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The Beauty of Water- Crystals of Life

Water is an element, expressed chemically as H2O, that stores information. The beauty of water has many faces, sometimes quiet and peaceful, but also deep and unfathomable, sometimes wild moving, making a beautiful sound passing stones. The sea is also a beautiful medium where its water can be warm and caring and deep and cold, showing its unique life. We all know how it feels sitting on the beach stretched out in the sand, periodically covered by the sea’s waves, coming and going. Matched with the beautiful, life-giving sun, it is an experience reviving and relaxing you simultaneously.

The beauty of water-Crystals of life

I come from Northern Germany knowing what I am talking about because I was born close to the sea.  Later, I moved to Bonn, and while living near the river Rhine, I have missed the ocean and its beautiful energy. Do you understand me?

If you have been grown up with the sea, you will understand that this beautiful force will ever hold you tight, bringing up the beautiful memories of swimming and just be staying on the sand or walking barefoot through the water. I love the sea, the smell, and the sound; it means home, deep inside engraved.

When I moved to Ireland, I went as often as I could along the sea, walking the cliffs, watching, sensing the salty air and the sound of the water. Wherever I am, the sea is my deep-rooted home. Maybe you understand my sentiments very well. 🙂

Water Has Many Facets

Water can have many conditions: fluid, gas, or ice; it is a physical reaction to sunlight or heat or low temperatures. It is fascinating how water reacts to heat and frost. Water is a beautiful element that I love the most, as a flowing river or the beach waves. But do you still know the ice flowers on a window? Nowadays, we all have double or triple glass windows, not getting this effect anymore. As a child, I have experienced the ice flowers on the window.

ice flowers on a window

Rain is another exciting form of water, originally evaporated water gathered in molecules forming a cloud. The sound of rain and its different forms, like a storm or light rain, is calming to me, promising new life. When I observe the plants in my garden after a rainy day, I see them revived and full of life.

We need water pure water to keep up the level and functions in our bodies. Our planet needs water to nourish plants, animals, keeping us alive and cooling down temperatures. Water is life-giving, which makes it an essential element.

If we were without water for only three days, we would die. All bodily functions decrease, starting with the kidneys stopping their functions. At the same time, the body is intoxicated and finally stops working due to the overload of toxins and the shortage of oxygen.

I have been with my husband in Bavaria, Germany, in the forest, and a small wild-water river was drawing our attention. Many stones and rocks break the flowing water, making this beautiful sound that has relaxed us. We sat down, dipping our feet in this lovely cooling water, and refreshed ourselves. How relaxing is this?

wild water river

Moving to Bonn, Rhineland, Germany, I missed my home in the North of Germany so much that I sat on stones near the river nearly every day, closing my eyes, and when the ships passed, they caused waves which were clutching on the rocks, giving me the feeling of being home. I have missed my family, friends, and the sea so much that this sound has given me comfort and hope.

However, later, I got to know the beauty of the forest and the river,  the whole surroundings, and I felt at home again. There is a saying, ” A fisher’s man is not easily moved to the mountains.”  And this is the truth. Nowadays, we move quickly to other countries; maybe we need a job or love to live there, making it our home. Traveling and moving is my heart’s desire, but I always miss my roots.

In my twenties, the river Rhine was nearly dead, contained little life. Many rivers in Europe have been destroyed. Coming from Switzerland, where its source is, it passes several countries where big pharmaceutical industries are located, polluting the river with toxic waste.

In the years after, people did everything to revive the water so that that fish could resettle. In 1980, the minister for the environment, Klaus Toepfer, jumped into the river to prove the water was clean, which wasn’t the case.  Nowadays the water quality is improved, and there is a rich life in the river again. 🙂

Still Water- Strong and Mysterious

Might you know the saying ‘Still waters run deep”?

a lake, still deep water

Still, waters run deep means that a river is calmest when it is deep and makes noise when it is shallow.
Similarly, it is used for a quiet and reserved person who has a deep personality, sometimes behaving in a manner you wouldn’t expect.
Still, water points to a lake whose surface is the quietest above its deepness, preventing a profound insight. A lake, a river, or the sea are pretty deep; you are staring in a mysterious dark blue depth, leaving you pondering about the question of what is hiding in these deep waters. It gives us a creepy feeling, and all our imaginations come up about sea monsters. As children, we have been telling stories about creepy, mysterious monsters, and we had feared walking home. 🙂

The water molecules have a certain tension keeping them together; it is a physical force, cohesion forces that keep the water drops together, making the water’s surface where mosquitoes and dragonflies can walk on, like in a pond.

It is so beautiful to watch a whale swimming nearly soundless through the waters, elegantly dancing in the sea, providing a picture of weightlessness. You are about to forget that these beautiful animals are too heavy for the land, but their element is water. Water has its world dramatically reduced by pollution, industrial machines making certain noises, and how we catch fish, using huge ships where fish is directly processed for the supermarkets. These sounds underwater seem to confuse whales’ and dolphins’ navigation systems, which might be responsible for their stranding on beaches where they will die if human beings are not helping them survive. Many dramas have taken place in several countries for years.

whale fish

Have you ever dived into this beautiful world, observed the richness of this world? I haven’t, only in shallow waters.

When I lived in Bonn, very close to the river Rhine, I heard the transportation ships floating through the water, weightless, causing a relaxing sound helping me fall asleep. This sound of the water combined with the quietening noise of the motor has given me deep healing sleep. Ships are moved with the help of an engine, but still, it seems that they are weightlessly moving through the water. As a young woman, I have been jealous of these people who have lived on such a ship, visiting many countries. When I moved to the Netherlands, I searched for a residential boat to live on, but I realized quickly that they are pretty expensive, and I didn’t realize then that they also need maintenance which is not cheap. But I believe that this feeling of freedom is priceless.

If I think about the capacity of water molecules to store information, this fact gives me a feeling of awe. How beautiful has God created His world? The different waters, salty or sweet, adapted to the physical state of this element with all the life in them. It leaves me speechless and full of questions. However, why do we destroy such an abundance of life?

Most people love to sit or walk along the beach or a river, giving them a relaxed, energized feeling. I believe that it comes from the Earth’s negative electrons, neutralizing the positively charged energy we have encountered by the many electrical devices in our homes or places where we live. This phenomenon is called grounding! Water is a perfect conductive medium, together with salt and the earth; we are neutralized by the negatively charged electrons of the Earth, which gives us high well-being sitting on the beach and swimming in the water. Most people love to spend their holidays on the beach, feeling relaxed and refreshed, yes, renewed while staying at the beach. Coming home and full of energy, they are better prepared to restart their working life.

Wild Moving Water

I love wild water rivers, another beautiful, life-giving momentum. The energy it transfers onto you is calming and refreshing at the same time. In Germany, we have many wild water rivers, and when I suffered from my first burnout, I sought these waters very much, staying close, letting the view and sound entering my senses. The relaxation I felt was powerful. It is grounding you, bringing you to the source of your being.

Did you ever listen to gargling water?

It is like your mother is holding you in her arms, Mother Nature. Being a small child, I loved to stroll around in a bit of forest by the beach. Often I have lied down and felt the Earth thinking she was my mother while looking up to the sky; there was my father holding me and protecting me. I felt so safe! Children see their world differently, and we, as adults, can learn very much from them.

Water is so beautiful and so needed. But what do we do to our water supplies? All the industrial dirt has flown over decades into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, left them nearly dead or heavily polluted. So many animals and fish have died. There are rivers in China and India dead, incredibly polluted, impossible to live beside such waters. Still, we have these dead rivers also in Europe. Years ago, when I visited a friend in Northern Spain, Bilbao, I witnessed the river look brown and dead. Horrible experience!

We have to stop being greedy and polluting our environment. I am convinced that nature recovers if the pollution stops. Many people depend on the seas, lakes, or rivers, living from the caught fish and sea life. Their existence is closely connected to the waters.

If people could see the beauty of water, they might understand what they are doing. Luckily many people are aware!

Pure Water- Drinking Water

Fountain water is another form of water. If you have ever drunk from such a source, you might have noticed that this water tastes soft and fresh, leaving you energized and renewed.

fountain water

People have fetched water from a fountain in former times, but we are receiving water coming through pipes these days. Life has become easy, you turn on the faucet, and you have water coming out. But the quality of this water has changed due to the pollution of our rivers and the modern way of farming.

Water nowadays is burdened with heavy metals, pesticides, rust, herbicides, toxic industrial chemicals, and medicines. It is filtered, but the filtration has become too weak, the overload of all this pollution can’t be cleaned sufficiently anymore.

This is a real problem, especially in big cities. The water filtration companies have already signaled the inability to filter all the overload out of the water. Most cities ‘water supplies are of low quality, making people ill.

Our bodies need pure water to function correctly and detox. Water stores information and polluted or filtered water coming out of the tap has disturbing unhealthy information for our body. Everything has energy; water also has energy, depending on where it is coming from.

Pure water coming from a fountain has vital pure energy that refreshes and vitalizes the body’s cells. Fountain water tastes different, without lime, or Chlorine, or all the additions tapwater contains these days, a reason why many people have bought a water filter installation for their house very often combined with a vitalizer to receive pure water, the only way to prevent toxic drinking water.

Final Thought

We are violating the Earth, and it is time to stop this behavior. Water is a beautiful element with its own life. Did you ever see the water crystals in a video? You can see if the water is alive or polluted; the molecules are coherent and show you the water condition.


Pure water has a different surface; it is impressive to see how lively water is. Everything fits together, we all belong to God’s creation, and God has done it fantastic.

Why do we need to destroy everything? The answer is it is our greediness! I am glad for all the beautiful people fighting for the protection and recovery of the Earth! For the money, we sell our inheritance, and so the future of our children and grandchildren. Is it worth doing so?

Please leave your comment below; I would love to hear what you think. Did you ever hear about the beauty of water? How do you feel in the water? What is your relationship to water?

All the best,



  • Matthew/Deloris

    We agree with you on water being so peaceful and calm, we go to the mountains in Colorado U.S.A. The mountains are nice and calm, the water has sounds too, and if you listen close enough it sounds calming and soothing.
    We visit the mountains lots and go sit by the water to listen to mother nature and what she provides us with trees and animals to water.
    The article was unique and different with a really good vibe to it when you read it all calming sensations.


    • Sylvie

      Hi Matthew and Deloris, Thank you for your comment! You are so right; I love mountains too, especially when you sit and listen to the winds and birds, that is so beautiful. Mother Nature is awesome; we need to be aware that everything has a delicate balance to mind and protect. Our planet is unique, a Beauty we need to treat as a diamond!

  • Femi

    Growing up I have known water to be one of the most elements on this earth as it has many uses to us. Drinking water daily helps our bodies to function properly as it detoxifies us. Water bodies are usually very good places for relaxation and recreational purposes so if we end up destroying it what are we going to do with ourselves. It also serves as a habitat for a lot of living creatures. So I often ask myself ‘Why can’t we just leave it as we met it? I wish more people will value the importance of water/waterbodies as it serves so many purposes and we should also in our own little way protect them.

    It is heart breaking when I see people in some countries drinking contaminated water because things could have definitely been different. Thank you so much for this article Slyvie, it’s a really lovely one and I enjoyed reading it.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Femi, You are so right, and I could cry thinking of the people who have nearly no water to drink and cook while living in countries where we waste precious water. I have nephews showering twice a day, wasting all that water. Water is such a valuable element; we should treat it with respect. It is so essential for our bodies and the life on this planet. You are certainly right, and I am so pleased that you see the value of water too. Thank you very much for your thoughtful article!

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