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What are the Benefits of Shopping Local?

Because of the Corona restrictions, many small businesses are nearly bankrupt. They are in lockdown and not allowed to open their shops. The big supermarkets and chains are still available for the people. It is ridiculous because it is so crowded that people cannot keep their distance when you go to a supermarket.

You need to know the reason for this political decision. It is desired! You need to know what is going on to understand that there is an elite, only some thousand people, who try to control the world. The stakeholders behind these huge chains are the investors who own the food supply and make huge profits, a reason that the government puppets help them earn huge money still, but destroy with their politics the small businesses. They are keen to introduce another financial system where we will be tied to computers and artificial intelligence.

The benefits of shopping local result in supporting the local shops and knowing what you consume. Our world will become more centered and social, which is a great result, especially for the younger people who haven’t learned to be social properly.

Freshness and Knowledge of the Origin

When you visit a supermarket, you don’t know where the products are coming from. Most food is not organically grown but conservatively grown and processed. Bill Gates, who owns many supermarkets as a chain, or is a significant shareholder, is very active in gene modifying. He is strongly involved in mutating the gens of plants and animals we consume and advocates for meat replacement. Most ingredients are not listed anymore, and ordinary humans don’t ask. Do you trust such people for producing your food?

What are the benefits of shopping local?
Photo by Mark Stebnicki from Pexels

I am always buying real food, not processed products. When I went shopping at the supermarket, I tried to buy vegetables and fruits labeled organic. Dairy and meat must be organic, coffee and tea, and wine. But I don’t trust the supermarket products because I watched pretty nasty documentaries on the television about how we are fooled with our food supply. For me, it is the highlight to purchase my fresh produce and all my food in a Farmer’s market or shop and an organic butcher.

We have many organic working farmers in our surroundings who are standing on the different markets in the week, but visiting their shops on their grounds is also possible. Some offer the possibility of harvesting fresh in the fields. The only problem is that I need a car to get to their farms and the markets. But I love to do this! The taste is unbelievable, the freshness, the conservative seasonal vegetables, and the fruits. I do ferment food and make our jam. I buy raw milk and make my kefir and yogurt.

You can easily purchase your food in your local shops. I often visit our market, buy lots of greens, loaves of bread for the freezer, and organic cheese, eggs, and dairy. Then I visit the organic butcher or our organic shop for meat, wine, beer, and cosmetics or household products. With farmer shops and markets, you will always know where the food is coming from and fresh and seasonal. For me, it is essential to know that I eat real food.

Organic Food Will Heal the Body

Real organically grown food is medicine for the body. If you change your lifestyle and start to buy locally grown organic food, and the best is to harvest your food, you will begin to heal your body. Your body will begin to detox and throw all toxins out of your cells and tissues. Your immune system and metabolism will work better and be more robust. Your addictions will stop because you receive vitamins and minerals. Your allergies will disappear, inflammation will heal. If you can change to consuming about 80% vegetables and only about 20 % meat and fish, you are already creating a healthy lifestyle.

two women performing yoga on the beach
Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Let your food be your medicine, but they need to grow in healthy soil. Maybe you would like to consider a water filter for your water supply, so you will not drink too many heavy metals, rest medication, and parasites. In the Netherlands, the water coming from the tap has no good quality anymore, and mineral water you can buy in the supermarkets is filled in plastic bottles, which are dangerous for all life. We need to overthink our lifestyles and the products we can purchase in supermarkets. Even you have to spend more time cooking and making healthy food; it is better than eating all the junk food and processed food full of chemicals.

Our parents and grandparents had no other choice than to make their food supply, and we can learn very much from them. My parents always owned their vegetable garden and fruit trees. My mother always cooked fresh, baked cakes and made vegetables durable. I learned very much and still love to do this. Here in the Netherlands, we only have a small garden, but this garden is full of plants. I try to grow some vegetables, and I might place them on our roof because the snails are a real problem in this wet climate. With an organic fertilizer and good quality compost, you can quickly grow your vegetables. Your energy will multiply, and you will have a better sleep.

The only problem is the amount of electricity and wifi in the houses and environment. Radiation makes us sick and prevents a night of good sleep. I consider reducing the radiation in my home because I feel the impact on my brain. It has gradually increased in all the years, and I often suffered from sudden nose bleeding without a visible reason and brain fog.

We make our environment healthier or sicker! It depends on us if we promote healing by adjusting certain decisions. The industry and the stakeholders will only use us and the environment to earn more money! They are not interested in our health, but their profit!

Small Businesses Need Our Support

Corona restrictions are a real threat to small, local businesses, and maybe within this year, there will be many shops that have disappeared. We should not want to depend on the extensive online platforms and the supermarkets and stores and shop locally in our towns. I want to support all local shops, so we still have our businessmen and women who are the picture of a city. It might not be possible to go back in time. Still, we can use this time to change our consumption behavior and start to buy fewer quality products that don’t pollute the environment but are less toxic for the body and the environment. I am very much for national productivity, the way we had for decades. People had less, but enough, and life was more meaningful.

I love Asian cuisine and its food, but I don’t need every crap in the shops. Natural herbs and spices are so much better than spices in plastic bags mixed with a chemical troop that works hazardous on my body. If you know how these toxins from your furniture, clothes, cosmetics, and foods impact your hormone balance, you might stop purchasing toxic products.

herbs and spices
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

So why not visit your local shops and form a social bond with the owners. I still know how it was going to a small shop, getting the milk in a can, and buying real fresh bread from the baker. Now, I love to bake my bread and cakes myself, and when I have my oven again, I will bake my bread from healthy grains, not the mutated grains we cab purchase in the shops. It is genetically modified and why we can’t digest gluten anymore, resulting in food intolerances. Dairy products create the same results because the homogenized and pasteurized milk is not healthy anymore; full of antibiotics and hormones, you will finally get sick! There are so many people with lactose intolerance that destroys the gut.

Some farmers sell raw milk, and you can make kefir or yogurt yourself; even cream and butter are not a problem.

I would also prefer to visit a restaurant that uses fresh produce from the area, without any toxins. Better stop buying products from China and India, but help your country flourish by supporting national companies and small businesses. It is only a matter of getting used to and being willing to spend more time.

Keep it Small and Social.

Going to a local shop also means socializing, which many people are no longer used to. I love to know the people behind the products, and I love visiting the market and getting myself fresh produce. I love consuming salades with seeds and olive oil from spring to autumn. We also have an organic farmer who sells meat very close to our home, and I think this is fantastic. Their animals live a long and free life before going to the slaughter. I love to eat liver, mostly chicken because it is not so strong as beef. The taste is excellent, and I can buy lots of meat and store it in the freezer. Purchase meat, I do only once in three weeks; a freezer is a great tool, also for berries and bread or vegetables.

It is excellent to know the people and help them to exist. That is what I am looking for, a win/win situation. I know where the food is coming from and that it is organic. If you want to keep yourself healthy, go for small organic local shops and farmer markets. We have many markets in our surrounding, like Deventer, Zutphen, Zwolle, Apeldoorn. There is enough to do, and even I would like to have my vegetable garden, I can rent one.

Apeldoorn, Berg en Bos
Apeldoorn, Berg en Bos, Bing

You will indeed find several addresses of organic farms close to your home on the internet. If we go on holidays, I always search for organic shops and farms close to where we stay to eat fresh organic produce, even during the holidays. Most time, we rent an Airbnb where I can cook and bake because it is ok from time to time to eat in a restaurant, but we both love our food.

Many farmers give courses about growing vegetables, using plants as medicine, making your cheese, eating wildflowers; there is enough to learn.

Final Thought

To stop controlling our food supply, the planet’s exploitation through the few super-rich people, and the bankruptcy of small businesses, we need to turn to the local shops and farmer markets. A healthy lifestyle will prevent many illnesses and the force of medications on our bodies. It is essential to do a great reset, but not how the elite force us. They need to be kept outside our lives. Buying local and supporting small businesses is the only way out of massive unemployment and bankruptcy, as well as dependency on people we better don’t trust.

I would love to hear your opinion! Please, let me know what you think!

All the Best,



  • Hannie Mommers

    The number of shops that have closed in my village is numerous. Such a pity. And a dreadful sight as well, because the shutters are immediately vandalized with not-very-sustainable spray cans.

    I don’t know for how long we have shopped mainly in small shops. I guess over 20 years already. Apart from a mostly better quality most of the time we get better advice as well. For organic food, yet also clothes and little things for the household.

    It took us a while when we had just moved to Spain to find the right shops but once we found 1, we got enough information from them to find others as well. An unexpected benefit from those shops is also that we talk more (when do we ever talk in a supermarket except with each other?) so it’s better for our Spanish as well. 😉

    Do you know Odin? We used to be a member of them when we still lived in the Netherlands.

    • Sylvie

      I think we will get this picture here as well, Hannie! But I still try to support the small shops to help them. You are very right, for socializing it is such a great place. I know them all, and we talk and laugh very much.
      I know Odin, but they are located in Arnhem, not Apeldoorn, Deventer, and Zutphen. I visit a shop; it is Eco Plaza. But I try to go to the market. The farmer’s shop in Hall is an excellent place for someone who looks for organic meat. But we also have the ‘Groene Slager,’ I don’t know if you know them; it is a chain of several butchers in the Netherlands. When I lived in Ireland, I knew it took me a while to find my shops. 🙂

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