on a farm
    Sustainable Living

    Sustainable Farming is the New Way!- Save the Planet!

    Is sustainable farming the new way? Or do our governments think differently? For me, I feel with the farmers who have worked for our food for many years. They have been under political pressure since the European Union has formed. Farmers couldn’t make it right and have lost a lot of money; even they have received subsidies. The laws, rules, restrictions have made it nearly impossible for them to work right. I believe politics shouldn’t have anything to do with farming. Farmers do best to change to a sustainable, non-toxic way of agriculture, with no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones. Let us dive into the disaster the politicians have caused.…