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The Beauty of Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

Do you think there is something like the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle? Yes, and there is undoubtedly a benefit of living a healthy lifestyle. When you decide to live healthily, you will change spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. A healthy life does not stop with organic food and doing sports, and it goes beyond that. It wakes you up, your senses, and brings you back to your roots. Your body will heal, but so your mind will heal! It is a win/win situation for your whole life!

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What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Most of us are unhealthy, for sure. There is always something missing in our lives, healthy food, sports, financial balance, healthy homes, healthy relationships, etc. Many of us are so used to taking medication that we don’t even use our brains and intuition to find out why we got ill and suffer from certain diseases. Going to our doctor, receiving medicine, and continuing doing the wrong things are typical in this society. I am a nurse and see many people who refuse to take responsibility for their health and lifestyle.

Luckily there are many other people who think about their health and the environment and are determined to change their lifestyle. From my experience, it happens most likely if we have been already so ill that the need to change our way of living. It has become very urgent, otherwise, we might die. People see that they can’t keep doing what they have always done. Suddenly, they stop eating fast food, start to move their bodies, stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. They might leave toxic relationships, finally.

Maybe they grow their vegetables and learn how to bake bread or ferment food. Why not take the bicycle to go to your working place or the grocery. Of course, it is convenient to use the car if you have a family, and I have to admit that I don’t like to cycle. I would rather walk, but the grocery can be very heavy, so I use my car. Now, the petrol prices are rising, and we might need to use the bicycle. In former times common people had no cars, but bicycles and they walked a lot. Life was, on one side, more simple, but on the other side, harder.

Everyone needs to find out what a healthy lifestyle is for them and what they want to change. For example, I eat only organic and somewhat less than too much. I love to walk and do yoga, meditation, but I also prepare and store food in glass jars or freeze it. There are other things I love to do, like handwork, growing my vegetables, working in my small garden, baking, preparing healthy food for us. There is so much to do if you start living more simply and healthy.

The Beauty of Living a Healthy Life!

Do you know that living healthy has its beauty? Don’t you believe me? Try it out!

If you start to eat healthy, helping your body detox, you will very soon begin to move and do sports because you recharge your body’s energy. Feeling well gives you the power to move and to do sports. From there, you have the energy to change your lifestyle, lose weight, feeling well is supporting your creativity. Maybe you start to draw or sew clothing. It could be that you begin to meditate and breathe in nature, recharging your energies even more. You begin to grow vegetables, and you are happy seeing them grow. Your environment and surroundings suddenly have meaning. You are aware of the animals and plants and your neighbors. The spiritual realm is suddenly open, and you are connected. Amazing! You start seeing the beauty again!

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Television and alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, pasta, and pizza are not necessary anymore. You feel your energy is increasing, and you want to go outdoors. Suddenly your mind is becoming aware of yourself. You start to feel yourself, your body, the elements, your happiness, joy comes up, and you feel alive!

Yes, that is the beauty of living a healthy life!

The dumbness will disappear! You are going to wake up! Your creativity is flowing, and you are suddenly an artist, changing your home and yourself.

Eating fast-food, unhealthy food slows you down, burying your feelings, taking away your creativity, your joy to move your body. There is such beauty in living a healthy life; it is incredible! I can only advise you to stop killing yourself with an unhealthy life! Living healthy means healthy cells, body, mind, and spirit. Your mind will wake up, and you will undoubtedly choose the beautiful things in the world. Love, respect, peace, and hope are higher feelings and belong to God! If you dumb yourself with toxic food, behavior, television, music, and an unhealthy lifestyle, you will not be healthy, and you will not be able to feel empathy with life around you. You know the slogan “what you eat, you are! “? I would even go further, and say ” How you live, will determine your whole being!” Something we witness each day observing society and the way most people live.

The Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

The benefits are so obvious, a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I don’t know if you know intermittent fasting? The hours you are committed to restraining yourself from food intake mean cleansing your body and mind of toxic substances that are stapling up in your body, in your cells. In our Western world food is always available whereas I wouldn’t call the most products in the supermarket food. People are left without energy, experiencing anxiety, restlessness, diseases, anger, no empathy, feeling numb and distant from God. They don’t feel alive!

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Of course, being unhealthy is suppressing your beautiful God-given energy. Your choices are becoming poor; you stop moving, you start watching all evening television, or you sit in front of the computer. You stop socializing, or you go for drinks in a pub. So many women and men are addicted to consumption, drugs, alcohol, sex, traveling, and clothing to fill the empty gap in their lives.

Living a healthy lifestyle brings you closer to yourself, the life around you, the higher feelings, and God. You will experience more peace, love, respect, gratefulness, and a clear mind. You are connected spiritually to all life around you and God, sensing good and bad. If you are a healthy human being, you would never torture or hurt another human or creature. It is not possible!

Is Living a Healthy Lifestyle Still Possible?

Yes, of course, even we are showered with chemicals via chemtrails, our food is genetically altered or sprayed with toxins, our water, food, air, and soil polluted, we still can change, stop overconsumption, taking care in a healthy way of our family, environment and ourselves. By rebuking to purchase toxic products and choosing to walk a healthy path, we all can stop Big industries from producing toxic products and food. It is not difficult! If you want to start living healthy, start to buy in local and farmer shops, and instead of watching television, go for a walk before you go to sleep. You might even sleep better after your walk. Also, it is better to socialize instead of being isolated. Everything is to learn, even socializing!

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I would buy a water filter for your tap water, so you will not get poisoned by the medications, heavy metals, and parasites that stay back in the water supply. Maybe you better buy an air filter to keep your indoor air clean, and you can already purchase affordable air filters.

Essential is to stay away from toxic food, water, and materials used for furniture and cars. If you love to cycle, you are already doing your body a big favor.

Doing intermittent fasting daily clears your body of waste and trains your body to use the fat stores. Drinking healthy cleansing teas is very beneficial, bone broth, and eating lots of fermented food. Your gut will heal, and your immune system will work better. Your mind will be cleared, and brain fog will belong to the past. Your hormones work better, and you will look younger and healthy.

Start today, and you will never regret it! 🙂


Final Thought

The beauty of living a healthy lifestyle is meant to show you how to leave your toxic life on every level, body, mind, and spirit. It is not difficult to start a new lifestyle that is healthy and is recharging your cells. If you start with small steps, like eating healthy, cutting on sugar and fast food, begin to walk, you will change your lifestyle until you feel revived and reenergized.

Please, start today, and let me know how you feel! I would love to hear from you, your experiences, your tips, and your story!

All the Best,



  • Christine

    It’s very true that when you eat healthy you can feel it, you feel your body recharge and your cravings change for healthier cravings. Your body now wants the good stuff.
    For a while I was eating raw vegan meals and they energized me completely! I was filled with energy for a full day, it was incredible.
    I grow a lot of my food on my land but it’s all in the beginning stages, so most trees are still small, but once they’re bigger and they begin bearing fruits I can be more sustainable and eat even healthier. I watch what I eat and I consider my diet healthy but I drink red wine from time to time. However, they say that red wine is good 😉
    I eat no fast food at all and I drink no sodas; it makes a huge difference.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you, Christine, for your comment! Eating raw vegan meals is very healthy, and I tried it as well. I felt the same as you, but the winter is for me a time when I need warm meals and can’t eat salad. So I change my diet to Paleo, and that feels great. You are very blessed to have a place in Mexico. I believe it is always warm. I would love it! Growing own vegetables and harvesting fruit are fantastic, so healthy! You do a great job, Christine.

  • Matt Lin

    Hi Sylvie,

    The so-called modern lifestyle is indeed quite toxic for human beings, and that’s why people are getting more sickness compared to the generation of our grandparents. Every day, we eat processed food, drink processed sodas, and do not exercise enough to keep our bodies balanced. It’s the root cause of why we are ill.

    Your recommendations are doable. I believe people could adjust some behaviors to become better. For example, I start walking to work instead of taking cars or scooters, making me move more than in the past to feel so much better. I might try other things you advised in this article very soon. 🙂


    • Sylvie

      Hi Matt! Thank you for your comment! You do great, walking to your work! I can’t because I am a travel nurse and need to use my car, but walking is excellent for our health and a healthy diet! Keep it up! 🙂

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