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The Beauty of Air- Let’s Take a Deep Breath

Air is an essential element; without it, we die within one minute. The beauty of air- let’s take a deep breath, is about the quality of natural fresh, beautiful air which energizes and restores our cells within minutes.

We need to breathe clean air; otherwise, we get many toxic substances into our respiratory tract that inflames our lungs. The body needs oxygen for its cells. In the lungs, there is an exchange of used air, carbon dioxide,  with a new oxygen-rich perspective that, added to the iron in the red blood cells, will be transported to every cell into our body. In contrast, used air high in carbon dioxide will be transferred back to the lungs to be exchanged again with oxygen.

The beauty of Air- Let's take a deep breath

It is incredible, and we all know how it is in a room having the windows closed and getting tired because there is little oxygen left in the room. The best thing we can do is open the window, move some steps, breathe deep into our lungs, and refresh our body and brain. Very simple.

In these times of Covid 19, I have to think about the people who have died because of air pollution in Italy, already victims of their primary illnesses. The tragedy of Italy has shown that a virus could overcome them because they have lived in the most air polluted areas of the country where industries are located that are huge air polluters. (An update to the situation: many experts think that the government and fake media exaggerate this situation. )

Many people have been over 70 years old and have already suffered from respiratory diseases. Living in air-polluted areas is not beneficial for humans and animals.

I have to think of science fiction movies where people live in cities with dirty, smoking industrial towers; everything is black from the dirt, also the people, no sun is coming through. Can you imagine? Horrible picture!

Air in The Cities- Pollution is Knocking at the Door

Like New Dehli, Tokyo, Mexico City, huge cities, and many others have much industry. The air in the Netherlands is not a good one due to the traffic jam every day, sometimes several hundred kilometers long altogether. People worldwide are moving towards the cities for work and occasionally commute several hours to get there. It is crazy stress; if you think about being on a train or car for hours, adding the working hours can cost them a whole day; coming home, they need to relax at home, but there is still the family to care for.

commuting people

This alone makes people ill, adding the air pollution is not helpful!

I am lucky because I live in a country where we have about six weeks of paid holidays a year, and the town I am living in is relatively small and has a conservatory park around where we go for walks frequently. People in other countries outside Europe don’t have such luxury. And even in Europe, governments don’t take care of their people, having a low social standing, so their people can’t take a vacation.

Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands, containing 2.500.000 Mill. Habitants. That is not much in comparison to Tokyo( 364.546.000 km), which has over 37 Mill. People, whereas the Netherlands( 41.500.000 km) has about 17 Mill. People in the whole country, which is small, even smaller, as Ireland( 70.200.000 km surface, and 4,7 Mill population). What a difference?

These are only some examples of how huge cities and overcrowded countries are intoxicating their people. Finally, the whole world is accused of air pollution affecting the health of the people and the beautiful ecology of the countries on the planet.

We need more green areas in the cities, like rooftop gardens and keeping cars out of the city center, like Kopenhagen and Stockholm are doing. It is a great idea to have bicycles in the city people can take and cycle wherever they wish.

I am lucky to walk half an hour to the city center, passing a beautiful park. 🙂 So I can walk and relax.

Of course, it is not possible in cities like Tokyo, where the distance is very long, and it is more convenient to commute by train and bus. I even can’t imagine how it is living in such a vast city.

The Air in The Countryside

I have written about sustainable communities, like self-supporting villages where people grow organic vegetables and fruit, keeping animals surrounded by beautiful green areas.


If many farmers surround you, you still might have a lot of pollution by using pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Conservative farming pollutes the ground and the water very much; living near such farmers is not healthy for the environment and us.

The best would be to have organic farmers close to your place. I know that the community council is trying to regulate farming and their use of pesticides and the number of animals they have to reduce methane in the air here in my town. There is still not enough impact on the environment, but it is a beginning, and hopefully the future. People don’t want the planet polluted by some huge companies trying to make money, exploiting the earth at the world’s costs.

When the first lockdown happened last year, the air in the Netherlands has dramatically improved due to the people sitting at home. Suddenly the air has been very clean, telling me it should stay like this.

Work opportunities are few in the countryside, but if someone can afford to live in a village, it is undoubtedly better for the family’s health. No, it is the best decision they can make for their families and themselves.

Mountain Air- crystal clear

If you ever have been to the mountains, you know how clean the air is. I have been quite a lot Switzerland visiting a friend for years and have experienced that my sleep has been profound.

a house near a lake with crystal blue water, surrounded by mountains

Walking a lot, I have breathed clean air into my lungs, which is the best you can do for your cells. Your breathing changes, becoming deeper, helping the body transfer the oxygen to every place of the body.

The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen occurs in all tissues of the body. Your brain is working better, meaning your concentration is improving very much. You feel relaxed and refreshed at the same time, showing you how essential oxygen is for the cells.

Spending 2 weeks of holidays in the mountains is like a fountain of youth receiving fresh, clean air and beautiful silent nature, helping you recover your body. Sitting in the hills, the wind and the voice of raptors are your company. It is so beautiful!

Your appetite will increase because you will be so energized.

Two centuries back, They have sent people suffering from tuberculosis to the mountains to heal their disease because fresh, clean air is renewing the cells of the lungs, deep breathing strengthens the tissues of the respiratory tract.

Salty and Refreshing- The Air of the Sea

My beloved sea is, for me, the most beautiful element of nature. The air is so clean and energetic. You breathe the salt, and you taste the salt, and your skin is salty—a tremendous conductive element.

beach, sea, waves

Living in Dublin, Ireland, I loved being surrounded by the sea, listening to the waves, and the seagulls, feeling at home. If you ever have been to the sea, you would know what I mean.

The air of the sea is cleaning the whole body. You receive iodine, a chemical element necessary for the function of your thyroid and the detox of cells.  The smell of the salty, fishy air feels like home for me, even though sometimes it can be a strong, penetrant smell, especially in the harbors.

I can’t imagine living in a polluted city knowing how clean the air is in nature, especially in the mountains and the sea. Spending your holidays on the beach is the best you can do. Walking barefoot, breathing deep in the salty air, and being in the sun, you will be renewed and recover, feeling relaxed, a new person. Two weeks spent at the beach, and you are a new person. Your sleep is more deep and intense, your appetite is more robust, and your metabolism is working better.

Final Thought

Oxygen, an essential element we need urgently to keep our bodily functions going. Living in nature or a city, there is a massive difference for your body and brain, feeling revived or exhausted.

Air pollution is a big topic and should be forbidden. The industry should be paid for their dirty deeds, not the private person, as we experience in many countries.

It is a crime delict to intoxicate people living near industry, destroying their lives while suffering from different diseases.

Because air pollution is something we can’t see, we still pay the high costs of inflammation due to the polluted air. If you are living in the countryside, you are for sure fortunate. Breathing the clean, fresh air will give you health. It is our birthright to live on a healthy Earth, breathe healthy air wherever we live.

What do you think about air pollution and clean air? Would you please let me know your thoughts? I hope that our children will experience beautiful, clean, healthy air in the future.

All the best,



  • Hannie

    Back in the Netherlands, I lived in between Antwerp and Rotterdam, two highly industrialized areas. As long as I have been living there I coughed a lot but didn’t think much about it. I was used to it.

    Now that I am living in Spain I notice the difference. There are periods I don’t cough at all. It’s not 100% ideal, unfortunately. We live in an area of pine trees. Never knew how much pollen comes from those trees!

    And the Spanish love their wood fires. Especially on the weekends, the air is full of soot and black smoke. I can only hope they burn just wood, which pollutes enough. But often I see the piles with plastic and rubber ready to get lit.

    So yes, the industry is to blame as well. But as long as people are not willing to give up flying and wanting unnecessary stuff etc, it’s not just the industry, is it?

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, Thank you very much! You are right; we need to give up flying and start to travel sustainably. I will write a blog about this topic because airplanes are huge polluters. People need to give up that and all the plastic. We buy too much and want to have too much! That is not good! I hope everything will change for the best. 🙂

  • Henk van Dijkhuizen

    Hi Sylvie,
    it is now the third article I read on your site, and I am amzed how beautiful topics you have. I can see that we need really to do something about our world, stopping pollution very much. I will for sure spread the word!
    Keep it up!
    Cheers, Henk

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