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The Beauty of the World I Knew

We had a beautiful world, a life full of positive and negative happenings. We didn’t know that other humans who have much money and power had always influenced our world in such a way that they are even responsible for all the wars. I didn’t know! I didn’t know about false flags agendas.

But what I knew was that we had to learn a profession, work a job, pay our expenses, pay taxes, and join the elections. I learned as a Christian to pray for the government and all our leaders so that we might have a peaceful, blessed life, and I did!

Now I know all the hidden agendas planned by so-called elites! However, I had no idea that dark forces were playing God with their money and influence, and that didn’t care if they had destroyed other countries and the citizens for their greediness. But of course, Satan is very real. But God is also very real!!

The Beauty of the World I Knew

The Beauty of the World I knew
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

It sounds pessimistic when I say the world I knew, and it is not intended to sound negative, but my goal is to help the reader to reflect in a more profound way on our world. In the western world, living in wealthier countries has given the people many opportunities and freedom, and peace where our parents have been the stable angle. They have experienced the second world war as children, and they have transferred their morals to the children. I am very thankful that I am the generation that still has experienced a kind of shortcomings and the possibility of creating wealth, buying houses, spending holidays abroad, driving a car, having quality in the wardrobe, and certainly enough to eat. Other countries haven’t been so lucky.

I was blessed that I could learn a profession as a woman, go to school, and also be able to learn about other countries and their cultures. Some friends came from other countries, and visiting them was so natural. I enjoyed the peace and the freedom of choosing where to travel. So I traveled pretty far and stayed in New Zealand and other countries for some months. My job gave me the money to have an apartment, car, clothing, travel, and the freedom to do what I desired.

When Germany was still Germany and didn’t belong to the European Union, we earned enough, and the costs were still affordable. When the EU and the Euro arrived, people suddenly earned less income but had to pay more on their monthly expenses. The disbalance became huge, and within some decades, we suddenly had many poor people in a country that is internationally known as one of the richest. The many wrong decisions made by the politicians have broken the country’s wealth and people. We have so many poor old and young people, it is devastating!

Now I know that this is all wanted by the elite who is following their schedule, and has planned everything already for years, the wars, political management, democratic or social communism, or fascism. Everything is not elected but planned. It doesn’t matter what political parties we elect. The force behind our lives is determined by the few super-rich people who always become more prosperous at the end of a crisis and leave the country’s people behind poorer and sicker. They are used to stealing the population’s money because they easily lie and betray. Our tax money is given to superrich cooperations and so-called philanthropic organizations. Our government throws with our tax money like it is their pocket money. We have allowed this by not protesting against them because we trusted the governments for our future!

Nowadays, many people can’t pay for their monthly existence because they are underpaid while life in most countries has become expensive. I believe it is time for a revolution to stop working and force the suppressing governments and elite to balance the nations’ finances, helping their population live a good life. This revolution has to be spiritual!

Industry and Pharmacy have become too influential in increasing their profits which has nothing to do with the people’s health. Doctors have been forced to follow the rules of Big Pharma to make their clients sicker depending on medications. The Industry has contributed to creating more diseases like cancer, so Big Pharma can present its solution and increase its profits. Big Pharma has become so greedy that this Industry is suppressing and murdering people coming in their way. The vaccination propaganda plans to make more profits while not being accountable for damages and deaths while making people transhumans and connecting them to artificial intelligence.

This development has only lasted some decades until we have reached a level where the greediness for profit and control has overtaken all kinds of instances, like health organizations, governments, control instances, etc. They are all corrupted! The money and power belong to only a few families.

This video is a great eye-opener!

The Freedom of Speech

There was a time that everyone could write or say what he thought. We had fruitful discussions about politics, food, sports, everything. Nobody was forced to deny their own opinions. As free people, it was customary to have a free opinion, and we could discuss our different views. People were allowed to create their art, setting up their business ideas. We all had the right to naturally strengthen our immune system, eat healthy organic food, take supplements, do sports, and live a healthy lifestyle. We could travel to most countries, even live there if we desired.

Since two years when Covid 19 appeared, all of this disappeared, even to the point that our human rights are violated. It is crazy what happens nowadays. Governments try to force us into vaxxination of a vaxxine that does more harm than good combined with a control system, a pass.

Covid 19 is no virus but a plan pushed by the elite on the global population to take us over and merge us with machines, artificial intelligence, making us transhumans and Cyborgs. It is a patent owned by the Rothschild family. Covid 19 is used to change our DNA by using CRISPR technology. Governments are using the methods Nazi Germany has used by stating that the unvaxxed part of the population is guilty of the many lockdowns and occupied IC beds in the hospitals. Why? Governments and elites need the global population tied to this system by giving regular vaxxinations in the year. The graphene level needs to be upheld in our bodies.

There have been so many lies and manipulated numbers in the statistics that more people will wake up and stop trusting governments and elites. Thank God! But we are certainly not in safety yet. The few superrich people are forcefully following their plans and will develop new bioweapons and threats to break the population.

Whistleblowers and critics are hunted down, not allowed to ventilate what they know. You can even observe the elite’s fear, royals, wealthy families, and governments that they have lost grip on the populations and will not get their agendas through. However, there are so many people, millions, who now know the truth and will certainly not participate in the evil game of the few wealthy families who think they are God themselves.

Dr. Robert Malone
Bing, Dr. Robert Malone

Whistleblowers and critics still say what they think even they have been threatened to be murdered, using social media for their messages, reaching out to millions of followers. It is amazing! While the mass of the world’s population is like sheep going to the slaughter, so many people are already awake to the real threat in this world, and they increase in numbers daily.

You are not alone with your fears and sorrows. There are communities where they are building blocks against governmental threats and forces. You can find them on the internet. Websites like have collected many addresses on a list where you find lawyers, doctors, and people who agree with you. Check them out! Many people blog about the truth, are not hiding, and be quiet, just informing other people about the threats. Praise God!!!

The Freedom of Choosing Religion

In the western world, in our human rights and our law, people can believe what they want. It is a right for all people living in these countries. A shift is happening whereby some religions are more tolerated than others. Everything that has to do with Christianity is tried to be eliminated. Since certain parties are on the front, they fight against Christianity, our system’s root. They bring more Islamic people into the countries while muting Christian values. Even in schools, they are undermining the Christian belief. The family is not a model we know anymore, like father, mother, and children, but they have created a new model, where we find all kinds of relations like homosexual and transgender couples.

Nearly all religions are not standing behind the change of the laws and don’t see this happening as a positive development of society. Politicians in the Netherlands try to make pedophilia a legal fact where it will be impossible to protect the children. It is a rotten stinking pool; the government and their top judges behind these developments create an open gate to their perverse sexual favorite inclination.

The bible says very firmly that sex with animals and children is perverse. These politicians who are standing behind this movement do not have any morals. They need to be stopped and replaced because most people are disgusted by these developments.

The great reset in the Netherlands
Bing, The Great Reset

Some countries openly criticize the Netherlands for this movement, like Russia or Hungary.

Our system is rooted in Christian principles, and this is the model our human rights are based on and our society. Our society is based initially on Christian beliefs, and everybody coming from another country is welcome but has to integrate themselves into our society. They are allowed to practice their religion or culture to some extent because we have a culture rooted in Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity, which makes our system unique.

However, if some religions are trying to eliminate Christianity, they are destroying our human rights based on our free and democratic system, something we can’t allow to happen.

The Medical Freedom

Nobody can say that we are not experiencing a change. Since Big Pharma, the superrich elite, the governments, and all kinds of stakeholders have overtaken Industry and Pharmacy, we can observe the greed for huge money increasing with a bad outcome. People are kept and made unhealthy to earn huge profits from our destroyed health. Of course, every person is responsible for their health and can live a healthy lifestyle. Still, the governmental regulations about toxins in food, soil, materials, and medications have supported the Industry and Pharmacy, which uses patents to earn more money. The government and Industry are not interested in our health, but their profits. The patent system is a corrupt system making the holders incredible money. So, of course, they are pushing us towards their plans.

However, many organic farmers still grow organic vegetables and fruits and raise healthy animals. But since genetically modified food is patented and earns a massive amount of money, the patentholders are not interested in growing organic, healthy food and destroying natural and healthy food. Governments are not stopping them because Industries have the lobby, and the stakeholders behind the Industry are bribing the governments and other organizations who should protect the population. Modified seeds threaten the organic fields because the used toxins are not staying on the conservative fields. Still, the wind brings them everywhere, and we can observe the death of bee populations and other animals. It is a severe threat to all life on the planet.

Medical freedom is rooted in the Nuremberg code from 1947 to prevent the murder Nazis have done by deadly and horrible experiments on the prisoners. Since then, every person has been allowed to choose what they let into their body.

With the artificial Covid 19 plandemic, governments and health organizations violate this code and our human rights. They are illegal busy with their treats towards the population. In many countries, unvaxxinated people face unemployment and social exclusion if they are not getting the vaxxines. I believe the extreme threat is preventing unvaxxed earning an income for paying their monthly expenses by the governments. The force of the population to get vaxxinated with an experimental vaxxine is illegal and deserves punishment! Our governments are behaving like criminals.

IG Farben in Ausschwitz
The Roots of the Covid Plan by the IG Farben Cartel

It needs to be stopped, the same as the police violation of peaceful demonstrators against the Corona restriction. Demonstrations are the right of a democratic population to show their anger against the government’s decisions. The police and military are there for the protection and not for suppression of the people. These actions have no place in a democratic country. Governments worldwide are changing into fascistic leadership, but they are elected initially to do the best for their population. The population who will instead turn away their faces should ask themselves if they want their children to grow up in communistic China, fascistic North Korea, or as free people?

I tell you that this is a serious question! What are you going to say to your children when they can’t go a step without being vaxxinated and controlled by a fascistic government who are puppets of the elite? I would like to hear your answer!

Our Beautiful World

Our world is so beautiful! God has created the best world ever, but human beings made a mess of it. I was born in a time only 16 years after world war II, and I have still known the beauty of silence, freshwater, fresh produce, fresh air, and seasons. People still have socialized with real people and not via smartphones. Of course, as a child, I received all kinds of vaxxinations, but I also got some childhood diseases. My food was natural, and I rejected painkillers and antibiotics when I could. My immune system was robust, and I was seeking the power of the Earth. All the toxins in our environments, food, water, air, materials have created weak people with a weak immune system.

My parents, born in 1936 and 1939, knew how to grow healthy vegetables, and we didn’t have so much, but still, we were singing with my aunts and uncles. Life was more quiet and peaceful, something I really can’t say nowadays.

Don’t worry but know you can still join small communities and live a meaningful life. You don’t need to mess up your environment and follow your government that doesn’t know how to support you and help the environment. You can stop exploitation. Many people are awakening and building a front against the corrupted government! They think that they are still followed, but many people don’t!

Help the local shops to grow real food, and sell quality materials! Help your farmers to use organic methods to keep the environment intact and our food healthy. It is possible! You don’t need wifi, and the 4 and 5 Gs. You don’t need censoring social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Local farmer market
Photo by Mark Stebnicki from Pexels

Start socializing and rebuking the governments, and we all will be free. When we deny artificial intelligence, they will not control us; even we are vaxxed. A detox program helps you be free of the transmitted nanotechnology that changes your DNA. Don’t help them to destroy humanity! We are the people, and we have the power!!! Our life can be peaceful and prosperous, a valued life like God has created for us.

Final Thought

The world I knew doesn’t exist anymore! It is a world poisoned and exploited by the Industry and those who consume. We should know how to preserve our beautiful world; supporting and not exploiting is the motto. Let us stand for the only world we have, our planet, against Industry, governments, elites, and Pharmacy. For our children! They deserve to be free!

Please, let me think what you think, what your opinion is. I would love to know!

All the Best,



  • Matthew/Deloris

    For us we are inagreeance with you on how this world has changed for the worse not better, we think they are trying to control our every move. Understand politics and the world around you can help make better informed decicions on how to protect yourself from COIVD 19.
    The freedom we have is very limited now and will contine to only get worse.
    Thank you for your informed and well thought out article on the beauty of the world.


    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, the world is changing, and we need to stop responsible politics and the corrupt super-rich people; otherwise, they destroy us and the environment. Taking our freedom back is the only thing we can do!

  • Hannie Mommers

    I am reading “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari at the moment. I love his ideas and description of humankind developing from ancient times and how we both differ from and are the same as other animals. Did you see Wintergasten last December on Dutch television? He was interviewed by Jeannine Abbring. Wonderful!

    As you know I think differently on part of your ideas and think the same about other ideas. I do think there is an atmosphere of fear and anxiety created, in which I refuse to go along. So I tend to focus on the positive, like the growing number of people who are trying to live sustainably. 🙂

    The world is still beautiful. Let’s keep it that way. Take care, Sylvia.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, Thank you for your comment! I see it also as positive because I believe in the bible. It is more about the past, and the present time I try to describe. Is it not always the past of our lives we adore? Haha!
      No, the world now is a roller coaster in development, and if the globalists succeed, we are transhumans connected to artificial intelligence, something I don’t want to happen. I love the development of sustainable communities, and that is what keeps me hoping that most people will not be sleeping but wake up to the threat of some elite families who are about to change our world. The New World Order!
      When I think back to my youth, I would rather be without Wi-Fi and 5G. I don’t know about Spain, but we here in Apeldoorn are the first project of Klaus Schwab’s “Smart Cities” in the Netherlands. It is a very threatening idea if you are aware of what its project contains. Maybe you want to investigate. Still, you have a son and grandchildren!
      Can I still watch Wintergasten on YouTube? I don’t know it!

  • Shalisha Alston

    I so agree with you. At first, I was a little at odds with your points of view, but as I read this article, I am more in alignment with your sentiments than not. I didn’t realize the elite, super rich, influence and determine everything in our country – like Big Pharma. Bill Gates is certainly throwing his weight around. I’m glad I didn’t grow up during the 30’s, 40s, 50s and 60s, as that would have been horrendous for me as a black woman. But at the same time, have things really changed? Yes, and no. You got me thinking a lot. I was very closed minded before. But now reading your posts, I’m very open. Thank you so much.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment, Shalisha! It is devastating what this elite is doing to us and our countries. Their goal is money and power! They belong to different loges, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Satanlovers, and the ordinary people do not interest them, only for making money. I understand! For me, it was hard to believe too.

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