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The Golden Time of the Year- Beautiful Autumn

The golden time of the year is autumn, at least in my country and in the northern hemisphere. The sunlight is covering all nature in a beautiful golden light, warm and fascinating. It is the time of the year I love to go hiking or just walking through the forest; it is still warm, but not too much, the ideal weather for walking and sitting in the woods drinking our coffee. Everything is orange, red, brown and yellow, beautiful nature.

the golden time of the year

Autumn in the Netherlands

We are so blessed in the Netherlands because autumn is the most beautiful time of the year with its beauty of light, the golden time of the year. Because forests surround us, we can walk for hours in beautiful, peaceful nature. The Veluwse National Park is crowded in autumn; many people are cycling or walking. At the moment, we can still sit on the terrace of a cafe or restaurant, but if we can’t check in with a QR code, we can’t sit inside for dinner or lunch. I am very happy that these days still are golden and warm. The nights are already chilly, with temperatures around 3 degrees, but we still feel the warm sunlight during the day if we stay in the shade of a wall.

This area has good going tourism because people in the Netherlands love to cycle and walk but mainly use their bicycles. This golden light covers the Hanseatic old cities, and if someone would like to sit outside on a terrace of a cafe, they could enjoy the warmth of a heater above their heads, how convenient and lovely.

We went to Deventer to a greek restaurant some weeks ago sitting on their terrace. It was a bit chilly, but the heater above us gave us enough warmth to have dinner outside. I don’t know how they will do it with the exploding energy prices we face this winter.

Deventer in autumn colors, skyline
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But the golden time is everywhere in the Netherlands, for me the most beautiful time of the year. Enjoying a boat tour through Amsterdam or Utrecht is a fantastic experience in autumn, for sure! The atmosphere in the cities is stunning, and the Dutch people are enjoying the last warm and golden sunshine of the year. The light at the beaches invites the people to walk along the sea, having a coffee in the many beach restaurants. Listening to the seagulls and the water waves, people are having the best time of their life.

I love the sea because I come originally from the Northern Sea in Germany and spent most of my childhood at the Eastern Baltic Sea in Germany. The sea has always attracted me the most. Still, I have married a Dutchman who doesn’t like the Northern beaches, but rather the French, Italian and Spanish beaches due to the hot weather; I have not visited Ireland anymore, which is also lovely in autumn, the same glorious golden light.

Anyway, the Netherlands is just beautiful in this golden time of the year!.

Autumn in My Fairy Garden

The autumn is also the most beautiful time in my garden. The many flowering plants, the butterflies, and different bees are so lovely to observe. This year, my garden has been the most beautiful for a long time, and I see many other wild bees and butterflies and wild honeybees that are not living anymore in my wall. They came back for the summer but disappeared again. Still, I watch them fly from flower to flower in my garden, so I think they are very close to us in another wall.


I love working in the garden and preparing everything for winter, but I am still not cutting all plants because I know that the bees and other insects live in wintertime in the withered plants. Wild bees very well occupy my insect hotels, and I am proud they use them.

This year we have seen only once a hedgehog, but the whole summer, he was gone, so I presume that we will not have a hedgehog this winter, even I have prepared several corners for them to hibernate. However, I think they will not stay in our garden.

The birds are already receiving seeds from me because the colder weather is not giving them enough insects. In this manner, the insect population can recover and increase and might improve.

a house covered with red leaves
Photo by Ala J Graczyk from Pexels

My wild grapes look gorgeous in the sun, covering the wall in red and yellow colors, forming berries for the birds. The ivy has many flowers and is crowded with butterflies and bees that love the nectar, and I can hear their beautiful noise! Sum, sum, sum!

The blackbirds love the berries in January when food is scarce, which is a welcome source of minerals and vitamins.  We enjoy our beautiful garden, a peaceful golden and warm time of the year at the moment.

Warmth, Renewal, and Peace

The colors of autumn give warmth, renewal, and peace; even the air feels chilly. The colors orange, red, yellow, and brown are such beautiful warm colors that many people are redesigning their homes in autumn, bringing the warm colors of fall into their houses. I do the same because the cozy atmosphere I create gives me peace and helps me renew my energy by staying home, baking, cooking, and doing hand works. In the evening, when it gets dark very quickly and cold outside, I light several candles, and this is the moment I would love to have an open fire. It is so beautiful and cozy to sit in front of an open fire; even this is not sustainable.

An open hard in a living room
Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

We as a nation face high energy costs this winter, especially gas and petrol, so it might be convenient to cook and bake in a wood stove, as they did decades ago. Electricity goes up, and I have no idea why this is happening because electricity was said to be sustainable in the last few years. It shouldn’t be expensive, but rather be a cheap source of energy. Many people have done what their governments have told them, getting solar panels or a heat source based on living sustainability. It should be rewarded, but instead, they have to pay the price as well.

When do people wake up that their governments are not supporting them, but other powers already own nearly everything? I don’t know! But I tell you that I desire my world back, the world I knew before the Covid project hit us, serving our governments to build back better, which is a lie!

Build back better for me means cutting back on consumption, reducing industries’ power, supporting sustainable local farming and food supply. Nobody should ever be such powerful that he can put the world’s population in poverty and illness. It is our planet as well, given by our God, the Father. I still want to enjoy the seasons and the way I know Christmas. The autumn and the winter are the seasons to recover and meditate before life restarts in Spring and Summer, full of sun and healthy vegetables and fruits. We are made for cycles by our Father; everything is done perfectly!

We don’t need psychopaths who will only profit from our world and us. We need peace, all of us, the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. It is found in His creation, in His blessings, and His love!

The World God Has Created

Once we have been in paradise, but because of Adam and Eve, who have eaten from the forbidden fruit, Satan could get a hold on them.

The world God has created is perfect, and we are made with an excellent immune system. Of course, because of Adam and Eve, sin and death have entered the world. I know there are many sleeping Christians in the world and many people who don’t believe. It is the advantage for Satan and his fallen angels to deceit as many people as he can, and they all do. The planet is destroyed because of greed, because of mammon. We all are guilty because the people behind the industries who have produced the products have done so because we are greedy for their products. After all, there was a need. We are needy people, needy for superficial things. We have left our first love, God the Father, and are paying the price.

Many people are isolated and very lonely. It is the devil’s advantage to seduce them, telling them lies about themselves, their family members, their social networks, and the world. The pollution of the earth has made us sick, our bodies, and our minds. The chemicals have changed our brains.

Autumn and winter are the dark seasons where many people feel so lonely, committing suicide. It is such a dilemma! We should always be together, socializing, laughing, dancing, and eating together. God desires us to be complete! The truth is that many people feel depressed and heavy in this season, unable to connect with others due to their depression. Our planet needs to recover, so do we.

a happy child lying on the ground
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Autumn and winter are the seasons I feel safe in my home, peaceful and warm. However, there are so many homeless people in this world, and it shouldn’t be like this. Thank God for all the beautiful people carrying for these people, trying to make their lives better. God has made us with a loving heart, forgiving, and carrying for others, but many people are worrying, not able to take care of others, not even their own families. It shouldn’t be that way!

Let us take back this beautiful world and live the life God has intended us to do! The Earth is such a beautiful planet, our home. We need to stop exploiting and destroying our home, and especially our children’s home. Maybe we can enjoy the place where we are living in a respectful, loving way. God has created autumn, a beautiful gorgeous season, the golden time of the year!

Final Thought

The golden time of the year is autumn with its beautiful warm colors. You can see them coming back in fashion or home accessories. The colors are very calming to our senses, a transition into winter, the relaxing time of the year. I could be a bear or hedgehog, hibernating half of the year. I love warmth and peace; I love this season very much.

However, many people feel depressed and lonely at this time. If we had more sustainable communities, people would have a social place and feel needed. The exploitation and greediness should stop and make place for social contacts and contentment, and happiness. Now is the time to combine the modern and the old-time, develop the best system of all times, find back to our roots, connect to nature and our fellow human beings, and make the earth a better place.

What do you think? How do you see autumn, the golden time of the year? Maybe you come from a completely other country where you don’t have a fall. How do you think about the earth and environment? Are you feeling lonely or depressed? Would you love a better way of living? Please, I would love to hear what you think!

All The Best,



  • Haley

    I live in the southern part of the US where our autumns are relatively warm. However, we have a cold front this year and this week it’s been pretty chilly! Autumn in my area can be pretty cloudy and rainy. So any time there’s a sunny day I take advantage of it by going on a walk or going to see friends. One of my friends lives on a levee near the Arkansas river, so it’s one of our favorite places to hangout and enjoy each others company while we soak in the golden hour. It is definitely my favorite season but many of my friends get seasonal depression this time of year so I make it my goal to make sure we’re always checking in with each other and doing fun things. I get seasonal depression in the summer and they do the same for me then!

    I didn’t know that leaving plants out through the winter could be benefical for certain insects. Most of my plants are starting to die off so I was thinking off harvesting what I could and tossing the soil until next year, but I think after your advice I will leave them out just a bit longer!

    • Sylvie

      Boh, Haley, I can imagine that you live in a beautiful area. I would love to see it one day! Many people suffer from seasonal depression, especially in the cold season, but I heard of people who suffer in summer. I love autumn, it is my favorite time of the year. The colors are just gorgeous. And most time the temperatures are still warm, sometimes the autumn is warmer than our summers. I only leave plants outside that survive the winter. If I have plants that don’t like the winter, I cover them in materials. But I leave withered plants for the insects and birds, and cut them in spring! 🙂

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