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The Mature Beautiful Woman- Grey is Gorgeous!

It is the time of the baby boomers. There are so many people on earth above 50 years old. I believe we are the biggest generation. In former days a woman above 50 years old was already old, exhausted from working and childbearing. But in our days there are so many vital mature people, it is a completely different picture compared to about 200 centuries ago. The mature beautiful woman is a stunning personality of this time. They do sports, dance, socialize, and laugh a lot, but they also know to be themselves, emotional and spiritual. I see many pictures of grey-haired women who look vital and young, being young in their hearts. This post will be an anthem to the mature, beautiful woman who still feels young.

Do You Have Difficulties With Aging?

The Mature Beautiful Woman- Grey is Gorgeous!
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I know so many women who can’t age, feeling ugly and neutral instead of embracing their age and maturity. They try to cover up by coloring their hair, still dressing like a young woman in her twenties. What saddens me is that they don’t see that they lose in attraction instead of looking younger. A mature older woman looks fantastic if she is fully conscious of her age and warm maturity, dressing elegantly and classily and leaving her hair natural.

Positive thoughts and feelings about yourself will certainly keep you young. Most women try to hide who they are, acting like teenagers who lose a big part of beauty acting this way. I heard in my young years always that I am not enough, to the extent that I always have been fighting with who I am, how I look, what to feel. Decades later, I learned to accept myself and started to love myself the way I am created. I always colored my hair from age fifteen to never know my real hair color. Can you imagine?

Now, I feel it is time to let go and be myself! And guess what, I feel great and beautiful! Aging has never been a problem for me because I value health over appearance. A healthy body is expressed through a healthy mind, and your whole appearance will look healthy and gorgeous.

Crossing my boundaries all my life, exploiting my own body and emotions, I have been sick for quite a part of my life that has interfered with the ability to function ‘normal.’ I tried to cover up and hide my difficulties and even went harder, with the results of having two massive burnouts and auto-immune diseases. Finally, due to my strong will to heal my body, I changed my lifestyle and recovered. Still, enormous pressure gives me many symptoms, so watching myself early enough prevents recovering. It is my pitfall, but I am learning. If I can take good care of myself, I can function very well. Preserving my energies instead of wasting and exhausting them is an essential step.

I believe that many women have trouble minding themselves, exhausting their life and bodies. It might be a reason that they feel and experience aging as a burden. Feeling imbalanced because of a sick body is not helping to create a full, joyful life. Actually, to change your lifestyle, feel free and relaxed; we need to embrace ourselves with all our weaknesses and be transparent and open to others. If we love ourselves, we will be able to love others and receive love. I mean really to inhale love being open to this beautiful condition. Don’t beat yourself up by creating negative thoughts about your life, body, your whole being. It is the first step to healing, embracing yourself the way you are! 🙂

The Mature Beautiful Woman!

I always love to see mature women who are completely themselves. They are radiating warmth and beauty, knowing who they are, what they need. These women are never in competition with other women because they know their value, while insecure women always have to belittle other women and talk negatively about them. It is a pity, but insecure women are outnumbering self-confident women. A real self-confident, self-loving mature woman is the minority.

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Many women know to hide their insecurities while pretending to be themselves. If you scratch a little bit the surface, you will find the insecurities very quickly. I think it is not that we have to be perfect, but real, even with our impurities and flaws. Every human on earth has strengths and weaknesses, and this is absolutely normal. The artificial world we have created doesn’t allow imperfection and weaknesses. Freeing ourselves of this picture and demands is stepping into real freedom and the possibility of living yourself.

A mature beautiful woman has reached this stage, expressing herself, knowing her needs and emotions. They are like animals, just being themselves. If you observe animals, they are so much themselves without feeling censured. Shaking off the censure of fitting into a general template of false values is freeing us; it doesn’t matter which template your culture and country have created. Stop fitting in something that might cause you to lose yourself and your own value. Your needs and emotions, your appearance is unique; no other person is like you, the same as your DNA footprint. However, if you are a twin, then, of course, there is another person like you, at least identical in appearance.

Be yourself, relax, you are beautiful!

Grey is Gorgeous

I already have blogged about the hair color grey. Why do so many women and men trying to hide their real age by covering their hair color? It is the general norm of telling us that grey is a sign of aging, and in our culture, aging is not wanted. Well, people are insecure and try to look younger by coloring their hair.

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But luckily, we see many photos of men and women who are proud of being their age and having grey hair. It is a great development! Grey-colored hair looks fantastic, and there are many shades of grey, like snow white or salt& pepper, ash-blond. I discovered that the real hair color is going the best with our skin color. Older women and men look stunning in strong colors that underline the grey, bringing to shine their eyes.

Fashion colors like blue and grey will intensify the color of the eyes. However, some beautiful older women look gorgeous in white and black. The color grey is mature, classy, and timeless, not only for fashion but also for the hair. There are so many prominent women and men who look stunning, really gorgeous with their grey hair color. Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, George Clooney, Jamie Lee Curtis, and many others. You can admire lots of beautifully made boards of grey-haired women who look young and stunning on Pinterest.

I believe grey is the new form of looking natural, a great way to avoid intoxicating our environment and ourselves. Looking at the way God has created us is also a great possibility to add to sustainable living. The amount of toxins accumulating in our bodies and environment has to decrease, speeding the healing process. And people have to return to their roots, to themselves. So why not being natural and gorgeous?

Do You Color Your Hair?

The Mature Beautiful Woman- Grey is gorgeous!
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Coloring your hair can be done healthily and naturally. If you still love color in your hair, you could try organic products. They don’t burden your cells and the environment but still look very beautiful. In fact, I think they look even better than the highly toxic products from your hairdresser. These products are taking care very well of your hair, preventing the ends from drying out. I always use organic products, and there is a beautiful website about the care of our hair and the perfect products to use. I don’t get any commission recommending the site to you. If you experience any problems with your hair, you should read the blogs. It is an amazing website!

Coloring your hair can also look very beautiful if you have chosen the right color. I tried it twice by myself to color my hair when I have been in my twenties, with the result of looking awful; the first time, I created an orange, the second time a greenish color. Since then, I decided to let my hairdresser do the job, but they use mainly toxic products that are not good for our body and certainly not good for their bodies. If you don’t want to go for your natural grey, try to use Khadi or Nature’s Brands products without toxic chemicals for a better experience and color. Many companies produce sustainable organic hair products, and I think they have been produced even better than the harsh chemicals we use most times. 🙂

Final Thought

A beautiful mature woman is a stunning appearance, being herself, and having accepted herself. We all want to have what she has, the self-confidence of having accepted her age. Aging can be a beautiful experience if we know our boundaries, and emotions, and needs. Being self-assured and secure is a process we all could experience, respecting and loving ourselves with all impurities and weaknesses we own.

Life is not about perfectionism but about embracing ourselves with all our flaws. Accepting going grey will help us age with grace, making healthy choices, and become the stunning mature woman who is the shining star wherever she appears. Grey is the new beautiful expression, natural, warm, classy, and beautiful.

What do you think? Do you like to express yourself, embracing who you are? Or do you love to hide your real self, pretending to be another person? I would love to hear how you cope with your body’s changes!

All Your Best,


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