The Beauty of Using an Induction Hob!

I am in love! I am in love with my induction hob! It has been the most significant decision since long to buy an induction hob. The beauty of using an induction hob is worth mentioning. For years we used a gas cooker, and I didn’t like it very much! In Germany, we use mostly electricity for cooking, but in the Netherlands, people use mainly gas.

I disliked the mess I created while cooking the meals and never felt comfortable using gas. Many people in the Netherlands say that gas is the cheaper source, and maybe it was an inexpensive source for energy in the past, but the coming year 2022 will be expensive in using gas.

The Beauty of using an Induction hob
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Nowadays, everything is changing to sustainable sources, and owning solar panels can significantly decrease the energy price. But we can’t store the generated energy, so we still need to buy from other sources to warm our house, or use electricity for cooking and bathing. In the winter, we don’t receive much energy from solar panels.

However, cooking on an induction hob is worth it! 🙂

Electricity-the New Source of Energy?

Of course, electricity is a very well-known energy source that we use already for decades, at least in Germany for cooking. However, for the radiators, we use gas in Germany and the Netherlands.

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I still know as a child that we receive oil for the heating, but it was changed very quickly to gas, a convenient source to keep the house warm in winter. I know that old villas still have open fireplaces, which I love so much. When I lived in Ireland, all houses still had an open fireplace, and the cozy warmth was lovely, especially when you heard the winterly storms outside. In many Northern countries, you still have the fireplaces as an addition for comfortable hours in the evening. In these modern times, the western world is using gas.

Still, nowadays, because of the new sustainability trend, everything has to be changed to other energy sources, like electricity coming from the sun, wind, water, and biomass. It seems like that all of a sudden, this change must be forced on the population that pays the costs as usual.

You know that I am very much for sustainability, but I connect the sustainable living with natural living. Not the people are the problem, but the devasting acts of Industry are the problem. By burning daily tons of hectors of forests worldwide for the palm oil industry, damaging extractions are done by Industry to get hold onto the fossil fuels, warming up our planet, and destroying the environment; we are certainly not doing good. If the politicians are not releasing laws to permit these actions, we will lose very much of our trees, plants, and animals for the greediness of these industries. It has to stop!

Indonesia forest burning
The New York Times

Politicians are corrupted by big money! CO2 is not warming up the planet but develops when heat is coming free and increases. Plants and trees need CO2 to produce oxygen. All life on the planet Earth needs oxygen! Some criminals want to make the population believe that overpopulation is the problem and our lifestyle. While planes and the massive traffic chaos caused by cars worldwide are certainly a dirty habit, the Industry is even more dirty and deadly. We need to stop, rethink and return to our roots, changing our lifestyle of overconsumption.

To create more oxygen, we need more trees. Farming must be regenerative, as well our lifestyles. But to leave one disastrous lifestyle and change to another damaging lifestyle is not the option. Of course, the industry has found new ways to earn a massive amount of money while making us pay the price and our future generations.

Using electricity is creating more problems in a long way, like health problems. In Asian countries where they already use much electricity, drive electric cars, or use home devices, people suffer from symptoms. There is no escape anymore because a vast network of electricity and wifi has been created in those countries and will be worldwide.


Cooking With Electricity

I already said that I have been used to cooking on electricity the most of my life because I owned an electric stove in Germany and Ireland. When I moved to the Netherlands, I wasn’t fond of the gas cooker and experienced difficulties getting used to it. However, I always had in my mind to exchange the stove for an electrical device, and now was the time to follow through with my plans. Our oven is broken now, and we will purchase a new one, so I will be able to bake and prepare our meals, bread, and cakes again.

The induction hob is so easy to handle, and it is not getting so dirty as the gas cooker while cooking and baking. If I get some dirty spots, the cleaning is effortless and convenient, and I use a wet cloth and go over the hob.

woman baking meat
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The water cooker I have is very slow compared to the induction hob, and water is boiled in seconds, saving money. The induction hob is a clean and saving way for cooking, and that is something I love.

Anyway, with all the developments nowadays, it is undoubtedly better to possess your electricity, and not be depending on the digital system which can be shut down by the energy companies and the government’s orders. The latter is also a reason to better have still a wooden stove to keep yourself warm in winter. We are already threatened with a complete energy shutdown foretold by the lockstep scenarios of the Rockefellers and the World Economic Forum. We don’t have a wood stove yet but are looking for one to bake and cook.

If the system usually works and they wouldn’t have announced their plans of sustainability and the Great Reset, I would undoubtedly prefer electricity before gas or oil for cooking because of the many advantages.

The Beauty of Using an Induction Hob!

Clean cooking is undoubtedly one of the significant advantages of an induction hob. They also come with a safety system that automatically turns off the hob when a pan boils dry., which indicates that safety is optimized. For children, it is very safe, because they can’t burn their hands. Heat is automatically reduced when the pans are taken away, and it doesn’t stay warm after cooking. The glass top prevents heat because glass is not a very good conductive material.

I already mentioned that cooking now is a faster experience. Due to its unique mechanism, the induction hob doesn’t need extra energy to heat the surroundings of the hob. The induction hob uses this same energy in heating the bottom of the pan; as soon as you put it in contact with the cooktop, there is no waste of energy. It is a brilliant solution to the energy problem. If you own solar panels, you will certainly save on your electricity bill using such a stove.

A disadvantage might be that the hobs are more expensive when you buy a good one. Also, I read some information that people say these hobs need more maintenance, and I can’t confirm it because I just started cooking with an induction hob.  Also, you need special cookware, pans, and pots with a magnet, making it impossible to use the old ones most often. I have already bought pans with a magnet that is fitting for all energy sources. An electrician said that I would not be able to use the pots and pans due to cooking on gas with them, but I have to say that I don’t experience any problems while cooking with them on the induction hob. They are not damaged! But, of course, they have been of excellent quality.

For me, the advantages are everything I love, and I will certainly never want to cook differently, only if the methods are more advanced! 😉

What Else is Sustainable Cooking?

Electricity seems to be the cleanest energy source for cooking. There are more options than induction hobs. You can also go for a ceramic top that wastes a little bit of electricity due to the fields that don’t adapt to the size of the pan or pot like the induction field does. But it is still sustainable, and the waste energy is not worth mentioning. These two are the most modern hobs you will find nowadays, and I am sure that the next generation is already in development.

Gas cooking will be eliminated soon due to the closing down of exploiting fossil fuels. Governments and scientists lie to us via mainstream media and social media. They tell us that using gas and oil is bad for the environment, as well as the huge amount of CO2 does harm the Earth and that it is already very close to the foretold disasters that are coming our way.  There are already scientists who admit that they had to lie to the public.

Fossil fuels are decreasing, and the Big companies are afraid not to earn enough money, so they need a plan B. Combining it with Big Tech, they have found other ways to make money and control the world’s population. Electricity is also required for digitalization, 5G,6G, artificial intelligence, etc. Our planet will drown in the deadly positive charged electrons, which might be too strong for the Earth’s negative charge to neutralize the tension in all life. Positive charged people, and we all are positively charged due to the endless devices in our house, are developing all kinds of diseases. The need to neutralize inside your house will become more, earthing mats, mattresses, maybe floor, shoes, clothing. We will live in a magnetron permanently bombarded by electricity and wifi. The planet will be a huge positively charged electrical spiderweb where we have to live in.

Seoul, Soth Korea
cloud mind

In countries that are already very far from using electricity and wifi, people suffer from symptoms. There are very far developed Asian countries where many people already drive electric cars and use many devices in their houses connected to artificial intelligence. People give orders to their devices, and they work.

The goal of the stakeholders is to create a technological, digital world where there will be no pilots flying the planes. Still, artificial intelligence will move the planes, cars, military, police, nursing, teaching, administration. It is not a bad idea to make life more comfortable, but this power in the hands of people who only desire money and power, but are not interested in the well-being of the people, is very dangerous. Power in the hands of few people is most times destructive.

However, having electricity for cooking is undoubtedly convenient, especially we can use many different resources like wind, water, sun, and the Earth.

Final Thought

Now I am very much for living a sustainable life, especially stopping overconsumption, exploiting the planet, preventing pollution. I am very much for everything that helps the Earth to recover, like regenerative farming, small communities, local shops, organically grown food, supporting small local businesses, pure water, soil, more trees, and plants for the animals and the planet, no plastic, but compostable products. I am very much for sustainable energy sources, but, please, without further exploitation and pollution. I am very much for the right to make your own health decisions, resulting in less medication production, and for natural treatments that don’t pollute our planet and help stimulate our immune system to heal itself.

No patents must be given out anymore, so we can stop exploitation and live a wholesome life.

If electricity is used as a sustainable way of life, I think an induction hob is better than gas. In the future, we will see more evidence.

Please, let me know what you think! What experiences have you had cooking on gas or electricity? I would love to know!

All the Best,


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