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The Beauty of Colors -Our World


I love colors!

Do you love them too?

The Beauty of Colors- our world

The beauty of color is our fantastic world. Knowing some people love black, even though their houses’ interior is black, I can’t warm up for black maybe because it doesn’t suit me at all. God has created color into our world, and it lifts our mood.

Black is the business color, but grey and dark blue are looking more classic. I will always go for them if I have to dress up classy.

People are so different in colors, and I love reading magazines where you can find new inspiration in designing your home or wardrobe. Changing colors in your house can have such an uplifting effect that you suddenly feel better staying at home. I know in my twenties that I painted my walls and changed the carpets in my house quite often. I loved to see the effect on the style of my flat.

My girlfriends are very much in colors and designing their homes. I think this is entirely normal as a woman. If you are a classic or modern person, colors play an essential role in designing your home and choosing the right car or clothes. One good girlfriend has her kitchen in red, very expressive. It suits her house very much!

We, as humans, love colors! You see many impressive colors in some cultures, for example, in India where women wear these beautiful saris. People love to wear color in the Caribbean, or in Africa, you see gorgeous women in their traditional clothing. Strong colors like orange or red compliment these countries and the people.

It gives our world a lively expression.

 The Beauty of Colors- Colorful Nature

Nature itself has the most beautiful colors, and in summer, you can observe the flowers in many gorgeous colored dresses. Spring and summer are light and rich dark green seasons, which gives a deep feeling by observing trees and plants and the sunlight playing in the leaves. I love to be in the forest to take in all the colors and the birds and insects’ sounds.

Especially in autumn, you have these great colors shining in the sun, the red, yellow, and brown trees. Sunlight has another level, and this unique light is complementing the colors in such a royal way that I can’t get enough of the autumn colors.

two benches in autumn in the park covered with orange red leaves

Some of my friends are always becoming depressed when autumn arrives because they are not ready for the following winter season.

But even the winter has its charm with its dark, naked trees, sleeping gardens, and parks. I like the winter, time to recharge your batteries by staying more at home listening to music. Candlelight covers the whole interior in soft shades of colors.

Nature, with its different outfits, is so colorful depending on the sunlight and the landscape.

Because I have traveled quite a lot, I have seen enough countries to distinguish their beauty by the typical colors created through their distance to the equator. Light is different and conjures another assortment of colors, which is fascinating!

We can buy so many different colored flowers in the garden center which have been cultured. That is quite interesting! You wouldn’t find their colors in nature.

With its bright, beautiful shining colors, the tropics are a marvelous world of its own, and I love to travel there to see the light and colors, but I wouldn’t like to move my home to this spot of the earth.

I would miss the seasons; even the summers are very often quite cold here in The Netherlands. But if you have seen the light and colors of late summer and autumn here, you would understand what I mean. You will not find this in the tropics.

Traveling is a great way to experience the world with its different beautiful countries. God has made them all beautifully! 🙂

The World of Colors in Fashion

Fashion is another excellent example of a world in color. Every fashion season has its style and colors. In spring and summer, fashion can be bright and intense with many flowers, whereas autumn and winter come with darker shades, like grey, brown, dark red, dark green, dark blue, and a cool white. I love all seasons with all possible colors.

woman in japanese dress with a red umbrella

In Sri Lanka, I have seen beautiful women clothed in bright-colored saris, pretty much fascinating to watch them walking around in a group of several women all beautifully dressed.

There is whole psychology about the effect of colors on our brain and emotions. Advertisements are using these effects to make us buy their products. Women are visual and sensual orientated, so that the advertisers might target them more.

I believe that women are easy to be influenced by colors. New interior and dresses make us feel content and happy. Designers know about the effects of colors and design on our brains.

When summer arrives, women want to have new clothes to feel good and self-confident, and by buying new pieces in the colors of the season, we feel beautiful! That is the feeling we need!

Colorful Home- Our Design

Oh, I love that topic! Do you love it too? There have been times I changed my interior every spring, designing other color creations in my house. I was rearranging the furniture, painting the walls, and laying out carpets in new colors. I think interior design is something I would have loved studying.

My girlfriend and I walked a lot through certain stores, just getting an impression of the colors and design. I still love doing it, and my husband loves to come with me if his time allows. To have a beautifully designed home is something that gives us inner peace.

When we put candles on and the radiator, we feel the warmth in our home, so cozy and comfortable. That might be why I love to change colors due to the seasons; in winter, warm and summer neutral or cool colors. That is exciting psychology! We are creators of matching our outer world with our inner world by using specific colors and forms, helping us create a condition of well-being in winter by making a peaceful home where we can withdraw ourselves from the outside, like a bear in a cave.

A Sea of Colors- Our Gardens

Wow, from spring to autumn, our garden is a sea of colors, with all the different flowers and trees. It is the time of the year I love to be outside, designing my little garden, so I can spend most of my time sitting or working outdoors.


When you travel to the Netherlands, I recommend visiting “Keukenhof,”  a park designed in different styles full of trees and plants. You will admire the flood of plants in different colors. You will love it! It is a beautifully designed park.

You will experience the same effect going towards the west of the Netherlands by finding huge fields covered by tulips and other plants in Spring. The colors are unique! The Netherlands is well-known for its tulip fields.

I love to design my terrace with lovely garden furniture. Sitting there in summer, listening to my fountain’s gargling water, and watching the insects flying from flower to flower is a peaceful moment. The many colors in my garden are calming me! Do you experience the same in your garden or balcony?

If you visit a botanical garden, you will have the same effect. I think it is the beauty of the colors that let our hearts jump like falling in love. An inner force makes us desire beautiful things like jewelry, which exists in many gorgeous colors, like Saphire and Emerald. I love the pastel color of Rosequartz.

Luckily every person has an own understanding of beauty, so our world differs in shades and forms.

Final Thoughts

Colors enrich our world! Without colors, our world would be lifeless and dull. Shades are lifting our mood. We experience this in summer in our gardens and parks, and in the autumn, that shines in its beautiful warm orange, red and yellow. It is like the warmth before the winter arrives. Colors are beautifying our homes, our lives, our world.

What do you think about colors? How do you experience the beauty of colors? I would love to hear your opinion about this topic!

All the best,



  • Aly

    I absolutely love bright, bold colors and couldn’t imagine my personal life without being surrounded by them. I find it easy to find beautiful things to bring into my home and arrange them to create a beautiful personal space. 

    Lately, I have also been fascinated by color design in business and how colors evoke a certain mood or feeling. I have been fascinated by companies who have undergone a rebranding in order to change the “feel” of their brand without changing any of the underlying service or product! Amazing!!

    • Sylvie

      Hi, Aly! Thank you very much for your comment! I feel the same as you! Being an artist in my heart, I can’t imagine a world without colors, without beauty. These companies do a great job to address peoples’ hearts by rearranging the brands, so people feel obliged to buy. This is a great topic, but I love more the esthetical side of colors. 

  • Richard

    I am more of an earth tone colour person. So shades of brown are usually what I would go for. But in terms of clothing, I would usually go for grey, blue or black. That is also because I am bad at matching bright colours. So I end up being conversation and go for those professional colours. 

    • Sylvie

      Hi, Richard! Thank you for your comment! Yes, it is good to know what color suits you, otherwise we look like a clown. 🙂

  • Simone

    Sylvie, it is awesome how much your article resonates with me
    I absolutely loves colours!

    I love dressing up, my shoes and my blouse always matches, they are the same colour. My earrings as well. I love to be different when I’m dressing up. Not loud colours all at once. It need to be tasteful!

    Regarding the seasons, that is what get get me excited. I sew my own curtains and it excites me when I choose the fabric for my curtains. I always try to always blend in the colours with my curtains and my cushions. They need to match!

    I am lost within myself when I am planning all my soft furnishings on paper prior to purchasing.

    Thank you for such a great article. This is one aspect of women that I think makes us different and special from everything else.

    Colour does maketh the woman

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment! I am so happy that you confirm my blog. Yes, we are very sensual creatures and love to color our home, ourselves, and the world. I am making my own skirts and dresses sometimes, and I love to go to the market and get beautiful materials.
      Tasteful is the right expression; I love when all colors are complementing each other. 🙂

  • Hannie

    We had to study the character of colors in Art Academy. I loved that subject. Especially because my teachers were huge fans of the Bauhaus and its teacher Johannes Itten. He made several books about colors for his students and I owe one that is my absolute favorite. 🙂

    Great subject, Sylvie!

    I love your description of the seasonal colors too. Over here in Spain, most of the time everything is yellow because of the lack of water. And in the winter when there is more water, there are no leaves, so everything is brown. LOL, as we would say in the Netherlands “It’s not right or it’s wrong” (het is niet goed of het deugt niet).

    Do you know a lot about colors in fashion? There usually is one color that should be the color of the year, but most of the time that color only suits some people, not all, don’t you think?

    • Sylvie

      Oh, Hannie, I love Bauhaus! We have been to Weimar; it is great to have visited the place. I believe you know quite a lot about the history of the Bauhaus. I can relate to you very much. It is wonderful you could study at Art Academy; I wasn’t allowed, because my parents’ opinion has been that all artists are poor people. So I had to learn something solids to earn money. But I love art so much and especially colors. Without colors, our world would look so dull.
      You are right about the season and colors. I can’t live somewhere where I don’t have the seasons and their colors. Autumn is the most beautiful season for me.
      You are right; sometimes, in fashion, we get colors that don’t suit us. But there are always more shades available, so we don’t need to buy the wrong color. I think the seasonal style is more difficult. If it doesn’t fit us, we can save better our money.:)

      • Hannie

        As you know I am a bit older than you are (hear hear), so my parents were worse than yours probably. Art Academy was out of the question! So I went to a school to get my degree in teaching (handicraft, drawing, and art’s history, so it had my love anyway). And as soon as I lived on my own and had a job I went to evening school at the Art Academy in Breda.

        There are so many possibilities to learn what you are interested in, Sylvia, so don’t give up on that dream. There is a ‘kunstacademie’ (art school) in Apeldoorn. Chances are high they have evening classes. 🙂

        I haven’t been to Weimar yet. But I did visit the Bauhaus Museum in Berlin years ago. I will put Weimar on my bucket list, it must be marvelous to see. Thanks for the reminder.

        • Sylvie

          Hi Hannie, great to hear you again. I believe that it was quite difficult for you, but you could manage to live your dream. That is really inspiring! I am sure I could visit evening classes here in Apeldoorn; I will check it out! If you could manage to visit Weimar, you should really do. There is so much history in this beautiful town and the surrounding of Weimar. You will not regret it! 🙂

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