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The Top Fashion Trends in Spring-Summer 2021- Hip and Classy!

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Every season designers are coming with something new that compliments the old trend. The top fashion trends in spring-summer 2021 are hip and classy, and wearable, making a new fashion style trendy. I have already found my style and never change it, but sometimes I purchase something new( very often secondhand or sustainable) to complement my wardrobe. Luckily I am not letting myself be dominated by the fashion labels, but I certainly did in my younger years. I see the different fashion styles in this season, and some are just not me, like leaving my stomach undressed. Of course, I don’t have the age for going half-naked, but I wouldn’t do it even at a young age anymore; however, I did. Some of the designs in this season are quite lovely and certainly hip and classy.

The top fashion trends in spring-summer 2021
Akris, Timothy Schaumburg, Vogue

Many people have to stay at home due to the Covid rules. Working from home seemed to have motivated some creative design developed by the top designers, like Boss, Chanel, Stella Mc Carthy, Victoria Beckham, Dior, etc. I would love to see them using more sustainable materials to be a great example for the youth. However, there is already some movement in producing sustainable, even among the top designers, which I welcome very much.

Fashion Trends in Spring-Summer 2021

You see different forms, like overwide, or an uncovered stomach, bralettes, and straps, maxi dresses are ubiquitous now, shabby or beautiful romantic, or classy.

The top fashion trends are according to Vogue:

1) Monochrome Magic, where designers favor black and white, which most time looks very elegant and classy. However, the colors black and white are only suitable for some women; most don’t look great in black or white.

2) Bralettes are coming back in a new look. I believe that younger women will surely love the bralettes, especially if temperatures are rising.

3) Another trendy design is now crisscrossing cords around the midriff that looks fascinating and beautiful, very often an addition or division of a dress or skirt.

Altuzarra, Vogue
Altuzarra, Vogue

4) Floaty maxi dresses are also very hip this season, looking like a variant of the hippy culture in the ’70s. However, for women who love to wear floaty dresses, it will certainly be their style.

5) Baggy trousers are overtaking skinny jeans and pants. They are not looking bad, and I think it looks quite classy and elegant when you combine them with the right blouse or t-shirt. But lovers of skinny jeans, don’t worry, they are not out. 😉

6) Blended capes are back, and while blending into the dress or blouse, they can give an elegant look. In some northern or southern countries, summers can be really cool, so wearing a cape could be the classy solution, taken in the right color and complimenting the dress.

7) Disco style may be the solution for a living room disco style, especially in these days where we can’t go dancing in a club. Glitter dresses, worn with pumps or sneakers, are a fun style. You can see them by Celine.

8) Cut-out fashion style where parts of dresses or blouses are missing, mostly underneath your rib cage, a funny looking style, but I am sure there will be enough women wearing this design.

9) The corset is back!  It surely gives the Ladies a beautiful female form, but I think the comeback of the corset isn’t favorable, thinking of the medical problems that might arise. Luckily they are not that tight anymore.

10) Hoodies and Biker jackets combined with skirts, sneakers, sometimes reminding of a creature from another planet. But anyway, it depends on how clothes are matched together to present a classy or a shabby impression.

Jil Sander, dress with knitted net
Jil Sander, Vogue

11) Net materials are also a fashion trend of this season, knitted in skirts, dresses, pants, blouses, and jackets. I love skirts or dresses made from lace, looking very feminine.

12) Finally, big stripes, dresses or pants, are not organized but chaotic, like bigger and better. Not my taste, but surely there will be women who are loving this style!

Altogether, there are wearable and unwearable fashion trends in my eyes, as usual, a beautiful mixture for every woman finding something to fit her style. Be yourself, be confident, live your fashion style!

Popular Trends in Pants

Vogue, wide strides

I already listed the pants with wide legs or shabby pants, but luckily, skinny jeans are not out. I love the wide trousers, especially made from sustainable linen for the summer, giving some freshness during high temperatures. They are beautiful wide, and wearable with blouses and a knitted pullover, which is a hot item this season.

When I was in my twenties, my friends and I were knitting pullovers together. At that time I have worn them quite a lot going to the disco. If they are made of sustainable cotton, I will wear them again, looking classy and elegant combined with wide trousers.

However, for women who are fans of skinny pants and jeans, they are still hot, and I love wearing them with a higher heel, like sandals with a block heel, which also makes a fashionable, classy outlook. Combined with a new biker jacket makes it look stunning.

There are still baggy-looking multicolored pants that give summer many colors that are not out of date. So, if you love them, you are looking up to date. 🙂

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

Vogue, green dress
Michael Kors, Vogue

In the summertime is wearing a flattery beautiful light dress the best you can do. This season, there are many possibilities to wear dresses, like the maxi or the glitter disco style dresses. If you are like me, you love to wear a dress, feeling the warm air, a beautiful sensation. Going to the beach gives a great sensual feeling by wearing a light dress or skirt. They look colorful, romantic, or elegant, and classy. Hopeful, we are allowed to go out in the evening again this summer, showing our beautiful outfits to the world.

I love sustainable cotton or linen as material for the dresses. How about you? What do you love?

A dress gives a woman a finishing touch, letting her look beautiful and feminine if underlining her style and figure. Check out the new design and experience a wonderful season, spring and summer. Combined with a cape which is very much in at the moment, I believe you will look gorgeous.

Vogue, cut out and keep, dresses

Another trend is the use of net sewn into a dress or skirt. Some dresses are really looking lovely and are wearable for the normal woman. I know the time where I sew my own dress and skirt made from lace. It looked so stunning, and I think the designed pieces in this season using net or lace look really awesome.

Trendy Colors of 2021

I mentioned already that the combination of black and white is a trend this summer, beautifully combined in dresses or pants and blouses. I think that not many women can wear black or white, but of course, it is my own opinion, and I love women who are developing their own style, not listening to others, because they need to have the self-confidence to wear their style. Impressed with confidence makes every woman beautiful.

Vogue, woman colored in strong colors
Akris, Timothy Schaumburg, Vogue

There are many lovely colors, like a mixture of strong colors that actually don’t fit together, but dressed to the right woman, it looks stunning.

Earthly colors give a more elegant and classy appearance, like beige and ecru, brown combined with white. You find this color palette throughout all styles.

But also pastel, yellow, indigo blue is very actual. You see a wide range of gorgeous colors, for every woman something to wear. Summer and colors are going together, a beautiful picture of nature and street life. Color lifts our mood, making us happy and lively.

Why Not Going Sustainable?

Neu Nomads, Banner
Neu Nomads

Every trend has a sustainable variant, so why not dressing in clean, healthy clothes while living out the fashion code? Most clothes we buy have polluted people and the environment, and while wearing them, we also receive a great portion of toxins in our body. There are so many sustainable fashion shops where you live, and most clothing also to order online. The time where sustainable fashion looked shabby is definitely over. Sustainable clothing is made from compostable materials designed beautifully and gorgeous. If we avoid buying toxic clothing, we will force the fashion industry to look into sustainable production that helps the people who make them for us and the environment, the planet, to recover.

Ash&Rose;, Banner
Ash & Rose

It is our choice if we will help by making the right decisions towards a healthy life and environment. Have you ever thought about purchasing healthy clothing? Maybe Ash & Rose, Neu Nomad, and Thought are a good choice, but other companies are also sustainable, producing healthy and beautiful fashion. I have seen that even online companies like Heine or Peter Hahn, both German Companies, already have designers that produce sustainable clothing. It is a great surprise! I know them for decades now, and originally these companies were known for quality. Still, it is a pity that Heine also decided to produce fewer quality products, but I hope that they will go for quality again as they have done in the past.

Peter Hahn is an exclusive online shop with beautiful designers and still produces quality items that I love to buy. Check them out if you live in Europe.

Final Thought

The top fashion trends in spring-summer 2021 are quite broad, from wide pants to maxi dresses, from disco look to black and white, from baggy hoody dresses and jackets to corsets and bralettes, from big stripes to knitted dresses. You will find many different color palettes, earthy or strong mixed colors, black and white, or blue. For every woman, the right style and color to impress herself in this lively, warm, beautiful season. Why not choosing for sustainable materials, helping the earth to recover?

Please let me know what you think! Do you feel responsible for the pollution of our beautiful world? Or do you feel like you are entitled to have fun and don’t need to watch out while purchasing your new outfit?

All the Best,



  • Gorjan

    My wife and I just came back from a vacation in Greece, and she bought a very similar dress to the yellow one that’s among the first ones in this post.

    She’s obsessed with the top latest fashion trends, and it’s almost become like an addiction of hers, I might add. She looked beautiful in it, but unfortunately, her spending habits are costing me a fortune.

    She cried her brains out when she tore it apart two days before we came back home, so here I am, trying to find out the top women’s fashion trends this summer and hopefully surprise her by the end of the week.

    Lovely post, btw. I didn’t expect it to like it this much.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Gorjan, Thank you very much for your comment! That is a pity that your wife has torn such a beautiful dress. I hope you will find another one. You might have a look into the sustainable shops, like Ash & Rose. I don’t know where you live, but Europe also has beautiful, sustainable shops.
      I know that many women are addicted to fashion and want to look gorgeous. But they can look great in sustainable clothing too. The materials nowadays have a beautiful quality. Check out my fashion store! 🙂

  • Tom

    Hi Sylvie,

    It’s great that I have came across this site because my cousins have just started their own clothing line and website. They would find so much value from your site and could learn so much from you.

    I am going to share your site with them and if they have any burning questions or issues that you could help with then I will advise them to get in touch with you, if that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Sylvie

      Hi Tom, You are very welcome! Yes, of course, they can get in contact with me. But I am very much in sustainability, so I don’t know what their wishes are. However, they can always contact me if they want to know something. 🙂

  • Femi

    I must confess colourful maxi dresses are everything for me. They really look pretty when worn in summer and they are just right for that period. The look comfortable, elegant and beautiful and they look like the kind of dresses that would look nice on everyone regardless of size and body shape. Lovely article and keep up the good work. Thank you Sylvie

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment, Femi! I love Maxi dresses too. They are exquisite and cover everything. You see the feminine silhouette, and that is beautiful. You are very right about the dresses looking comfortable, elegant and beautiful; even I like wide trousers too. 🙂

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