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Valentine’s Day- 9 Special Gifts For Women

Valentine’s day is coming up, and you need maybe a special gift for your love.

Valentine's day- 9 special gifte for women

It is the time of Covid 19, and due to lockdown, we are not allowed to travel or go for a beautiful romantic dinner, not even lunch.

I am quite fed up with the lockdown. You too?

Valentine is the time where businesses are earning a lot of money. In fact, they need Valentine’s day, but now they miss their income because of the lockdown.

Maybe it is time to go online if they do not want to get bankrupt. If you need an idea to earn an income these days to keep your payments going, please look at my blog for setting up an online business.

Don’t give up!

Of course, this is not my intention to write about online businesses here in this post.

No, it is about a special gift for women on Valentine’s day. If you have no idea what to buy, the internet is full of blogs helping you find something for your spouse. Me too, I try to help you.

How to Look Up Gifts?

You better first think about what she loves. Did she mention something special to you she desires?

How much money will you spend? I always find a present for women an easy thing.

a bottle of perfume between rosesWomen most likely love jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, handbags, clothing, or treatment in a beauty salon.

The latter will not work at the moment due to the lookdown. We hope everything will be reopened soon, and we will get our favorite spa moments at the sauna or in a beauty salon.

I hope so! 🙂

The easiest way is to look online for a special gift. There are so many online shops on the internet.

If you have made up your mind, you can order online, but keep in mind that the shipping might be delayed because of this busy time in the year and due to the lockdown.

They have problems delivering the parcels on time. So better be on the safe side and order early enough.

If you would like to get something like smartphone accessories, maybe together with the same colored handbag and wallet, you better go to an online shop where they sell all three items. In this manner, the gifts will arrive together.

But first, know what you want her to give.

What are Really Special Gifts?

I mean, jewelry, cosmetics, fashion, and accessories are not special because they are always available for women. If she likes to get such gifts, of course, that is easy; there is so much on the internet you can buy.

But maybe you would like to give her something special she hasn’t thought about and would really be joyfully surprised to receive it.

It is actually a great advantage to have to stay at home not making any reservation in a restaurant or a hotel for a weekend. That is something quite popular on Valentine’s day. A spa moment is also quite boring as a special gift.

So, here we are, wishing to arrange something extraordinary for her.

 9 Hot Special Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

I will list 9 special ideas you can do in lockdown, and that saves the environment. 😉

1) Go Outdoors

If she loves nature and being outside, get a backpack; fill it with her favorite food, take a warm blanket, let her know she needs to dress very warm( if you live somewhere where you have winter), and plan a beautiful time outside in the forest or somewhere else.

Go, find a protected spot where no wind, snow, or rain is coming through, unpack your backpack, and make it romantic and beautiful for her to be outdoors and still have some lunch, warm and cozy under the blanket, or something else. If she is a nature’s child like I am, she will love it.

Of course, in countries where they have summer now, it will be easier to plan a picnic, but it is still a great idea.

2) Order A Dinner

two candles,a bottle of redwine and two filled wine glasses on a table, covered with blue cristalsIt is quite nice and not that mega special to order something from her favorite restaurant and organize a beautiful dinner table in your house, with candles and some flowers, maybe a fire in the fireplace, if you have one.

You stay cozy and warm at home, having a beautiful dinner, and watching an interesting movie.

I love it; there is so much choice on the internet or television, you will find a beautiful movie. That makes Valentine’s Day in lockdown still a special day together.

3) Get Fitness Devices

Get her a smartwatch to upload her favorite fitness apps like Fitbit and check her health measurements like blood pressure, pulse, etc. Next time she is going to jog or hike, she can check how much she has walked or jogged, and it is excellent for setting a goal, a challenge. The watch will remind her! I think these watches already have good prices. You can check them by reading the reviews.

4) Get Health Devices

A great present is to get healthy stuff like a blender, a food dryer, a water filter, a grounding mat, as a mouse pad for the computer. Trying to stay healthy, these are essential devices, and if she is a natural woman, she might be interested in health equipment. A grounding mattress in your bed is vital now if you think about all the electronic devices in your home. To stay healthy, we need to be grounded. Your sleep will be deeper!

5) A Membership on An Affiliate Marketing Platform

An extraordinary gift is a membership on an affiliate marketing platform where she can learn to build a website for setting up e-commerce or a blogging site. Maybe she would like to try affiliate marketing to earn extra money or sell her favorite items using affiliate links. She could start for free and upgrade if she likes it.

It is a better option than watching television and hanging around on the sofa. It is new, interesting and she might earn money with her site in nearby future, helping to provide the money for the traveling, the new house, car, or other things. Maybe!

6) Donation

Another great present is a donation to an organization that helps children, animals, the environment, etc. By donating an amount of money to them, you will participate in someone’s need. I love that!

There are so many organizations on the internet; you will not have difficulties finding one; the choice might be more problematic.

Amazon donates a certain percentage of the money you pay for your purchased items to the organization of your choice. Every time you buy something on Amazon, a percentage goes to the organization. For example, I have chosen “Save the children,” and I donate to “Save the children every time I buy on Amazon.” This is a great idea to spend money.  What do you think?

7) Organic and Refurbished Items

a small wardrobe painted in petrol, pictures on the furniture and on the wall, a vase with dried grass on the item, a part of a yellow chair besides the wardrobe

If your girlfriend still desires clothing or fashion items, why not going for an organic variant, so you anticipate protecting the earth from pollution and drowning in waste. I think this is a great idea.

For everything, you can find something that is recycled or organic. When I needed a new smartphone, I bought a refurbished one that functions as new because mine has been outdated. Many devices can be bought refurbished, and by the way, you save the planet!

8) Cook Her a Dinner

You can cook for her! Get a yummy recipe from the internet, buy organic grocery, and cook her a lovely dinner. I am sure she will love it!

Make her a Valentine dinner with a complete menu. Buy an organic wine so you don’t get all the unhealthy pesticides into your body.

9) Secondhand Furniture, Repaint Them

You could buy a lovely secondhand cupboard or table and paint them in a beautiful color.

There are many furniture in a secondhand store; you can easily renew it. It is about creativity.:)

I am sure you will find something that she loves and that saves our earth.

Final Thoughts

Why should we buy gifts that are thrown away after some time? Is it not better to buy articles that are renewed or organic? Nowadays, we better help to prevent more waste from being dumped on the planet.

Being in lockdown this Valentine, there are possibilities to give a gift, like having a picnic outdoors or ordering food from a restaurant, but also cooking a complete dinner is a great idea.

If you still wish to buy certain presents, you could go for organic or refurbished items, which are also beautiful. You will not see that they are not new.

To help her set up a blogging site or an affiliate business is really a very special outstanding idea. It keeps her busy gaining much knowledge, and she might be earning extra money in the future.

Please let me know how your thoughts are about the post. I would love to know how you think about giving away refurbished presents on Valentine’s Day.

All the Best,




  • Christine

    I really love all these ideas! I especially liked the first one, packing food in a picknick basket and going out for a romantic stroll and meal in nature. That’s something that I would love to do. All the other ideas are great too! I hadn’t thought of gifting an affiliate marketing platform membership, but it is actually a good idea, and a thoughtful gift, because you’re giving something that will last and earn for the future.
    Nowadays, with the lockdown it is indeed important to get creative. Just because we’re locked down doesn’t mean we have to sit twiggling our thumbs at home. There are many things we can do, and your article illustrated that beautifully! 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, Christine! Yes, walking outdoors, taking a backpack with us can be such a great experience. It isn’t easy to have dinner in a restaurant at these times, so this is an alternative. At the moment quite difficult to do because we have freezing temperatures here in the Netherlands. So there are still ideas left for inside of the house. 😉

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