The Beauty of Light

The Beauty of the Light- Wonderful

The Beauty of Light-Wonderful

To show the beauty of the light is also art for me. Light has always attracted me, sunlight playing on the water or in the leaves of a tree, in the forest, or the eyes of a person. Light is beautiful! You create something like a beautiful glass or a lamp, maybe a painting pointing to a reflection, or you use a camera to catch nature’s light; it is an act of art for me.

My heart jumps if I see all the beauty around me. I love to walk and capture what I observe. In this manner, I take many pictures with the camera on my mobile. To see them reminds me of God’s beautiful creation. He is Light; there is no shadow in Him. Amen!

The Beauty of Photography

Photography is a great tool! Not only for the police to find the criminals:) No, it is excellent to keep the moment of everything you like. Your wedding, your children, your travels, your life, and the lives of your beloved ones.

It is beautiful to sit back and remember these moments, especially someone we love who has died. We cannot forget this person. So this is a precious opportunity.


wedding, beautifully dressed people

But you can do more with this tool. To take a photo and then paint it is very satisfying. You are busy with something relaxing that is good for your mind and your whole body.

If you have a lot of stress and need time for yourself, you could paint beautiful images from photos. I am not that good at painting, but I have tried it. Some of my friends are very gifted, and it looks so fantastic when they have finished a painting. For example, it beautifies a living room or sleeping room.

I like it very much; interior design and paintings or photos make a house or apartment more lively. You can now buy a  photo wallpaper that covers the complete wall or door. There is so much great advice on beautifying a house’s interior if you search the internet.

I am always amazed to see the wallpapers. Sometimes the wall behind your sofa is changed into a forest, and it looks like you are living and sitting in the woods. Beautiful sunlight playing with the leaves, and you are sitting in the midst. 🙂

A photo keeps the momentum; it has to do with your feeling at that moment. So often, when you look at it later, you don’t find the same feeling back. That is normal. I am a very emotional, sensual person, and I love to hold on to my emotions by taking a photo of light flowing, playing, and matching my feelings. It is an expression of my most inner self at that moment. It is like I create art of myself, of my emotions. And they are, of course, always different.

If you have never tried that, maybe you give it a shot and start to see yourself through the pictures you take. It is excellent to get and keep in contact with yourself in stressful times.

 The Beauty of the Light

Light has always attracted me very much. As a child, I loved the pictures the light has created, especially the sunlight.

Even a flash of lightning has always fascinated me. I can stand in front of the window watching the heavy storm and love the lightning dancing through the sky where others are afraid.

lightning above the sea

When I was a child, I have been with my parents and brothers at the beach. It was a hot summer day, and a storm came towards us. Everyone has collected their things and packed the bags fleeing in the direction of the cars.

I stayed in the warm water and watched, fascinated by the beautiful spectacle in the sky.

Until my father arrived with an angry voice, calling me out of the water. I had no clue as to a child that I have been in danger. But of course, my father knew. That was such a beautiful and robust experience with the light and its beauty. You can feel the warmth of lightning. Have you ever thought it? I have!

In the summertime, you have so many possibilities to catch the light of, maybe a summer evening or morning. But even in winter, you can take beautiful pictures—a frozen lake shimmering by the sunlight.

I am always fascinated by photographers who take breathtaking pictures of the light, like the Aurelia Borealis in the northern part of the world. This is so beautiful! I would love to see it very much!

Aurelia Borealis

Every landscape has its light and watching it creates a satisfying feeling in you. I am amazed by the greatness of God, who has made all this beauty.

But you have the beauty of light also in a person’s eyes, especially children and animals. When people smile or be angry, their heart is shown in their eyes. You can see their heart’s beauty with all the vulnerable emotions creating a moment of different shades of light. I love this so much; capturing the emotions is beautiful;

A beautiful photo in a specific setting is catching the moment. It doesn’t matter which objects we have. People are very visual and be touched easily by beautiful pictures.

You can see it on Pinterest, where so many pins are created. Pinterest has become an enormous platform. We are visual beings, and beauty is keeping us occupied. So now everyone has their standard of what beauty is for them. And that is fantastic.

You can see it also in interior design pictures. There is so much difference out there from where we get our inspiration from. This is the reason that magazines about interior design are selling so well. Women love to get some inspiration for their own home and play with light and colors.

Fashion is another topic where pictures give us a lot of inspiration and attract our attention. Women and men in beautiful clothes filmed or taken pictures of them using the right hook for the incoming light give you a sensual feeling triggering your creativity. When the fashion catalog is sent to the people in spring or autumn, their creativity is waking up. This makes them buying new clothes.

For me, it is a fascinating mechanism. And I can see it working because it triggers my creativity too.

Beauty of Nature

I think nature is the most favored object to take pictures of worldwide. For me, it is. I walk a lot, and I love to walk alone or with my husband and sense the surrounding, the forest, the mountains, the beaches, the garden, the insects and birds, listening to the flowing water of my fountain. It gives me peace. Nature gives me peace.

I traveled quite a lot, and the most pleasure has given me nature wherever I have been. Because of my husband, we also visit cities, but I prefer to be in nature. I got the most beautiful impressions when I had the possibility of staying all day in the mountains or forest. You see the light changing, and nature is putting on a new dress every hour. That is so amazing for me.

Light coming through leaves

We have lived in a recreational park in the Netherlands. The house was beautiful, an Australian wooden house with big windows and doors all around, so we were in contact with the outside. I loved it! In summer, we opened the big door to the garden, and by leaving the house through this door, we have been directly standing in the garden.

There have been so many different birds I have never seen before. In our pond, we had frogs being noisy all night. I had the best sleep in my life, listening to nature’s sounds. The light in our garden was excellent in every season. This is the life I prefer.

In the last years, we have used Airbnb to get around, which has many advantages. You can stay where you want, and you have your own house to cook in, shower, and sleep.

But I think to travel around, and to stay wherever you desire, is something I would love to do. It would help if you were freed of the usual job that keeps you in one place. This is why I am working on building up my online business to secure my dream.

To be surrounded by nature and feeling relaxed in this beautiful light creates a desire to feel connected with God’s creation. We have already destroyed so much and are still doing. Help the animals and insects, so you help keep this beautiful inheritance for your children and grandchildren. You will support the planet and yourself.

Catch the Moment

Pictures are catching the moment. This is why we all take photos of our beloved ones, pets, special events, etc. This makes a situation special. In earlier times, people had only their memories, and these could fade away.

We see paintings of famous people in castles. That has been their way of keeping themselves alive for children and grandchildren.

But now you can have tons of pictures if you like, saved in maps on your computer. It is so easy to catch the moment just by taking pictures with your smartphone. For example, you see a beautiful flower; the sunlight is like a spotlight, only more fascinating and gives this flower a beautiful outfit. By taking a picture, you hold on to this moment, capturing the beauty of this flower and the light. If you are creative, you could make a poster from this moment, put it in a frame. Creativity has so many faces.

a tree shining through a glass ball

Final Thought

Beauty is in the Light! We can hold on to this moment by taking pictures. That can be anything, nature, our moments like a wedding, people, animals. But, for me, the fascinating moments are when I am out walking in nature, the light, the colors, the seasons; this all is so beautiful to behold.

What do you think? Do you love taking pictures? Do you see the light reflecting?

Please let me know and give me a comment!

All the best,



  • Christine

    I remember when I first came to Los Cabos, Mexico (where I live now) and right before sunset there were always faint lights in the sky. Not at sunset, but before it even began. I used to lie on a bench in the yard and stare at the sky. I even wrote a poem about the lights in the sky. 

    I have lived here for many years now and I still admire those lights that I see nowhere else but here. One day I would also love to see the Borealis lights, that must be so impressive. 

    I live in the middle of nature and I have an outdoor kitchen. Just a few moments ago, two little birds walked into my outdoor kitchen and picked the floor clean 🙂 I was very quiet, reading your article, I didn’t want to frighten them. 

    I also hear frogs croak at night, and so I understand what you mean with the sounds of nature, they are very soothing.

    Although I love to take photographs, I am not that good at it and sometimes my photos do not capture the light the way it is for real, but perhaps I need to get a better camera. I have taken some incredible pictures of bonfires, though, but I still need more practice. 

    • Sylvie

      Wow, Christine! I understand you very much! I even can imagine how it must be where you live. That is such a blessing. I believe that admiration will never disappear, nature is so beautiful, and when we have found our place, it is always again like coming home. 

      Do you have a gorgeous sky full of stars over there? I think so. 🙂

  • Hannie

    I agree, light in all its forms is absolutely beautiful.

    Have you seen the Aurelia yourself as well, Sylvia? It must be an astounding experience and I have put it on my bucket list. The only thing that is holding me back a bit is the cold. 🙂

    That light through the trees, is that called a Jacob’s ladder as well? I know it is when you see that effect through clouds, but I am not sure about the trees.

    I don’t miss much of the Netherlands, but what I do miss is that special light on autumn mornings when the woods are still hazy. We used to live near a nature area with ponds and those vague trails hanging above the water or the moor are called Witte Wieven, white wives. I love that term. 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Oh, Hannie, I know what you mean. The autumn is amazing here. I love the air and the light in the morning. Beautiful! I don’t know if the tree’s light is called Jacobs ladder, but I love this name. I haven’t seen the Aurelia Borealis, but that is something I will for sure do. And I love the cold!;)
      Thank you very much for your comment, Hannie! I don’t know Witte Wieven, but I will look up and visit it. 🙂 Thank you for the tip!

  • NoBossExperience

    I’m an artist myself, so it’s not surprising that I enjoyed your article. Sylvia, you said something very important. You can find beauty in nature, in art. But you can find this quality in the eyes of a child, of your loved one. In fact, is it possible to say that we can’t find beauty without that sense of wonder? You can find beauty in a little girl, smiling as she sees a cute puppy? Does that mean that we recognize beauty because there is some beauty in us? Plato thinks that beauty is an eternal form, invisible and unchanging. I believe that this form exists. But inside us.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment! It is so beautiful what you have written here. It is like a poem, and I love it. You are right; you can’t find without that sense of wonder. Very well said! I love your philosophical thoughts. You bring us to think about it more deeply. I believe that beauty is in us, for sure. And that makes us see the beauty outside of us. What we think we will see! And attract! 

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