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The Beauty of Music – Healing Sounds

Music heals! Did you know this? Listening to music can give us energy, calmness, peace, and joy, but it can also make us aggressive. It depends on the frequencies of the tones. Music is also used to connect us with our spirituality, with God. Many indigenous populations use specific instruments to balance the body, mind, and spirit. The sounds enter the body and bring the body’s cells in a certain harmony that heals. Some people use flutes or drums or singing bowls for meditation. It is the same with natural, high-quality food with high electricity that heals the body.

Music as a Tool to Detox Body and Mind

Music can consist of lower or higher frequencies that affect our body and mind. Psychologists also use the frequencies’ power for their clients, with much success. I wrote already an article about the frequencies and their healings power.

But did you know that the frequencies are converted in the body in acids or alkali that benefit or harm the cells? It is like you eat acids-building food that creates energy but also inflammation if consumed too much. Most of us eat too much acid-building food like meat, grains, pasta, bread, cheese, cakes, pizza, etc. Better is to consume alkalizing food like vegetables and fruits which create a healthy environment in our body.

The right music can help detox your body and mind with the correct frequencies. The frequencies bring the body into a higher energy field where parasites and acids will be deleted. Of course, it needs minerals to bind the acids for deletion, like magnesium. The best is to support the healing process with healthy, high-quality food, drinking teas, and pure water.

Listening to healing music brings your emotions into balance and connects you to God. When I am listening to calming piano music in autumn and winter, I feel more tuned with my emotions, which helps me let flow my emotions because I can be pretty melancholic in winter.

I know that other people paint, sew, or do other artwork that brings them closer to their feelings and expressions. In therapy, they also use musical instruments to heal the emotional blockages. Playing an instrument can help you very much. You will feel healthier and connected to your heart and soul.

Your body is the resonance body and is tuned to the frequencies. Most likely, it is the frequency that lifts you! However, the higher frequencies mean healing, like worshiping God or listening to solfeggio sounds. Higher frequencies are connected to love, respect, peace, and joy! You will feel damaged emotions and traumas are set free, and your healing begins. The blockages that create acidity will be removed! Our bodies are amazingly made.

Solfeggio frequencies are very healing. Please read my article if you want to know more about solfeggio frequencies.

Different Sorts of Music

There are many sorts of music. One of my nephews listens to satanic music, and I find it horrible, but he loves it. As a Christian, that music is, for me, not acceptable. However, there are many different kinds of music, and classical music is always said to lift our spirit, maybe because, at that time, most composers have created music for the church, like Sebastian Bach. The frequencies are higher ones. I love the music of Richard Wagner, while others are obsessed with the fact that he was antisemitic, and Hitler was listening to his music. But if you listen to Parsival, for example, it is going right into your soul.

I also loved to listen to Rock music and David Bowie in my youth. I wasn’t aware that he belonged to the Illuminati, as many singers are. However, later I learned about the satanic effects in music, and I tried to avoid them because you draw demons into your body. It is not a joke! I was warned as a Christian but didn’t know till then.

I started to listen to Christian music and loved Christian rock music. So many beautiful rock bands have come to Christ and worshiped Him with their music. Worship music brings your body to a higher level where your body is healing. I don’t know about you if you have ever experienced the worship and praise moments in a church with other sisters and brothers in Christ? It lifts your Spirit, broadens your mind, and heals your body! The many witnesses speak the truth! Healing is happening while praising and worshipping God!

The worship music below is from the Christian Rock band “Delirious?”

Solfeggio frequencies, the higher frequencies, heal your body and mind. You can delete any blockages in your body.

God is spiritual, and His energy is high-frequency energy! He lifts us to a higher level and makes us resistant to the lower emotions that can build up blockages, like chronic bitterness and frustrations. Forgiveness is the tool for healing! If you forgive someone who is not offering any excuse, you will come to a higher level, feeling freed and healed. To bless your enemy is the best you can do. I heard someone bless Bill Gates, and I felt so much resistance to bless this evil man.

However, it reopened my heart, and I thought about this very much. We are called to bless our enemies, not to free them but to free us, and prevent an open door for the demons attached to bitterness, fear, and other low emotions to come into our bodies. Listening to high frequencies opens a bitter heart, an angry heart, and a closed spirit. Let go of wrath, bless your enemies, and listen to higher music frequencies, connecting you with your soul, spirit, and body. Your emotions need to heal! So does your body! Let God be the judge! I think they call it Karma Law; what you do to others will come back to you!

Higher Frequencies

If you listen to higher healing frequencies, you might experience symptoms of restlessness or anxiety. It is normal because your blockages are disappearing. Your emotions can flow without any hindrance. Many people swear to listen to the solfeggio frequencies and have great experiences. The chants of the Tibetan monks or the Gregorian Chants are known to be very healthy sounds, pure and high-frequency. However, worshipping God in a church with others also creates healing energy where people open their Spirit for God and are connected to Him in a strong anointing. I have experienced all kinds of healings during worship and prayers, on me, but also many times on others.

Satanic music is hazardous because you open a door to demons clinging to you. The rock bands often worship Satan, and their music curses the one who is listening, which is very dangerous for smaller kids or youth. Don’t underestimate the power of the spiritual realm! Lower frequencies can make you sick.

If you want to try out, lay down in the grass or on your floor, and listen to Gregorian Chants. The frequencies resonate with your body and mind, and everything can happen. You can suddenly feel sadness, anxiety, joy, pain, fear, anger. It might become stronger before it disappears. It is emotional and physical healing! You often experience physical symptoms like cold shivers or a warm feeling around your heart. Try it out! You may fall asleep like a child that is full of deep trust.

People who have cancer and other diseases should undoubtedly try out the higher frequencies or visit a healing conference in church. They can instantly heal! It shows that we are also spiritual beings that want to connect to God.

The Beauty of Music

Music lifts our spirits and gives us joy. If we can move to music, we feel ourselves and are one with our body, mind, and spirit. In these times, many people don’t feel themselves anymore; they are cut off from themselves. The stress of these times, the radiation of EMF, and electricity change our electrical bodies. We are used to Nature and the neutralizing energy of the Earth. However, the positively charged environment of our homes and surroundings are making us sick and dissociating us from our real being, which creates an unhealthy environment in our bodies and mind. Our mind, body, and spirit are often out of balance. Music can rebalance us, bringing back joy and love and the power of our emotions. As silence is essential, music is also essential for our natural being inside us. We are no robots, no machines, but created as electrical beings in an electrical world in balance with our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our energy will flow, not get trapped in blockages.

Music can help us let our mind, spirit, and body flow. Diseases are very often stagnations that need to dissolve. Music is beautiful and even cultural; all original populations have instruments and spiritual songs that connect them with God and flow in the spirit. Shamans are using high spiritual frequencies to be spiritually connected. They are vibrating very high electrical and touching others can heal them. The same happens when Christians are praising God and praying. The anointing causes healing!

If you are sick, listen to the higher frequencies, ground yourself and sing and dance. Let us know what is happening!

Final Thought

The beauty of music lies in the higher frequencies that connect our spirit with our mind and body and open our hearts to God.

There is so much healings power in the higher frequencies. Natural pure instruments and the praising voices vibrate in our body like a resonance body. Our body is an instrument, and the vibration removes blockages and starts healing of the body, but also the mind. You might want to try it out! When healing begins, you will detox and need to drink much pure water to flush out the toxins.

Please, let me know if you have experience in the healing power of music. I would love to know!

All the Best,



  • Hannie Mommers

    Even as an atheist, I believe in the healing power of music. I listen to a lot of music that was made by Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th-century German nun. Do you know her? We don’t know much about the accomplishments of women in history. It’s named HIStory for a reason and not HERstory. So it’s really amazing von Bingen through her music survived.

    Another reason for me to listen to music is to soften my tinnitus. A very practical reason, I know, but the sounds in my ears drive me crazy at times and music distracts me from it. 🙂

    Making music ourselves also is very powerful. Maybe you could write an article about that as well?

    • Sylvie

      Oh, Hannie, I didn’t even know that Hildegard von Bingen has made music. I will search for it, very interesting! The word history has made me think. Your explanation is incredible. I have never thought about it in this way. You are a great inspiration, Hannie!
      I am sorry to hear about your tinnitus. I believe it must drive you crazy very often. I sometimes have a kind of ringing in my ears. I think it is from the 5G network they have installed for the Smart City project! Can you sleep, or is this affecting you very much?

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