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What Are The Benefits of Working From Home?

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These days many of us are forced to stay home regarding the restrictions, new lockdowns. What are the benefits of working from home? I would love to hear your opinion.

what are the benefits of working from home?

You know that many people lost their work or business due to the restrictions, the many lockdowns, and don’t know how to survive. Many businessmen and women are bankrupt, totally broken in their existence. However, I also see that people with the necessary vision and creativity create new businesses. I adore such people; their power and determination are impressive. You can see that whatever comes out of our reptilian brain results in defeat, depression or fight, creativity, and power. A loss of in+come is a great shock for most people. Suppose your adrenaline is rising because you are under an existential threat. In that case, you react the same way as people do in other threatening situations, fight, flee, or freeze, according to the mechanism of our reptilian brain. People who are used to fighting will quickly come out of the situation with another solution.

Covid 19 and Restrictions

While people have to go into lockdowns worldwide, they are forced to work from home or be creative in their business. Every situation creates new possibilities, and some people are better as creators and more optimistic than others.

Some friends who work as teachers or in administration for the governmental instances work from home and keep doing this for nearly two years. They work jobs they can perform at home as well. Many students work from home, which is possible because of the digital transfer of information. The digital branches have opened up many opportunities and using Zoom, Microsoft teams or Whatsapp simplifies meetings. However, there are still many professions where we can’t avoid human contact, like nursing and ambulances.

But the downside is that with the coming of the vaxxine mandates, many care professionals are leaving their jobs because they don’t want to get forced to take an experimental injection that has cost more lives than any vaccine before in history. These professionals see daily the outcome of getting vaxxinated, like me. They are qualified professionals who have enjoyed good training and built up much knowledge and experience. While standard care organizations like hospitals and nursing homes are collapsing, these professionals are creating new jobs, such as working from home, contacting their patients digitally, or setting up their own business as traveler nurses. Their income has, in some countries, tripled.

You see that more hairdressers are starting to build up their home business, visiting people at their homes. Restaurant owners set up a takeaway for their clients, even if they have exclusive restaurants. And supermarkets bring the groceries to their clients so that people can stay at home. It helps a lot, but honestly, don’t do your groceries in a supermarket! Why? Because they belong to the elite, like Bill Gates!  You didn’t know?

Better buy in small shops! These are the shops they try to destroy! 😉 They deserve to be supported!

Restricted Work

Most people in most countries of the European Union are in danger due to not working, but needing to buy products for daily life. But why? We have nothing to do with such politicians! Nothing! We haven’t elected such leaders, but leaders who care for the whole country. Taking away from people their jobs to take care of their income and needs is evil; causing people to break down, their lives, their families, the whole existence is evil! Studying and finding a job to earn an income to support their families and themselves is a human right in our culture.

a nurse and a child

We hear about countries where nurses can’t work if they are not vaxxinated. They massively leave hospitals and health organizations because they don’t want to receive an injection that causes massive health problems and death. Nurses are on the frontline and observing this situation. Many traveler nurses and nurses work digitally using zoom or Microsoft teams, as I said already. It is a significant development, and I would love to do that using my expertise in natural healing, beginning with improving gut health and cutting out junk food from their daily diet.

The good thing is that every crisis brings out new opportunities, and the best is that people are using their creativity and start living independently from a rotten system that is prone to break in a short time. A system that gives some people power is flawed and has to die anyway. I heard from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, that the elite has already tried to blow the blockchains and cryptocurrency because they try to implement their digital currency system to create dependency of the world’s population from the very few in the world. In other words, the elite is very anxious to lose their power, control, and riches; meanwhile, the governments in the western world are creating mass unemployment, expropriation of the farmers, and destruction of small businesses. Our governments are the puppets of these superrich people. Luckily their attempt to blow the cryptocurrencies has failed!

In these times of lockdowns, many businesses have started to let their employees work part-time because they can’t pay the salaries anymore. The pressure on the social system has become enormous. So new ideas of creative people who are determined to survive are more than welcome!

Building an Online Business

It is possible to set up an online business in affiliate marketing, stock market, e-commerce, teaching, blogging, etc. If you have some money left, you can go for paid advertisements on google, bing, and others. If you join a platform to learn how to build a successful website, blog, or make landing pages to sell products and create an affiliate business, you could earn money within some months.

I started to join a platform and build my affiliate marketing business. Still honestly, because I am a nurse, it became ridiculous busy due to Covid 19 and all the tests my colleagues had to go through because of a beginning cold which is common in winter; I lost much time writing my articles and going ahead with my business.

However, if you are determined, you can build up a business. A critical factor is good planning and writing down your vision and goals. For example, if you set your goal on writing four articles per week, you will make it. It is always good to write it down. I know many people who have created an online business and have already earned some money. If you sit down and think about possibilities instead of mourning that you are a victim of the system, you will find another way. You must see that it is your responsibility to live your life, taking care of your income. We are only victims if we allow this to happen.

When I found out in my research that we might lose jobs and the possibility of buying food, I started to grow my vegetables and prepared food for later. I don’t want to be dependent on a corrupt system. Nearly all huge companies and supermarkets belong to very few rich people globally. If they’re going to close them down because they want to force us to go in the direction they desire, we are in trouble.

Tim Gielen has made an impressive video.


However, this is the time to set up an online business, or offline, local business, like shopping for people and delivering it to their houses. There are already many such companies, but there are still possibilities for new ideas.

It was the best decision I took in a long time to join a platform where you learn and study from scratch to set up an online business. I have learned to build websites and create a successful affiliate marketing business. My goal is to earn money via my websites, so I have enough for my retirement; mainly, it is expected that we will not receive any money from our state pension. The governments have already spent it and emptied the pension funds.

While setting up my affiliate marketing business, I have invested in shares and cryptocurrencies in the hope to build up a good base for retirement.

The platform is Wealthy Affiliate, and they have a free starter membership. If you want to try it out, I will leave you the link.

Working From Home

Working from home is convenient for mothers who want to watch their children. But it is also great to support children emotionally; they need it very much! In times of lockdowns, mothers can check if the children are studying because most children have to join school digitally, even writing tests.

I love to work from home in my free time and plan my day myself. As I do, if you still have your job, you might want to learn something new. I don’t like to sit around not doing anything all day, so for me, it is an excellent opportunity to set up a business besides my job as a nurse. Of course, we are all different, and some women love to go shopping and hang around with their friends. Sometimes I like to go to town and drink a coffee somewhere with a friend, but I prefer to walk in nature, or do handwork.

Writing articles for my website is something I love to do very much! The research for the expert’s opinions on Covid and infections has broadened my horizon. It is amazing what you find when you have started to explore information on the internet. The mainstream media is no longer my source of information since I have learned how corrupt and false they are. At the beginning of wars, they are the propaganda machines for the elite and governments. I watched a video from a German Journalist who has confessed that he has lied to the people for decades. He was not allowed to say the truths. This journalist is murdered for his whistleblowing. If you know this, you will never again listen to the mainstream media.

I will attach the video so that you can hear it yourself.


Working from home has many advantages, like working in a peaceful, stress-free environment and taking as many breaks as needed. Working the hours you want to work and still earning enough money. Having more quality time, especially with your family, is a huge plus point. Many women love to work from their homes, but more men do desire this unique chance as well.

I think it depends on our character. One disadvantage is that you need to be able to stay alone at home without feeling lonely because you might get depressed if you miss your colleagues and some life around you. Especially younger people miss the contact with others and prefer to go to work instead of staying at home. It is also good training for the development of their social skills to meet others instead of staying at home.

Final Thought

Working from home is maybe the solution to the mass unemployment that comes our way. The governments are destroying our future instead of building it. Perhaps it will be the only way to earn an income, especially since many people have gone bankrupt. We need new visions, new possibilities. If you want to set up an online business, you can try this platform for free. They have a starter membership to find out if this is something for you.

Please, leave your comment below in the comment section! I would love to hear your opinion!

All the Best,



  • John

    Hey Sylvia,
    Thank you for your great background to the current situation where many people find themselves either out of work or looking for alternative income. This is a great post and you have really highlighted and summarised the key points, health risks of the experiemental injections, people behind this and sadly the impacts on good people like ourselves.

    I do like your detailed overview of the pros and cons of working from home, the expectations and mindset for achieving success online and in building a real online business. It is different from being an employee where you get paid X$ for Y hours. There is some learning curve and delayed gratification as in the income flows after the efforts – consistent quality content that helps people which leads to traffic which leads to income. I agree that the platform you recommend does offer a real community, training and support to help people achieve this.
    Warm regards John

    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much, John, for your comment! Yes, it is a difficult time, and especially for people who don’t want to get injected. We are forced to find other ways of earning our income, which can be a blessing. I wish you the very best! Keep your head up! Never give in to evil!

  • Ceci

    Hi Sylvie,
    Crisis always brings out new opportunities and creativity ultimately kicks in – because that is our survival instinct at work!

    Working from home has both upside and downside. The downside can be greater distractions – young children, tv, firdge, limited accountability etc. Missing out on actual physical contact can cause distractions and limited accountability can result in increased procrastination.

    The upside of course is flexibility, reduced stress from less work drama. These are huge pluses. If the downside is properly managed, working from home can be truly fulfilling. The key is discipline.


    • Sylvie

      I hear you, Ceci! Yes, you are right; it can be exhausting but also a blessing to work from home as a mother. It is more peaceful anyway if you don’t have small children! 🙂 I enjoy it very much! Sometimes, working from home can be a problem if someone hasn’t got discipline, you are so right! Discipline is the key! 🙂

  • Matthew/Deloris

    These are all great benefits that you mention about the benefits of working from home? The best thing is staying home with your kids is the top of them all if you have kids.
    We have chosen this path of the WA platform as the best choice we ever made, your recommendations are real.


  • Christine

    I knew that the media lie to us but even so I am still shocked that Udo Ulfkotte was murdered for speaking the truth. It is horrible what is happening right now, and scary how all these restrictions are put in place. It nearly feels dictatorial, especially what I read about the situation in Austria which is forcing its citizens to get the vaccine. I have never heard of a government forcing its people to get a vaccine, that is unbelievable!
    The governments could implement better solutions like selling healthier food and promoting more plant-based food, but then the meat industries would lose business and they are sponsored by the government. We need to eat and live healthy to defeat viruses, but instead we are told to continue eating crap that makes people sick, do as we’re told, getting injected while not knowing what theyr’e injecting into our bodies and knowing that people have died of the covid vaccines …
    People in charge are not interested in our well-being, they never have been.

    • Sylvie

      Yes, you are right, but I believe it is about another agenda, not about our well-being, but the control and power of a self-named elite who we didn’t elect. Eating healthy is the only way to stay healthy. We have a God-given immune system and shouldn’t destroy it!

  • Shalisha Alston

    I like that you thought ahead of time and started growing your own vegetables and stored them for future. This pandemic really hurt a lot of people financially. I was one of the fortunate who was able to work from home during the whole time. Still, it’s obvious that we can’t depend on our government and we need to own our own businesses. I own my own online business thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I have a second source of income. Many people have turned to online businesses as a result of this pandemic. There’s nothing better than being in charge of your destiny. Great post.

    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much, Shalisha! Yes, I grow my vegetables, even my garden is small, but it works. Being dependent is not lovely, and I want to support myself!. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, it is excellent to know that you own your business, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!. Me too; I am so happy to have joined this community. And there is a starters trial, for free! I wish you the very best!:)
      Here is the link for all who want to get support!

  • Kathy

    Thank you for sharing your insights on working from home. I’ve been this way for a few years since my stroke. I’m lucky as don’t mind my own company and love working online. I agree, there are many who’ve lost jobs due to Covid, and find it hard to live. With a bit of creative thinking and desire to set up your own business working from home anything is possible!

  • Alex Chivers

    Hi Sylvie, It’s nice to read such a refreshing take on working from home. I know some people might not like your views on COVID / Vaccines etc. but screw them anyway its people that go along with this fascism that are bringing about the real hardship. The fewer people that comply the easier it will be to get some semblance of normality again. I won’t babble on but yes working from home, being your own boss – I’ve been running an eBay business for 10 years and started affiliate marketing and blogging 2 years ago – the latter hasn’t been as fruitful as I really would like but these things take time and definitely are a learning process.

    I would say it’s worth doing but just be prepared for it to take time and try to make money in other ways where you can till business starts picking up. It can be quite fast for some people I think it depends on what they write about and how much competition they are going up against. My advice just keep going and constantly improving and it will work soon enough.

    Best of luck with everything anyway

    kind regards;


    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much, Alex! I appreciate your comment! It is excellent to hear you run an eBay business because I was also thinking of setting up an e-commerce business that suits me very much! I wish you much success!:)

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