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The Beauty of The Earth!

How beautifully made is our planet?

The beauty of the Earth is breathtaking! The different landscapes, the sea, the mountains, the countries, the continents are so beautiful.

The Beauty of the Earth
Photo by Oleg Mikhailenko from Pexels

Now we all suffer from the pollution Big Industry and Big Pharma are causing, but we, as the world’s population, pay for them and suffer. Look at the natives living in the Amazon region. They suffer violation, destruction of their environment, and death because we, the consumers, are responsible for buying products that destroy our beautiful Earth. Point!

You and I must stop consuming and rethink other possibilities to save these people and their environment.

Our Planet, Mother Earth

When I was a child, I remember that I loved to stroll around in a small forest close to the sea. I laid down in the grass, and I felt so secure, my father above in heaven, my mother I was lying on, the Earth, and all the animals and insects, my sisters and brothers. I felt the safest in these hours as an eight-year-old girl. This feeling has never left me all my life.:)

a woman dancing on a field
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

The world then has been still healthy, many insects and plants, but I experience the progress already in the form of the farmers who have bought machines to mow the grains, killing many animals. I was a child and had no idea, but I found this machine very interesting. All the village children were allowed to accompany the farmer on the big harvester, and we were so proud, not knowing the disaster in these fields.

On the contrary, the other farmer was still plowing the fields with a horse. The fields have looked healthy with so many wild plants, bees, and butterflies. It needed only some decades to destroy the wildflower fields. And so the insects and animals. The insects have declined by about 70%. We need the bees, bumblebees and butterflies, and other insects. They are all created by purpose.

In only some decades, the species of human beings have ruined the Earth at such a level that many animals, insects, and plants are already gone. Today’s young people think the Earth is a supermarket they can walk through and buy everything they desire and throw away if not needed anymore.

Luckily many young people are aware of what is happening and afraid of their future. These are the young people we need to save the planet. Young people fighting for their future!

Mother Earth is beautiful but needs our help. I believe that our father God will save His creation, but we have destroyed the planet for our own profit because He has given us free will.

a peaceful lake at night
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

All people are guilty, but stakeholder capitalism hasn’t helped to stop this. The politicians are putting the burden on their people, but don’t restrict these cooperations that are greedy for more power and money. The money of these few people could save the whole world, ending starvation, healing the environment, and us, but they don’t have any empathy, but the greed for money. It is our all task not to consume so much, and by making the right choices, save the planet, but starve industry, change it.

We need our farmers and helping them having fewer animals, using no pesticides, we would improve the environments of the world and ourselves. Local farmers are the way!

Mother Earth is crying, and I cry with her!

The Beauty of the Earth

Our Earth is so beautiful with different habitats, different climates. Different landscapes. It is why we are traveling, getting to know other beautiful continents, animals, and people and their cultures. The oceans are so mysterious, all the beautiful lives in there, fish and mammals. They still find species that have been hiding from the world, never been seen before. Is this not amazing?

Also, if you walk through the jungle in respect, there are still many animals and plants we haven’t seen before. God is the creator of the Earth, and everything fits perfectly. It is breathtaking seeing the jungles, the tropical beaches, the forests, oceans, rivers, mountains, desserts.

I have never been to Africa; even my brother has worked and lived quite a time, for some years in South Africa. However, I believe that this continent is stunning, with its vegetation and different landscapes.

You will find certain animals only in some continents and countries, like the marsupials in Australia and Tasmania. You find in the Amazon plants and animals you will never see somewhere else. Our task is to stop industries from destroying and exploiting the countries and the environments for their profit. These industries have become mega-rich and need to be stopped; we need more people to rethink

. Most people don’t want to make an effort to reduce their comfort level, even if their children’s and grandchildren’s life is threatened. The future of these children is grey, very grey! Your children’s future is GREY! Do you understand?

grey brick
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

However, we can still stand up and create a better future for our children. I don’t have children, but I am fighting for yours. Get up!!!!!

I have been to many countries and seen many different habitats; they are all beautiful the way they are designed. However, artificial areas full of buildings made from brick, like huge cities, are ugly and very damaging to our health. It is the air pollution and the stress coming from racing around living to the demands of society. Light pollution, noise pollution, the grey Beton that makes our minds sick!

Suppose our mind is unhealthy, so our bodies are. Do You understand that? 

 A healthy mind creates a healthy body!

a young man sitting high up in the mountains at sun set
Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels

Many people have no escape anymore, escaping their misery. It is essential to bring much nature into the cities and decrease electricity and radiation, also a huge polluter. The problem is that mega-rich people profit from these forms of innovation and will not stop with development and exploitation.

But we as the people can stop it by rejecting to purchase the newest technique and stopping the governments burdening us with all of these challenges. They allow these developments that make us ill because the stakeholders behind these cooperations have the lobby. We pay for their pollution and every mistake they cause in the environment; for example, Shell has caused many oil accidents, polluting the countries and oceans. Do you know?

The planet belongs to all of us, not only the Big Industry that will never change without being forced by the consumer.

The Greed of the Human Beings

Big Tech has caused so many diseases spreading their net of electricity and radiation. This unseen threat is causing many autoimmune disorders, stressing and damaging the body’s cells, causing cell death and mutation. People feel weak, ill, and missing energy but can’t connect because they are ill because of their devices in their houses and the neighborhood. Devastating!

exhausted woman
Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

In countries where they already use many digital and electrical devices and networks, people suffer from all kinds of symptoms. Many Asian countries are already very advanced in this digital development, especially in huge cities. Artificial intelligence finds its way!

Big Pharma is the biggest among the Mafia clan, causing so much grief and death worldwide. The western system is built on symptom treatment instead of healing. Keeping people sick is their profit. The toxic waste that is produced is poisoning our environment, water, and soil. People on medications and hormones are dangerous to our essential sources, and only a few people are aware of the threat. Our drinking water contains so much rest medication and pesticides and herbicides, which the filters can’t clean anymore.

You need to buy a water filter for your house to stay healthy.

We pay the price with our health and money.

Monsanto and Beyer will never stop their profit-making activity and trying to produce other toxins when glyphosate and roundup are forbidden, using the same ingredients. It is such a great earning model for them and has made them very rich. They don’t care for the decrease of plants, insects, and animals, and they don’t care if they are killing us.

plowing machine destroying the soil
Photo by Rachel Meiergerd from Pexels

I am sure that they are psychopaths because they don’t care about their children’s future.

Luckily, there are many sustainable environmental organizations and people fighting to preserve our beautiful Earth. 

The palm industry has already burned so many hectares of forest that it is irrevocably destroyed. The tropical forest, the Amazon, is disappearing with all the rare species living in this forest. People are killed for trying to save the environment where they live, but we can stop that by rejecting to buy cosmetics or food using palm oil.

The fashion industry has destroyed so much nature, making people very ill. We can stop our consumption behavior, and there is so much we can do.

If you read my posts on this site, you will get to know many alternatives to live sustainably and prevent the industry from exploiting other people and our planet. We are the consumers, and the industry is depending on us! You don’t need an overfull wardrobe!

Stop using toxins for your weed in your garden.

Buy organic vegetables and fruit on local farmer markets! Stop buying gen-manipulated produce! Buy real organic products!

It is essential for your health, your family, and the environment. Buy your meat at an organic butcher, and reject eating antibiotics and hormone-filled meat from animals who have been treated badly, being fed gen-manipulated food what we consume eating their meat. Educate yourselves!

It is healthier to eat less meat and healthy meat. The healthy formula means consuming about 80 % organic vegetables and fruit, seeds, nuts, and healthy fats, while about 10-15 %  should be protein. Following this diet, many people will look gorgeous, energized, and healthy without worrying about a Covid virus. Does this sound great? 🙂

Less is more!

We need our farmers, and if they are allowed to produce sustainable organic food without the government’s interference, we will live healthily in a healthy environment! The government is depending on the Big Industry, which is not an advantage for the population.

I would rather pay more for my meat and dairy products and vegetables and fruits as long as I keep my health and immune system strong. My husband is real Dutch; consuming dairy is important for him, so I try to make healthy kefir and yogurt, fermented and full of good bacterias for his gut.

I don’t eat dairy myself!

If you want to follow my other website about natural health, you are welcome to learn how to make your food yourself. 🙂

I will show you how to ferment food, which is beneficial for your body, especially your gut.

If you follow this site about sustainability and my posts, I will bring a series of videos on how to upholster and refurbish secondhand furniture. It is not difficult 🙂

What Has Happened since Industrialization?

Industrialization is the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial society. Historically industrialization is associated with an increase of polluting industries heavily dependent on fossil fuels; however, with the increasing focus on sustainable development and green industrial policy practices, industrialization increasingly includes technological leapfrogging, with direct investment in more advanced, cleaner technologies. ( Wikipedia)

The first Industrial Revolution started in mid 18th to early 19th century in Europe and North America. Characteristics of this early industrialization were technological progress, a shift from rural to industrial labor, financial investments in new industrial structures, and early developments in class consciousness and theories related to this, the First Industrial Revolution.

The “Second Industrial Revolution” labels the later changes that came about in the mid-19th century after the refinement of the steam engine, the invention of the internal combustion engine, the harnessing of electricity, and the construction of canals, railways, and electric-power lines. The invention of the assembly line gave this phase a boost. Coal mines, steelworks, and textile factories replaced homes as the place of work.

By the end of the 20th century, East Asia had become one of the most recently industrialized regions of the world. Between the early 1960s and 1990s, the four Asian Tigers underwent rapid industrialization and maintained exceptionally high growth rates. (also known as the Four Asian Dragons or Four Little Dragons in Chinese, Japanese and Korean) are the economies of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
The Industrial Revolution changed the family structure and society, shifted from agriculture to industrial work where the people could earn the most, and moved to the cities to earn an income, leaving their families. The working class developed.

The place of women in the society then shifted from home caring to employed workers hence reducing the number of children per household. Furthermore, industrialization contributed to increased cases of child labor and thereafter education systems. (Wikipedia)
A total of three industrial revolutions have been recognized, each with its own technological, infrastructural, and market changes. In fact, the third industrial revolution has not yet come to an end.

Also known as the intelligence revolution (RCT) or the third scientific-technical revolution, the third industrial revolution represents a concept approved by the European Parliament in June 2007. It is an economic transformation in which new energy systems converge with new communication technologies.

Among the many inventions of the third industrial revolution, these three stands out:

  1. Fiber optics: It is a transmission medium normally used in data networks.
  2. Innovations in Nanotechnology
  3. Fiberglass: It is a material widely used today in different industrial products. (

So the fourth revolution has to come. Professor Klaus Schwab talks a lot about the fourth revolution, and we are very much on our way.

Watch this video!

Final Thought

The beauty of the Earth is damaged and destroyed by many different interests that aim to exploit and make huge financial profits from the resources and the people. To restore and recover our planet, we have to decrease our consumption behavior and force the industry into rethinking their plans, starting to produce sustainably. We all can change the course, from destruction to recovery, for our planet with all the beautiful animals and us! Thank God!

Please, tell me what you think! I would love an open discussion! If you think differently, you still are very welcome. Let me know your feelings and experiences and thoughts.:)

All the Best,


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