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The Birth of a New World- Being Prepared is Crucial!

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Many people want to go back and combine a little bit of the modern and the old world living more sustainably. Luckily people are waking up to the disasters happening on our planet. The birth of a new world might happen; being prepared is crucial. Trying to live independently of our world systems these days might be an essential step towards health.

The global connection is beautiful and brings many advantages and worries, asking whether this system is crashing, what will it be? We will not connect and hear from others, not draw money from our accounts to buy food, connect our devices to the central energy supply, and might not get any water and heating and no medical care.

The Birth of a New World- Being prepared is crucial
Scott Rodgerson, Unsplash

You can watch this happening in countries where the weather is uncontrollable, and people are disconnected from life due to storms and other emergencies. Until the government’s help organizations arrive to bring support, it could take up weeks, so people have to stay in emergencies for quite a while, not being able to take care of themselves and their families. In countries like the States of America, it happens so often, and people have more survival knowledge.

I read a blog post about survival, and in my heart, I went on the distance; it was such an intense moment, I hardly couldn’t cope with this feeling. It sounded like being in a war.

In Western/ Northern Europe, everything is controlled, and people don’t often get that situation anymore, but it comes closer and happens more frequently, like floods and earthquakes. So we have to think about preparations for such a situation. We don’t want to see that,  not wanting to be busy with such a horrible feeling. We are used to pushing reality away till it hits.

What is Happening Right Now?

If you listen to the news worldwide, you must admit something is going on. I am not a conspiracist; I believe in the bible and Jesus Christ. Reading different news, I can see that much of the government’s hidden agendas are drawn into the light. We experience the lies and corruption of our governments openly without them being able to hide. They might even not want to hide anymore.

Lately, it seems like they use the virus to control and manipulate us into fear, resulting in following what the government asks us. The mortality rate is meager; alternative medications can easily fight the virus but are not allowed by the control instances. The government is forcing us to get vaccines that are not tested enough and have already killed many people and injured hundreds of thousands worldwide. Propaganda works! People think there have been more deaths due to infections than vaccinations.

a virus and an injection needle
Ivan Diaz, Unsplash

Our human rights are stepped on, taken slowly from us. Our own minister will not be getting the vaccines because he says that he is healthy, but the healthy population is forced to get the injections. What surprises me the most is that people are doing this like sheep going to the slaughter without even thinking about their government could make a mistake. Their trust is beyond that fact. People don’t investigate, don’t read other news than the mainstream media that are the tools of the government and pharmacies.

 Where is common sense?

Many different voices, and I certainly don’t trust the government or pharmacy if they get stricken in contraries, trying to mute people who are publicly saying what is happening. Why should I trust such people? Why should you trust them? Or is this all propaganda to silence our questions?

Experts who are speaking out their doubts regarding the vaccines are receiving threats because they use their right to speak up and warn the population about their observations. Doctors are blocked from working who are talking about their doubts regarding the vaccines or their pressure due to not wanting to declare a person who has passed away due to cancer or another disease as a covid death.

I mean, what is going on? 

government, parlement

How can we trust a government following these instances and organizations which are lying and pressurizing people? Luckily there are many people with common sense not supporting these lies and threats. It seems like the very wealthy and powerful people are trying to control the situation and the world population, telling others to do what they want. Many voices are saying this is a global genocide, a mind-blowing horrific idea. In this way, I will not even think about something so intense, an unbelievable imagination, which we have suppressed in our mind since Hitler’s Nazi Germany. However, it has even happened since then, in other countries, and we have suppressed these unimaginable happenings. The luxury of a life expressed in over-consumption, being able to buy what we desire, has made us dumb. Empathy is a word that many don’t really know anymore. We donate at Christmas time and think we are great people.

The Crash of the Known System

For sure, the system we are used to for decades is disappearing. I don’t mind if pollution will disappear, as a result of us living more sustainably.  Governments are not able to solve the many problems they are facing. I am not sure, but if I trust the experts speaking up against the vaccination, I need to be worried very much. It is so horrible the scenario they are prophesying to us, telling us that most people who have been injected will die within two to five years, suffering from depressed immune systems and autoimmunity symptoms. That is a mind-blowing thought, especially we all have family and friends who have been vaccinated, including us.

Now we hear voices that the globalists will crash our financial system and the central system of our supplies. How will we survive such things? I read information from an independent news stream that the ship in the Suez canal has been blocked because activists have found a weapon on board that will worsen our climate, a weapon belonging to Bill Gates and other Globalists. That is worrying information, and we surely don’t know what to believe by now.

Here is a video of the effect of the vaccines, according to Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.


People talk about all kinds of things, mostly born of fear. Expressing their fears is creating monsters, and we need common sense to distinguish the news. I collect facts and listen to videos because people speaking have a certain body language that can’t lie.

I witnessed a news message on the radio while driving my working route, visiting my clients only some weeks ago. I heard the news speaker saying that more than 50 % of the Dutch people wish that the covid rules are disappearing and we have more freedom. Repeating the news twice, he changed the report the third time, saying that more than 50 % of the Dutch people desire more rules to block the virus.

I was so troubled because I could see what is happening. Maybe a minister has called the news program to tell them to change the information. I will love to know if other people have heard it too. Anyway, I have twittered about it.

Daily you hear news about people standing up and telling their experiences, from dying older people after being vaccinated in nursing homes to doctors saying that there is no need to vaccinate healthy people, not knowing if these vaccines will help or damage the people in coming years. There is not enough evidence of immunity after being vaccinated.

This is news to be afraid of because you ask yourself, what is going on? Why are governments pressing people to get vaccinated if there is no need? What is the bigger plan behind that? If they can manipulate and control a world population, we can expect more things to happen without being conspiracists.

The Great Reset

I don’t know if you have heard about this term, but you can read and hear a lot of it at the moment. It is about a book written by Klaus Schwab. This book seems to prophesy the change of our world system that many politicians in the Netherlands are welcoming. People will lose all their possessions and start to rent everything; being led into a “happier sustainable lifestyle”; sounds like communistic Cuba.

Falkenpost, Pixabay

But the rich elite will hold power, controlling us into an imprisoned life. You will have no rights anymore! They tell you where to live, what to eat, everything. People are saying that they are trying to reduce the world’s population. I think it is mindblowing, and I have difficulties believing them. But it makes me think, of course.

We have to live sustainably; that is a fact; otherwise, we will not save the planet anymore, and that is my heart. I still believe in people who have common sense and will change their lifestyle, their choices for saving the earth. We can’t go back to the normality like before Covid in 2020 because the way we have consumed and lived has damaged our environment, creating a need to adjust our lifestyles. The exploitation of our beautiful Earth must stop! However, to let us be controlled of a global group of wealthy, powerful people?  No, not for me! People can not be trusted if they hold power in their hands. It would be a new dictatorship.

The financial system is already changing, and I believe we will trade and buy products using cryptocurrencies. I haven’t read the book “The Great Reset,” but I might do that to get to know information from the book, not from others, making up my own mind, forming my own opinion. If you have read it already, I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. 🙂

The Birth of a New Word- Be Prepared

If this is the truth that more climate disasters will come, we need for sure not being depending on our central system, but to create our own survival system besides it. Many countries know very well what a disaster is, and our own parents have suffered the effects of war in childhood. The moment I am writing this post, many people worldwide are experiencing disasters due to war, hunger, climate changes, and government bankruptcy.

Comfreak, pixabay

We live in a fallen world! 

But due to the increase of catastrophe hitting the world’s population, I think it is good to think about preparations, independent systems besides the main system, like food and water, energy supply. Great men and women create possibilities to be purchased for little money and independently used besides the government’s schemes.

the Backyard Revolution

I wrote a review about a very affordable energy system using solar panels never to lose energy supply. There are systems called aero gardens, where you can grow vegetables in your house using energy. And I know about a water supply we can use without worrying that we will have no water for drinking. There are many possibilities. I think we should always count on the possibility that these disasters could hit us too. I wouldn’t like to be without water, food, and energy, and even in the Netherlands, we still have enough sun to use for creating energy or water.

Click on the image for more information!

The water freedom system

We actually don’t need so much; this idea is manipulated by industry, playing on our mind to be needy and to need more of all the stuff. They want to earn huge numbers, and they don’t care about the environment and the earth. We are the people and should stop our exploiting and greedy behavior. If we think about the consequences of our behavior towards shopping and desires, the planet will recover. For sure, and our health too!

Final Thought

Our world will surely change, and that might be good. We need to change due to the pollution we are dumping on the planet. We need to change our consumption habits, thinking the world is a supermarket to walk through and collect stuff we might need. We don’t need much; we all have TOO much in this artificial world. There will undoubtedly come a reset, but we don’t know of what kind. To be prepared and independent of the central system might be a good idea, avoiding a big surprise. I welcome completely sustainable, self-sufficient communities where people live together and helping each other. It would help the health of the earth and our health very much and provide peace. I am not afraid anyway because I believe in God, and He has created this beautiful planet and will maintain it. Many people nowadays desiring a healthy living, having more peace and relaxation instead of all the troubles other people create.

What do you think? Have you ever heard or read about the Great Reset? I would love to hear your ideas and opinion about this topic!

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  • Matt Lin

    Hi Sylvie,

    Thanks for pointing us another thought about the vaccine. I am wary about the side effect caused by the COVID vaccine that people will die within two to five years, suffering from depressed immune systems and autoimmunity symptoms. I never thought that the whole vaccine is a conspiracy that the governments or capitalism want to reset the planet. Wow…my jaw just dropped. Does it mean we should not take the vaccine? or is there better advice on this? It’s heartbroken to see people who got vaccinated leave the world like this…

    Sadly, we cannot go back to life before the pandemic, but we can prepare something in advance to live in solitude by solar panels and an aero garden. I hope there will be better and low-energy consuming devices that could help people to survive disasters.


    • Sylvie

      Hi Matt, I understand very much. It is just what I have read and seen people talking about, experts. I can’t believe that, and actually, I don’t want to believe this. But it is good to listen to all kinds of opinions and to filter. You better don’t get the vaccine until we really know more about the safety. It is horrifying to know that people might die because of the vaccination, and I can’t even get it; it breaks my heart. In my own family and among my friends, there are many; actually, the most are vaccinated. I hope these experts are not right! We need to live independent of our governmental system. I have no idea how the government in Taiwan is. Stay safe, Matt!

  • Sasha

    There is so much I want to say after reading this post but first and foremost, I agree with soo many things you have said here. In fact, I have had lengthy discussions with friends and family about these topics and in the end they just thought I was going crazy with all my “conspiracy theories”.

    I do agree that this entire virus situation was created to intro a global reset and a means to reduce global population. The vaccine is also just a way to make big pharma more rich. I realize these are huge claims and I can get a hell of a lot of heat for saying all this but you are equally brave to post about it and I feel that your post needs more eyes.

    It makes me so apprehensive just to think about all the new diseases we are going to deal with as a result of everyone being vaccinated. Every time I see long line ups for people wanting to get vaccinated, it just makes me wonder how easy it is for the governments to control the masses with something simple like FEAR.

    I have not read the “Great Reset” but have surely heard of it. In fact, you should do a review of the movie called “the Plandemic” (if you can find it, that is). It was forcefully taken down on all social platforms because it was about an experienced and esteemed scientist blowing the whistle on the entire Pandemic we are currently dealing with. Sorry for making this comment soo long but do look into it if you get a chance. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

    Love all your efforts and look forward to reading more from you, Sylvia!

    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sasha! Very much appreciated! I am getting attacked very much for my trials to show several sides, at least two of the coin. People, also in my family, experience trouble listen to me because they think differently, and it seems I am the only one in my family thinking more openly and asking questions. It does trouble me that none of my family and friends respect my way of finding out the truth. Everything you are saying does agree with, and I am very happy that you also have questions about experiencing the censor of specific movies, showing a hidden agenda. Very troublesome to know what will happen to billions of people worldwide being vaccinated with something hazardous. I will certainly look into this movie! Thank you very much! Stay healthy, Sasha!

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