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The Art of Living a Free Lifestyle

How to live a free Lifestyle?

How to live a financially free lifestyle is the question. I would love this lifestyle, and I am working hard to get there. Would you do the same?

The art of Living- Living a free Lifestyle, man sitting on a bridge, looking into a beautiful scenery mountains and lake

How to live a free lifestyle, a financially free lifestyle?

When I was young, I always felt pressure. I had to take on so many responsibilities; I could hardly breathe.

Maybe that is a reason that many young people have  Asthma. The pressure to be educated is so enormously huge that young people already suffer from burnout. Parents asked so much of their children because society has become a pressure. The statistics show that many young people can’t function without a certain drug level in their blood. They are living at high speed. And I read that in Germany health insurances pay for drugs because young people can’t function without them. Hard to believe!

When I was a teenager, we had to walk or take a bicycle to visit and see our friends. We had no smartphones. And so, life has been quieter. I had enough time to walk barefoot to the city center and back home. I loved that. That was my freedom. We had time! But otherwise, there has been a lot of pressure in finding the right future profession, following the training in nursing school, knowing already that I have picked the wrong profession for me, and fulfilling my parents’ expectations.

At the age of 16 years, you don’t know better. You try to meet your parents’ expectations; even you don’t know your own needs and feelings.A hippy woman sitting in the grass playing guitar
It has been in the 80s, and we still followed the Hippie Generation that has started in the ’60s and have fought for our freedom. The young people of this time have tried to get out of the conservative world our parents have come from. There have been quite a lot of fights at home.

I loved to go dancing and go swimming in the Northern Sea with a group of friends at night. Hippy time meant to be free. That was our dream in these times, a beautiful dream, so different from the technical, digital time today.

We loved listening to music from the Stones, David Bowie( my idol at this time), Police, Fleetwood Mac, etc. Do you know Pink Floyd? In the 80s, they came out with “The Wall.” That has been our world.

Today it is completely different! Young people use Computers and Smartphones, following friends on social media, being connected to the world using social media. A lot of social pressure lies on them.

Education means studying at a higher level, studying abroad for a year to visit another school, making working experiences in another country, getting to know other cultures.  If you don’t have such experience, you hardly have a chance. Young people have to know the world, speaking several languages. It is like society asks this of them! Madness? It surely asks for burnouts!

Wait for your Retirement to live a Free Lifestyle?

I grew up, and working 40 hours was normal at this time. Nowadays, many young people already work part-time jobs. They will quality time and not work for a pension scheme that they will never get later when they retire. I understand them very much because politicians are lying to us. I might not see any pension, but the young people in these times will surely not see any money, and not being able to live on that.

I hear many young people saying that they think they will not get any pension anymore. Young people know they are not stupid.

We learned that we have to work for retirement, receiving our monthly pension later. And we still do, even we know it is reduced so often and we will receive less money, not being able to live from the pension.

a old couple travelling hand in hand in a city

Decades ago, when the government in Germany told us that there is not enough money left to pay for all the pensions, we had to fill our own holes, but it was too late. How could I have paid all my monthly payments and still save money for later? No way! Being depending on the government is wrong!

At that moment when they told us to care for ourselves,  I thought, how will I do that, still paying to the state pension scheme and building up my own level of pension from my income as a nurse, so I could later live my life in the freedom of financial security. No way!

This was not to do with the salary I received as a German Nurse. I couldn’t even apply for a house, so little money we earned being a full-time nurse in this country. And the pressure of responsibility? Madness!!!!

Today young people work and know they will not get anything but pay quite an amount for the state pension. What an awkward feeling they can’t escape.

We always had a social society, and the government was thinking for us. So we were used to be taken care of. And we were used to working for our retirement, to have a beautiful time later.

So many people will not reach this beautiful retirement. Having too little money for a living makes retirement a problem and a health strain due to financial poverty. In Germany, the government has plundered the people’s pension so much that most older people receive a pension of around 500 Euros per month. The politicians receive a lifetime pension in a high amount, which is a shame. They need to be ashamed, but they have no conscience. However, the Netherlands is the same!

As a nurse, I have seen many older people who have worked hard for their retirement. Being retired and learned that the partner has become ill; cancer, stroke, or another disease, they finished their dreams of having a free beautiful time together. I told myself that I would not wait for tomorrow but live today. Do we know if we will live tomorrow and be healthy?

I didn’t want that and decided to live life to the fullest as a young woman. So I traveled a lot.  I changed my jobs a lot. Working the night shift made it easy for me to have a good amount of time to travel to my favorite countries.

I love other cultures, so I went to live in Ireland and the Netherlands.

View from Killiney Hill to Dalkey in Dublin,Ireland
View from Killiney Hill to Dalkey in Dublin, Ireland

The cultures are different from each other, and the people are different. I love that!

My dream has always been to live in different countries.

I know many friends who have bought a house, have children, working for the beautiful life they expect in retirement. That is fine, no problems with this. Every person needs to follow their own dreams. But life is not to control! We never know what will happen.

I am a strong believer, and I know we are not in control of our life! We have our desires and needs, our dreams, and this is good because we need dreams to survive the plundering of our countries through the government.

In 2020,  I began to build up an online business, creating my own websites, and being a  member of a beautiful, helpful platform where we get lots of training and help; I have learned so many skills.

This is an international platform where are many older folks, even in their 80’s, building up their online business. I am amazed! They have no or a little pension scheme in their countries, so they have to look for a possibility to add to their income. They have great knowledge, and I learn from them.

If you would love to know more, please, feel free and read my review.

Till now, I knew only older people hiding behind their state pension and the addition they have built up in all their working years. These people will not even want to get in contact with a computer or a Smartphone. But life is a learning process! We need to stay updated with our knowledge. That is my opinion. But of course, every person decides for himself.

Building an Online Business as an Art of Life

I know many people out there have built an online business to fulfill their dream of living a free Lifestyle and make a huge amount of money. Some are so sticky that they spam the internet with their promises about helping you to make lots of money.

First of all, be careful! I had really some bad experiences by buying certain products or abonnement memberships to find out that they have sold me a part of the story. I needed to buy more products from them, spending lots of money without any help at all. That is called upsell!

Accidental, I came to a great platform where people help you and get a lot of training. You can start without any membership to check first if this is the right decision for you. They have a free starter membership, and maybe you would like to check it out.

But anyway, this blog is about living a free lifestyle as an art of life. For me, living a free life means not being dependent on a normal job with normal 40 hours, spending the evenings on the sofa watching television because I am too tired to get out and have some beautiful time with my friends. Is this life? 

I need to work from every place I live, only wanting my laptop for work and a wifi connection. That is called free laptop-style life! This life comes very close to my dreams.

woman with curly hair sitting with her laptop in a cafe outside at a table, working.

Maybe you have different dreams, and that is fine. I love to write, and I am going to write some ebooks about natural health. That is my favorite topic, and I already have a website with blogs about Natural Health. Maybe you would love to check out this website.

If I tell you that I had no idea of building a website till October this year, you might not believe me. But that is the great fortune that I came across this platform. I witness many great testimonies about people who belong to this platform and already earn a beautiful income fulfilling their dreams.

Some work as a blogger, as an influencer, as an Affiliate Marketer, or write ebooks. Some write content for businesses or private people. I mean, there are lots of ways to earn via an online business.

All people have gifts and hobbies which make them experts. I believe you too have something you are so great in that other people would love to help them with your knowledge.

Building an affiliate marketing business, for example, is quite a lot of work. You really need to write 3 posts a week, to publish; the best is to write content daily.

But believe me, it is beautiful to decide when you will write, what time, what day, and this is possible when you already have a great reputation, hiring writers to write content for you.

And it is a beautiful feeling to have helped other people who have a certain problem with the answer they need. I am very grateful! Of course, it is my nature to want to help people. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a nurse. For me, it has always been the most important to help others, even to the level of having forgotten myself.

To Be Able to Travel and Work.

Now at this time, we hardly can travel somewhere—so many countries in lockdown. Covid 19 has put a strain on all of us. But I have to say that I am glad to be at home and write my posts. It is Christmas time, a peaceful time of the year.

But when spring arrives, I would love to be able again to travel and to see another country and maybe to live there. I am working on it. My dream is to be my own boss. The boss of my life! Sounds great to me.

I have many favorite countries where I would love to rent a house and live my life, together with my husband. And I know it is possible. I am working on it.

This is the art of living a financially free life! woman sitting high of a mountain, performing the sign of peace, lifting up her arms

Can you imagine sitting somewhere in a cafe, drinking your coffee, the sun is shining, and you are writing your posts or book on your laptop, observing the other people passing you, sitting close to you? I love the peaceful mornings, sitting early in a place where I can relax. Beautiful picture!

And I love to have time to be in nature, listening to the sound of nature. Great feeling! Being outside is the high light for me, has always been.

Do You Need an Online Business to Live a Free Life?

Of course not, but it certainly helps if you need to support yourself financially and desire to live an independent life. I personally find this idea very attractive, but I understand that not all people have this dream.

To stay in one city, owning one house, working a so-called normal job, earning your income, spending holidays twice a year for 2 weeks might be lovely to you. And that is absolutely fine, as long you are happy with your lifestyle. I totally respect your decision. And I always love the different opinions people have and the different needs.

I know people living a life of giving by going to Africa or other countries to help people in poverty gain financial freedom. And that is such a beautiful decision. At a younger age ( sounds like I am old ;)), I certainly had this in my heart too, and I tried to help other people. But my desires have changed. I still love to give, but in a different way.

Final Thought

Whatever your Art of Life is, it is up to you. But try to make it beautiful, live every day to the fullest. If you are working a 40 hour week or having an online business that gives you more time to travel and live in another place, it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. And of course, if you have children, your life will be different anyway. It is about your life and happiness, and that of your family. Nothing more counts!

For me, this is Art; this is creativity, to find a way to live my own lifestyle, the way I love it.

I would love to hear from you. How is your life? Where do you live? What are your dreams? Please let me know!

All the best,




  • Monique Richie

    Hello Sylvie, thank you very much for this beautiful article, you really spoke from my heart.
    Yes you are right we had much more freedom, we didn’t have so many obligations compared to the young people from today.
    This article comes at such a right time, because of this pandemic many people seem a bit lost about their future nowadays. You build them up with your words and your mindset, love this, thank you very much for it

    Yes, I am with you, even now you can take responsibility, you don’t have to follow the mainstream, and do the 9 to 5 job. Today the chances to create your own online business, and to travel around the world are much bigger now than in 1980 when I started to work. If you have a creative spirit, want to work hard, have a good idea, and have the courage to live, you can create your own amazing free life nowadays. You don’t even have to rent an apartment anymore, you can do dog-cat-house sitting all around the world, ( we did it last year for 2 months in Spain, we had such a great time) You can work around the globe, all you need is a laptop for making money, you can live and discovering new countries. For young people who like to live at their best, this is a really great time. Ps: For us, oldies also. Lol

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much, Monique! This is really interesting. I heard about staying in another country and minding cats or dogs. Thank you for the tip! Even very common is to swap houses. There are many possibilities to be somewhere else. I think Airbnb is also fantastic. Did you see what they offer in South Africa or Vietnam. It is amazing! You do it very well to get around! Great!

  • Joyce Easton

    I first got the urge to start living a better lifestyle right from when I started planning to quit my regular white-collar 9-5 job years ago. I realized there’s nothing so sweet as living a laptop lifestyle, though it’s not something anyone can successfully build overnight. I’ve always loved to travel the world blogging, and I hope online business will surely help me achieve that goal in no time.

    During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs, and many companies were shut down all over the world. Then everyone realized the need to go online and set up brands that will fetch lifetime income opportunities. Now that we all have access to smartphones, anyone can go online and start a business that stands the test of time. Thanks for this helpful piece once again!


    • Sylvie

      Hi Joyce, thank you very much for your comment! Yes, it is a fantastic idea to be your own boss and be independent, living wherever you want. It is not done overnight. We need a lot of determination to come there. But every person who would love to live this life and has the motivation will come there. I believe this very much!

      Here in the Netherlands, many people have lost their jobs due to Pandemic, and we don’t even know what will come on our way. In these times, it is great to be able to build up an independent online business. 

  • JJ

    Hi Sylvia, I can relate to most of what you describe. As a child i was always under pressure, doing extra lessons, entering spelling bee, preparing for leading roles in school festivals. No wonder many years later after completing university and working in a stressful 9-5 job, I came down with anxiety attacks. All that is gone. i am now living my life as a musician and an author and my laptop is my office. I can work anywhere and I am working an online business to make sure my finances are in order. I am now living a free life and i am happy

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment! I am so happy to hear that you took the step in the right direction and live a financially free lifestyle now. That is a great confirmation. I hope that many readers will come to financial freedom. 

      I wish you so much happiness and freedom! And much success for the New Year ahead! Stay safe and healthy!

  • Henk van Dijkhuizen

    Hi Sylvie, Yes, I can relate to what you are saying. Having an online business is opening the doors to a financially free lifestyle, and I surely would love this. But at the moment I have my local business and it is going better every year, so I don’t have much time left to start an online business. But it is certainly something to look into when I am retired. Thank you very much, Sylvie! Great article!

    • Sylvie

      You are so right, Henk! Better first to focus on your own business, and maybe later you will find the time and motivation to create an online business! 🙂

  • Williams

    This post really come at the right time, all my live have been trying to live up to my parents expectation and trust me have always failed cause it’s never good enough for them and it wasn’t what I wanted I want to be free and life for once, but when the pandemic outbreak started I discovered have not been living my dream, have been a laptop person so I ventured in online business and software development and believe it as been my life art.

    • Sylvie

      Congratulations, Williams! I understand you very much! I did the same! What my parents advised me I tried to do. But that is not my way of life. So it is better to recognize this and work for your own dream! 

      I wish you every success that you make it work!

  • Peter Akam

    Growing up I went through a lot of stress just to keep up. I engaged in menial jobs to raise some money for my poultry business. After the whole hard labor things were still tough as if working was bringing in more problems. I grew older (around 21) and realize that there are some stress that are not worth it. I resolved to chose my battles, and that has been working very well for me since then. I learnt some soft skills and it has been helping me get through. So, I guess that is my Art of Life and it is really beautiful.

    • Sylvie

      Hi, Peter! That is really great! I love to hear you won your battle and have the lifestyle you yourself have chosen. That is so important for our wellbeing. Unfortunately, most people can’t choose or are too afraid of choosing their own way of life. Keep it up!

  • faisalsoomro

    This post truly comes brilliantly, all my life have been attempting to satisfy my folk’s assumptions and believe me have generally bombed cause it’s never adequate for themselves and it wasn’t what I needed I need to be free and live for once, yet when the pandemic flare-up began I found have not been experiencing my fantasy, have been a PC individual so I wandered in internet-based business and programming improvement and trust it just like my life workmanship.

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