• Loosdrecht, the Netherlands

    Living Two Worlds- Combine the Modern and the Old Way

    Why should we want to stop and rethink our lifestyle? Living two worlds, combining the modern and the old-fashioned worlds, is for many people necessary. I know people who can’t find their way in this modern world with all the greediness, the destruction, the noise, the flood of impressions, the consumption, the exploitation of our world. They have the feeling that they can’t escape anymore a world that makes them ill. If you love to live quietly and live in a growing city, you can’t flee the noise. Maybe you think that these people are mostly older folks who used to live in the older norm. Many young people don’t…

  • crocus i early spring

    The Magic of Spring – Welcome Queen Bumble Bee

    Finally, there is the most favored season of the year, spring. The magic of spring lies in the higher temperatures, the life that is awakening everywhere around us. The sun is shining, temperatures are on the rise, flowers come up everywhere, and you hear the insects flying, especially the beautiful sound of the bumblebees. The birds are singing; the hedgehogs are waking up. Everything looks bright, waking up from the cold wintertime. I love the spring; I love the warm temperatures, warming me up, the smell of the flowers, and the cute bumblebee queens, which are flying around to get the first nectar and polls for their breed. My little…

  • a crystal ball

    The Beauty of Sustainability!

    Sustainability is a new topic, but it is so essential for us and the world. The beauty of sustainability leads me back to my youth. We had not much, but the consumption already began to develop having a face. The development of exploitation already had arrived, greediness, desire to have more, and more.   People could suddenly buy everything, they were consumers, and still, there was so much to receive and develop, no end in sight. But nowadays, the earth is after decades have passed, violated, raped, exploited, exhausted by the world population who has drowned her in consumption, leaving developing countries in poverty, in a huge amount of waste,…