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The Beauty of Spring- Healthy Fasting

I love Spring! Winter is nearly gone, and the days are becoming longer. Life is awakening in Spring, birds are singing, insects are waking up, starting their dance of life, mammals get active, and we humans are longing for the sun and noises of beautiful springtime. The beauty of Spring is supported by healthy fasting. If you have never fasted, you might want to try it. A perfect time to reset your cells and renew your energy.

Awakening Life

I love to go outdoors, observing and sensing the awakening of Nature in Spring. Everything, the warmth, the noise, the fragrance of the flowers, the colors, is resetting my senses. After a long, cold, rainy winter with grey days, I feel the beauty and peace of the Spring. I think, hopefully, we will have more warm days than last Spring and Summer. In the Netherlands, temperatures are often not warm, and we can get very wet springs and summers. I never hated cold summers because I am a Northern child, but the older I become, the more I long for heat. Is this not funny?

The Beauty of Spring- Healthy Fasting
Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels

For me, after dark winter is gone, the most peaceful, joyful time is the awakening of Nature in Spring. I already see that the spring flowers are coming, temperatures are milder, and I long for the days I am working in my fairy garden. Working in my garden is my most pleasure, watching the plants grow and the buds coming out. The first bumblebees are the queens, and they are now looking for food and a nest where they can start building their population. I love these cute insects! The loud noise they are causing with their wings gives me peace. It reminds me of the beautiful days in the sun in Nature in my youth. It is a pity that the bumblebees’ population has decreased so much. Every summer, I see fewer bumblebees in my garden, and I am worried.

Spring is when life begins again, and our cells are renewing. All life on Earth depends on the sun. In the Northern countries, life depends on the seasons, a circle we also find in our bodies. In former times people couldn’t go to the supermarket and buy food that didn’t grow in winter. They ate seasonally grown vegetables and fruits prepared for the winter, like drying, smoking, and fermenting vegetables. I made my bread myself in those days, and I ground my grains before making my bread. I still know that I had mealworms and flour beetles in my grains because the grains were still natural. Nowadays, you don’t even find them in organic grains, which surprises me.

Awakening life means changing my diet to consuming lots of fresh salad, raw vegetables, fruits, seedlings, seeds, and nuts. I eat lighter and rawer. Awakening means renewing my energy, feelings, and senses. The cells need to be restored, and it is an excellent time to detox the whole body.

Spring and the New Feeling

I don’t know if you understand what I am saying. Spring brings with it a new feeling, the feeling of lightness, of longing for deepness, for sensing, for healthy fresh, lighter food. Listening to the voices of Spring in the forest or a park is a balm for our hearts. At that moment I want to live in a country with a lot of Nature and fewer people. The Netherlands is overcrowded with people, cars, houses. I need peace and a restful environment to recover from the dark days in winter.

tulip street

Spring is the time to clean up the house, refurbish furniture, buy new dresses, wear sandals, and feel the wind on my skin. Lovely!:)

I love to cleanse my body and mind to underline my feelings because a healthy, pure body will sense and retain more energy. A person who eats lots of junk food and is not moving clogs his cells, and his mind feels numb and less. It is a very decreased life not to have a balanced mind, body, and spiritual sensing. We are made to be in balance with Nature and to sense our physical and spiritual surroundings, our inner being. People living life in Nature like the aboriginals living in the Amazon, Australia, and other places are closer to their senses. They feel!!

Often we are clogged up with rubbish after winter, have eaten lots of fatty and sugary stuff at Christmas, didn’t move enough, and feel somewhat down, depressed, or melancholic. The latter is critical because it helps us stop the activity and sense our inner feelings. Very often, artists feel melancholic when they create the most beautiful art. Melancholy belongs to life.

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Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

In Spring we can start to clean the rubbish out of our bodies. In Christian cultures, people did fast centuries ago after carnival. It helped broaden the spiritual senses; they had purified their bodies and minds for God and His messages. God is spirit, and we can only be in contact if we have a clean flowing spiritual mind, a condition where we can hear from God. Other religions do the same; they fast and cleanse their bodies and minds.

However, it is good for replenishing and renewing your energy. You will feel lighter, more joyful, and at peace.

Fasting For Health

If we fast, we restrict the body of food, and it has to use its storage, primarily fat, to produce energy. However, fasting is cleansing the body from plaques in our blood vessels, skin from all kinds of impurities, liver, gut, lungs, all organs will be purified, and the cells will be renewed. While fasting, we need to drink lots of clean, pure water that the body needs to flush out the rubbish. In the first three days, you can experience cold or flu-like symptoms, headaches,  or aches in the muscles, bones, and joints. It is entirely normal! Also, you could feel down, depressed, and tired, as well as cold. But it usually will disappear within three days, depending on the pollution of your body.

There are different ways to fast. Some people love to fast for one week, drinking only water and herbal teas. Others think three days are enough and start eating light meals after the fast. For me, the best is to do intermittent fasting. This kind of fasting is very powerful, even in winter. I do this automatically. You don’t eat for a part of the day, for example, you stop in the evening around 19.00, and start with a healthy meal or juice at lunchtime. You only drink water.

Lunch will be a light meal, a freshly pressed vegetable juice, or fruit with seeds and nuts. I often make a fresh salad with seeds and nuts, some meat, or some wild-caught fish. In the evening, I eat dinner; my favorite is salad, seeds, and some meat. If you need something between try nuts. They are healthy, have the proper fat, and fill your stomach but without salt. If you could adopt intermittent fasting into your lifestyle, you do not need to do spring cleaning at all. Because you already detox on a regular level.

Photo by Samad Deldar from Pexels

Your body and mind will be grateful to you. Starting to get rid of the rubbish in your body will provide you with more energy, so you might want to start a fitness routine like walking doing some gym. Meditation combined with breathing is also a great tool to cleanse your lungs and mind. If you have regular pain, you might want to breathe deep into this area until it is gone. I do this, and it helps me get rid of pain without using painkillers. I don’t like to take medication; only if I have no other choice, I use painkillers or antibiotics.

In Spring, starting to blend or juice vegetables is a great way to get rid of the toxins in your body and replenish them. The body needs nutrients to rebuild its cells. Maybe after your fast, you will keep a healthy lifestyle as a possibility to feel better. It is the best you can do for yourself! Addictions will go away, and your body doesn’t need so much food. The more nutrients your body receives, the less hunger you will feel, a win/win situation! 😉

The Beauty of Spring- Healthy Fasting

When you start your fasting routine, you only need some items for your kitchen. I have an excellent blender and a slow juicer for making my fresh vegetable juice.

If you want to know the effects of juicing on your body, you could read my articles.

Most important are different seeds and nuts, all organic. They spend a lot of nutrients and healthy fats for our body, like the Brasil nuts. Two Brasil nuts a day provide enough selenium for our body, essential for our immune system and the thyroid. I also drink pure filtered water with some Himalayan salt to restore electrolytes in my cells. It helps to empty your bowels from rubbish. If you want to give your metabolism a kickstart, drink a spoonful of apple cider vinegar(organic) in a glass of water every morning. It will help your stomach to digest the foods better.

You shouldn’t take any statin, but rather apple cider vinegar. If you choose to take statins, you will imbalance your cholesterol and hormones. A hormone imbalance ruins the body, creates inflammation in your tissues and organs. Keep a healthy hormone level by doing weightlifting exercise, walking, consuming healthy foods. I use flaxseed in my daily juices; they contain phytonutrients essential for our body. The natural phytoestrogens will balance your hormones. Eating about 80% raw will help you go through menopause without having terrible flashes. Also, consuming Vitamin B complex is vital to stop cravings and menopause symptoms.

If you start fasting regularly, intermittent fasting, or for three days or more, you will notice more energy and that the crap is coming out of you. If you could adopt a healthy lifestyle, you would feel it directly. I hope you will take care of yourself and start detoxing.

Final Thought

Fasting is the way to more health, healing your cells, and renewing your energy. If you can start with small steps and finally make it your lifestyle, you will be on the safe side, removing your inner rubbish and feeling energized and more awake. A clear mind lives in a clean, pure body! That should be your goal!

If you have any questions, and I can help you, I would love to support your healing! Let me know! My email is

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  • Hannie Mommers

    Hi Sylvia, as far as I know, your body thermostat changes with ageing, so that makes it only all too logical you crave the warmth more when you’re older. I experienced the same when I still lived in the Netherlands. Over here, I already complain about the cold when it’s below 15 degrees, LOL.

    Fasting indeed is very healthy. I can only back you up on that. I -sort of – fast every day, as I do intermittent fasting. I only eat between 8 am and 5 pm and only drink between 7 am and 6 pm. And occasionally I have a detox week. That’s not fasting in the meaning of eating less or not at all, but a week of only eating plant-based things like smoothies and salads.

    Like you, I already have the feeling spring has set in. The almond flowers are so lovely at the moment. We pass several orchards during our daily hike and especially the buzz of a lot of bees pleases me. I am so glad they haven’t managed to wipe them all out with their dreaded pesticides.

    Thanks for an uplifting article and take care.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment, Hannie! We need more warmth getting older. 😉 You live very healthily! It is the best we can do for our body and mind, fasting! I try to do it like you! Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle for me!
      Today we have a strong storm, but I hope we will have a warm spring very soon. The bees and bumblebees are still sleeping! Some weeks and they will come out of their nest! Beautiful insects! 🙂

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