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Wearing a hat- Beautiful Woman


Wearing a hat-Beautiful Woman

Wearing a hat, beautiful woman.

Women wearing hats, I love that! In these times, it is nearly impossible to wear a hat during a normal day. People are staring at you like you are a crazy person. If you are aristocratic, it is normal, and everyone thinks you must wear a hat.

I think they would miss the hat if Royalties wouldn’t wear one.

We live in the Netherlands, and for us,  Queen Maxima, wearing a hat with a beautiful outfit is absolutely normal. People are used to it. But for a person like you and me, they seem to be not very tolerant. Or maybe it is they need to get used to.;)

When I lived in Ireland, I saw more often women wearing beautiful hats. It seems like it is more the English culture holding fast to their traditions. I mean, if you are going to a funeral, or a wedding, or a sports event like a Polo match, you see women wearing hats. And I think it looks so elegant and beautiful.

You see many women wearing hats in the Netherlands in the church, but these are certain churches. Not all churches are doing so. Some churches do believe that a woman must wear a hat to cover her head. I love to see women wearing a hat. It looks beautiful and elegant to me.

Hats in the last Centuries

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn

In the last centuries, Ladies were always wearing hats. You couldn’t imagine leaving the house without a complete outfit. The hat belonged to a woman from higher society. And even a woman in the working class or a servant wore a sort of hat, called mob caps. They have been quite normal in the Colonial times of the United States and also in Europe.  Women were wearing them even in the house.

Nowadays, you find this in the Netherlands, belonging to the traditional dresses that some women still wear in some villages like Staphorst and Urk. It is a pity, but you don’t see them very often anymore. Many young people are not interested in their culture. There will be fewer older people holding close to the tradition. Actually, you see the development in every country, some dialects are disappearing, and I think that is a sad change.

I know in Germany, women are still wearing such traditional hats and clothes for tourism, in an area called Schwarzwald or Bayern( Bavaria). You see them at certain events when people come together to celebrate in Bavarian villages. Throughout Germany, you can still experience these events if you are interested in them. You really should do this, especially; I believe they will disappear as well in the future.

Throughout the centuries, women and men have worn hats. The style has changed from century to century. In the early 20th  of century, it was a normal dress-up. A woman leaving the house has worn a hat. For example, in the old movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”, you see how Audrey Hepburn was dressed.

Jackie Kennedy made her style famous. Lots of women copied her dress code.

In the ’60s/ ’70s, the hat disappeared slowly. Women didn’t want to dress like a Lady anymore. With James Dean and his Jeans, a new generation with a rebellious mindset has been growing up. Many young women have changed the dress for pants, especially Jeans. Young people have thirsted for freedom, not this conservative lifestyle. They have knocked against the dusty rules.  And the door was open!

In the 1970s, the fashion hat disappeared. Because of the holes in the ozone layer, health experts tried to give the hat a return to protect the skin. And some women wear a kind of straw hat in summertime.

Fashion Designers have been trying to bring the hat back by designing beautiful fashion, including wearing a hat. However, many women in the Western World are not interested in wearing a hat anymore. But it is changing again, and I welcome the development.

Why do women still wear hats in some churches?

beautiful chinese woman with a hat


If you have a look into some churches, you still see women wearing hats or caps. In some cultures, women wear headscarves in church. It depends where they are coming from. In Africa and South America, women wear their traditional hats or caps or headscarves in the Catholic church.

It has to do with God’s Word, the Bible.

The Bible says that women have to cover their heads. Based on Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Calvinist, and Methodist teaching, some women wear the head-covering in public worship.

In 1. Corinthians 11;5 is written that every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is even all one as if she were shaven. A woman has to have long hair for modesty.

Biblical scholars referred to a literal veil or covering with a cloth. This is the reason Christian women still wear a hat in church. In the Western world, it is practiced by a minority. Still, in other countries like Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, and South Korea, it is normal for women to cover their heads going to church. (Wikipedia)

But this has nothing to do with art or creativity.

Ladies wearing a hat- a sign of rank?

These days you don’t see most women wearing hats, only in winter, when it is freezing, women wear a hat or woolen beret. It is not common anymore. If you see the Royal families, then you see that the Ladies are still wearing hats. It complements their outfits, and I like it very much. You hardly see them in public without a hat. We are used to this picture. It looks aristocratic and elegant.

In England, you see women wearing hats while visiting traditional events, like a Polo match. It is normal that women dress up beautifully and wear hats. This has a long tradition in Britain. It is all about looking classy and elegant while enjoying the game. Of course, in other English countries, they are also beautiful dressed while visiting a Polo Game, but women are not wearing hats like they do in England, where the game’s origin is. Luckily, many British people are still traditional.

Wearing Hats as Art – Be Creative

asian woman with a black hat

This post is all about Art and Creativity. Wearing a hat is not a must anymore, but if you are like me and love to express yourself, you might love wearing a hat with your clothes. I believe a hat always looks good. There are many different forms, colors, and materials, so it doesn’t matter if you are dressed classy and elegant or sportive.

I find many hats in second-hand shops where they have different styles for little money. The only thing is that they might not have your head size. But if you go more often, you will find something that suits you. Play a little with your style. When I wear jeans and look sportive, I wouldn’t wear a big hat. I would wear a Fedora with a leather jacket and jeans. It looks stunning.

But if you would like to wear a dress or skirt, a coat on it, you could wear an occasion hat, something bigger and elegant. Put some gloves on and carry a beautiful handbag. You will certainly be a magnet for people. If you love playing around with clothes to express yourself, you will find many possibilities to show your creativity. Still, buying second-hand hats will not pollute the planet but help to live sustainably.

Final Thought

Wearing a hat can be really fashioned. For me, it is an expression of Art! Maybe you would love to include a beautiful hat in your personal style. What kind of fashion you love is up to you. In secondhand shops, you could find some different hats and try them before you buy something expensive. So you could find out what really suits you and what you love to wear. I think it is important to play with different styles. Making a piece of Art of yourself is very satisfying. It will give you more confidence. And it makes you free.

What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion. Do you love wearing hats?

All the best,





  • Hannie

    The funny thing is, I really love hats and had loads of them back in the Netherlands when I was still living there. I had a wall where I had pinned them to, because I never wore them! Like you describe: I wear just a wool cap when it’s cold. 🙂

    Apart from Máxima and the Royal family wearing hats, there is another occasion women in the Netherlands wear beautiful and artsy hats: the 3rd Tuesday of September at the opening of the new political year: Prinsjesdag. This year less people were allowed at that event, so not as many hats as usual were to be seen.

    Usually the front woman of the Party for the Animals has a hat that is a statement for animal rights. Quite interesting.

    Maybe the reason not to wear hats anymore in the Netherlands – or in Spain for that matter – is the wind. A hat is so awkward or difficult to handle when the wind is blowing hard!

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, Thank you very much for your comment! It is a pity you don’t wear your hats. Winter is not that cold anymore here in the Netherlands. So a wool cap is not necessary as it has been in earlier times. But I think you can always wear a hat. You are right about Prinsjesdag. Women wear hats. I love to see them wearing their hats.
      You could be right that the wind could be a problem in the Netherlands. I don’t know about Spain. Is there much wind?

  • Monique Richie

    Hello Sylvie, thank you so much for this article, I really enjoyed it, I was born and raised in Amsterdam and yes you are right, we don’t do the traditional things anymore, but be honest, do you like to look like those women? When I was born in Hungary, Tahiti, Mexico, yes, in Spain, Japan or Italy, yes, yes, yes. But in Holland. never ever I will dress like this, even the heads are, I can’t even talk about it. But I love heads and I wear heads, especially in the summer, to protect my face from the sun, like in the last picture you’ve posted. In the wintertime, I like to wear a nice big scarf that covers my head and neck, there I put a hat over it, looks good and warms very well, the scarf is also good for fastening the hat with a couple of pins, which is especially good when there is a lot of wind, like in Holland.
    I think it is time to ignore the looks of others, I am special, so what. Hope you all love to be special, you surely are, Sylvia.

    • Sylvie

      Hello Monique, Thank you very much for your beautiful comment! I really had to laugh. You are right; I wouldn’t like to wear the traditional clothes of the Netherlands. But I love to see traditions, like the clothes in Tibet. I am glad we have the freedom to wear what we want. You are so right. For me, it is like a piece of art to dress even if I wear jeans.

  • Diane

    I truly enjoyed reading through this article! It provided an interesting aspect to hats that I hadn’t considered–viewing them as art.

    To be honest, I love wearing hats to church, too, but don’t fall into the “you must” wear them way of thinking. I just think they create a finished look and maybe that’s artwork, in a sense. I know women who insist on wearing them inside church and that’s fine, too.

    Do you find that some age ranges are more accepting of women’s hats than others? I wonder if perhaps it is a generational thing, as well as a regional distinction.

    Either way, I find your article quite interesting–thanks for bringing up the topic!

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much for your comment, Diane! I understand you very much! I love wearing hats in church too. But I love bigger hats, and these are hats people in the church don’t like. Of course, you have to be dressed in decent clothes, but I love to look beautiful with dresses and hats. For me, I love women wearing hats in church and outside the church. But very often, the church is the only place to wear a hat nowadays. 

      I don’t think it depends on the age, because I know many younger women who love wearing hats, but maybe they are not having defined themselves yet and are not that confident wearing them, for example, in the city. Maybe it is a generational thing, but I also believe that mature women are more confident in having found their style.

  • Lisa

    Even though I am English wearing a hat is not something I have done very often. I have been told they suit me but for me, they just don’t feel right. There are many beautiful hats around and occasionally I will try one on but I never purchase them. It is a preference for most women. The Queen just would not look the same if she wasn’t wearing a hat with her beautiful outfit. Very interesting read.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much, Lisa, for your comment! Yes, I don’t know if you visit certain public events? I know in England, women do not wear a hat in public anymore. Maybe that is really over. I think it is a pity because it looks so beautiful. It looks dressed! 🙂

  • Henk van Dijkhuizen

    Hi Sylvie, I enjoyed reading your article very much, especially, I have to say that I love women wearing hats. I am going nto a church where women still wear hats and I think it looks great. But of course, when they leave the church, the hat is directly placed into a bag. I think thta is a pity, because it looks so femine and beautiful. I would love the hats coming back on the streets. 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Thank you very much, Henk, for your comment! Yes, I love women wearing hats very much, and I have to say that it is a pity that they don’t wear hats, or only sometimes on the street. We should change it.:)

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