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The Beauty of Life- Life is a Gift!

The beauty of life lies in the creation of God, our creator of all life. Life is a gift! Especially in these times and history, we suffer from many man-made threats in which greedy people try to profit from certain situations.

We are all born as free human beings, but because specific systems are suppressing their population, people are kept as slaves. For me, this is unacceptable that other fellow human beings think they have the power over the rest of the people and keep them poor and exploit their lives. The beauty of life is different for everyone, but it is about peace, respect, sensing, love, happiness, and creativity. If we feel whole and complete, we are very peaceful and happy creatures.

From The Beginning

When a baby is born, it is its human right to feel loved, respected, nurtured, and safe. The reality shows that many children are born into war, worrying parents, low-income families, violent families. In the third world countries, there are so many starving children, children dying of diseases, very often man-made, as we know.

The beauty of life

However, the western world is always seen as a rich world, but the false governing by politicians who are only thinking of themselves and supporting industries that have ruined the living standard of the population and the environment have made life for many people unlivable. In the last decades in Germany and the Netherlands, poverty has increased very much since the founding of the European Parliament, dividing the countries into poor and rich. Of course, it doesn’t fit a wealthy country to increase low-income families, so it is not mentioned enough.

Many older folks can’t survive living on their pension schemes in Germany. The number of people going to the so-called “Tafel” ( an institution that gives out essential items like food, soaps, and shampoos to poor people) has increased enormously. But also the churches are trying to help, mostly with products people have donated.

In the Netherlands, we still have a better social system, but even there, poverty increases. Children go to school without food! Can you imagine? People are lining up for receiving a free food supply.

But the politicians bring in the migrating people from other countries, nearly 10000 per day, in a country with many problems to support their people. There is still much money but spend on other than their population, a trend that has devastated many western countries. I know people from Syria and Afghanistan who have integrated themselves very well, working in this country, paying taxes, and speaking the language.

Still, others receive social benefits and work without paying any tax, hidden. These people are a burden to the Dutch and German social systems, and they are many.

While poor Dutch people can no longer pay for health insurance and their energy bill, the migrants receive everything, from the house, health insurance, internet, and every help you can imagine, without even trying to learn the language and integrate into the Dutch culture. It is a real problem! From my time living in Ireland, Dublin, I know that complete Irish families have lived on the streets, whereas African women coming to give birth to an ‘Irish’ child receive a house and support. Why do governments not support their people first?

poor man sitting on a bench receiving some money
Foto door Timur Weber via Pexels

In Germany, the poverty of the own people has already been a problem for decades. When I was still living and working in Germany, in Bonn, I regularly saw older people collecting bottles from public rubbish bins because they had no money or too little to live their life. It is a shameful situation for a country that will give a picture to the outside as being wealthy, and there are many rich people in Germany and poor people.

Babies should be born into a healthy, loving world, and that is possible if we wouldn’t have the greedy people who exploit the populations and the environment for their profit. These people, but also we in the wealthy countries, have destroyed many other countries, their habitats, and their lives.

mother with a jawning baby
Foto door RODNAE Productions via Pexels

The way I see it, it happens because we have fallen out of Paradise! We are entitled to live in Paradise like Adam and Eve before sinned. Because of their sin, we have to suffer the broken world as their offspring, and we are also born as sinners into this world.

Suppose the child is born into a healthy world, a healthy social system with loving humans, abundant food, love, respect, being allowed to explore its environment where the Earth grounds the child lovingly; it can trust its senses, is allowed to have its emotions and opinions. The child respects and loves other human beings, animals, and the whole environment. It is never feeling isolated or threatened by other humans, especially not by the government elected to protect the child’s needs and safety. Police and the military are protecting the child’s world! It doesn’t need medications or vaccinations because it has a God-given immune system dealing with natural diseases and pathogens. The child is happy and content and doesn’t need to suppress others, kill them, exploit them and the environment because it learns to be thankful for the richness of Earth it enjoys. It sounds like Paradise!:)

It doesn’t need to fear the Satanists who try to offer it to their god of lies and deceit. ( Yes, it is true! We are facing this problem in society) It doesn’t need to worry rape and abuse by its family members because they are also loving and respectful people who are not disturbed and mentally ill. I had to do with Satanists and witches already during my time in Dublin!

I think this is a great world we should live in! And the way I see it, this is our inheritance because God has created Paradise for us. God doesn’t do it, but our sinful nature! We have our own will that destroys our lives and the lives of our fellow human beings.

Anyway, there is only one authority above us: our loving Father, God the Father. Because we have fallen short of His Grace, we are now living in a broken world, but Jesus has come to save us, not because we deserve it, but because of His Grace. He died for us!!!!

The baby should live a life of love and respect!!

Jesus has said that “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.”Mark 9/42

Emotions are Our Blessings

I am so sure that emotions are our blessings! We are emotional bonding creatures, and humans should never be isolated. You can see how people bloom when they get attention and feel loved and respected. It is so healing to be together in love and respect. People open up themselves and begin to trust. If you have babies, they feel when someone is wrong or right. Their senses are still intact, and they can express their emotions. Babies feel if someone is an ill-minded person or healthy emotionally. We all have this intuition, but many people can’t sense it anymore. I am a very sensible person, maybe because of my healthy lifestyle and how I perceive my environment. I feel if a group is not healthy, but there is a lot of tension. Because of the wrong lifestyle, unhealthy food, drugs, medication, television, people nowadays are feeling numb.

Every emotion is healthy, even anger, but it needs to be addressed. If you have always been suppressed, you can’t grow up healthily. I know what I am talking about because my family is suppressing “negative” feelings, like mourning, anger, or depression. It damages your immune system and health if you are not heard and suppressed in your being. People need to bond and talk about the “problems” they experience with each other. They need to bond creatively, laughing, dancing, feeling joyful. Our society is very rational and fixed on doing, and that is not good. People are sensitive, emotional, and rational beings who need to develop creativity and sense!

Emotions are a blessing! If we feel anger, we will be alarmed, which is good. It is a very healing emotion; feeling sad helps us overcome the loss of whatever. It is essential to feel sad, as well as angry. It helps us to set boundaries for our protection.

The Beauty of Life

Life is beautiful! The current system makes it difficult and depressed. But life is and should always be free and beautiful for everyone. It doesn’t matter the skin color, the culture, or where you come from. IT DOESN’T MATTER! You are entitled to be happy and feel free. You deserve every respect, every love, every freedom! If you think this is not true, you are mistaken! If other people want to enslave you, I tell you to get up, rise, and be the human God has created! Life should be beautiful, not suppressed and enslaved by others.

a family hugging as a group
Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

We are all free in the sight of God, entitled to live a beautiful life in love and respect, and peace. Do you believe this? I do! Maybe you think I am crazy, but I know I am right.

There is so much money in the world that nobody needs to be poor, but because of evil and good, some people have chosen to steal money from others like tax money, donations, subsidies, and social benefits to living their lives. Some people have become rich on the costs of the population.

That is unfair, but reality! If we live our lives in harmony, loving and respectful, entirely free of choices how to live our lives, we will be happy humans.

However, we still have enough to live and enjoy life in the western world. Never before in history, young people could travel wherever they desire. I mean my parents started very late to enjoy their holidays abroad. Young people start very early even to live and study in other countries, learning the language.

If we live responsibly and sustainably, our planet won’t suffer so much. We should never want to go back to living the old system, but start to live in sync with nature and other people so that Earth can recover and our social bonding.

Hiking or cycling are great possibilities to enjoy the environment while increasing our condition and fitness level. Many diseases would disappear, and our bodies would relearn to defend ourselves against intruders. The environment’s pollution will decrease, and people are having fun while improving their health.

The Free Human Being

God has made us free! But our will enslaves us! There is only one authority, and that is God!

A population elects other authorities like the government to support their needs to the best knowledge. A government should always have the well-being of its people in mind and not be corrupt puppets of some rich people. A good government is a good steward, never harms its people, and never seeks control over the population in a wrong way. If this happens, it is better to discard this governmental power and choose a new parliament.

some of the richest people in the world

The same is for us. If we are responsible citizens, we will not intentionally hurt someone else, not exploit and poison the environment where other human beings live as we did to the African and Asian countries.

As humans, we need to carry our responsibility for our own lives without blaming others for our failures. But, humans instead blame the other human for their misery. You can read it in the bible where Adam pointed to Eve and Eve to the snake for their failure of being disobedient to God, eating from the forbidden apple.

We are responsible for our happiness, health, success, and the environment! It is our choice! A baby is not responsible, but the parents and the other adults in its life. A baby should never suffer from an irresponsible adult who can’t get a grip on his own life. The frustrations of an adult shouldn’t be the problem of a child. A child should always feel loved and respected. A happy child is beautiful, and I feel terrible for the children who suffer abuse, torture, and murder. It is horrible that these things can happen to a child. Society should protect their children, give them a safe haven. A free human being is someone who grows up loved and respected, full of joy, and is allowed to make mistakes. This human being feels complete with nature and himself and others.

However, we have many people who feel divided and can’t sense themselves anymore. People see a therapist very quickly, a somewhat abnormal development. What shall people say who have suffered wars, persecution, rape, and torture?

I have to admit that I suffered from burnout syndrome and visited a therapist, but I didn’t feel helped. Spending much time meditating in Nature and the word of God, as well as prayers, has helped me the most!

Final Thought

The beauty of life is about peace, love, sensing, respect, emotions, social bonding, laughing, and feeling complete with yourself and your surroundings, environment, and animals. You are a whole human being physically, mentally, and spiritually. You are one with God, and nature, and your fellow humans. You love yourself and others. Is this not beautiful? For me, it is!

Please, tell me how you experienced life! Do you see the beauty of life? Are you feeling whole and in tune with nature and other humans? Let me know!

All The Best,



  • Christine

    You should write a book about this. You write really well and are passionate about the topic. A book will reach many people.
    I also think that life is beautiful and could be beautiful but our system throws obstacles our way all the time, to make life harder than it should be, work, banks, burocracy (I hate burocracy!), and people, because a lot of people are conflictive and dump their anger on you for no reason, and that isn’t right either.
    I hate banks. I use them because that’s how the system works, regarding payments, even as a freelancer you still need a bank, but my bank is causing me a headache right now for a very, incredibly stupid reason that makes no sense at all.
    Sometimes I feel happy and then I’m afraid to lose that again because something is always happening … It’s sad that we are sometimes afraid to lose our happiness. Although happiness comes from within and we make our own choices, outside events often hurt or frustrate us. I guess we have to learn to deal with the system’s crap and still be happy or not let it affect us personally.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you for your comment, Christine! You are very right! I understand very much! It isn’t easy to stay happy when pressed down through the system. We hardly can’t escape it. I hate that we are the milk cows of the government, paying taxes they misuse.
      Thank you very much for your compliment! Maybe I am going to write a book.:)

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