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What is Backyard Revolution- Scam or Real?

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Review of Backyard Revolution.

Today I will investigate a claim that Backyard Revolution is promoting on the internet. What is Backyard Revolution, a scam or real?

It is essential to promote sustainable products that help the Earth recover and live more sustainably. Finding products we all can use without feeling guilty is essential, but we can’t trust every company claiming to be sustainable. So today, I will introduce you to a company, Backyard Revolution. I love the name and will look behind their slogan.

Backyard Revolution

Details of the Company

Brand: Backyard Revolution

Founder: Zack Bennett who lives with his wife and daughter in Orlando, Florida, where you have plenty of sunshine

Ratings: I could hardly find any ratings, only one, but I can’t say if someone has just made their own rating.

  • Price 99%
  • Technology 98%
  • Ease of Use 94%
  • Innovation 98%
  • Reliability 97%
  • Availability 95%

What is Backyard Revolution?

Many people nowadays buy solar panels to set up on the roof of their house to save on their energy bills and live a sustainable life. But solar panels are quite expensive, and you need professionals to do this for you if you are not a professional yourself. However, saving money while using solar energy, the initial costs can be very high. In the Netherlands, you receive subsidies from the government when you decide to install solar panels on your roof, but even then, the whole process cost is not that affordable.

Zack Bennett has developed an alternative due to an awful experience he and his family have had while suffering from a complete failure of the energy supply due to a storm. Robbers broke into his house, letting them experience trauma, being afraid for their life. Luckily, Zack and his family are still alive. However, this experience has rooted the deep desire in him never to be without any energy supply.

What is Backyard Revolution- Scam or Real?
Zack Bennett


He found out that normal solar panel systems are still costly; people pay much money to give back to the energy companies. He was thinking about setting up a system that can be 100% used, saving you on your bill, and independent of the energy companies.  Finding out the backyard revolution, which cuts your bill by about another 65%, he designed a small backyard solar panel system that cost only a few dollars compared to the huge solar panel systems on your roof.

” So why should you fatten the greedy bastards up with 20k when you can get the same results for only a fraction of that tag. A 1% fraction, to be more specific.

That’s right! You can stick it to them easy… for a mere $200… And on a measly 10 sq feet.

My first unit cost me a little over $200 ($207.12, more precisely). And results came pounding hard the very next day… I used it for my garage and outdoor lights… And it reflected directly into the bill… 51% off in the first month. “( Zack Bennett)

Normally a solar system costs about 20K in the USA, a complete system for your roof, but now it only costs $200, and within three months, you have the money back. I think this sounds too good to be true! But it is true!;)

The Design

Backyard Revolution Design


– It is made for small yards; you don’t need to install it on your roof. It takes up about 5% of the surface used in conventional solar panel systems.

– You don’t need to spend thousands of money on a solar panel system

– it is 100 % effective, cutting back your bill about 65% directly into your savings.

– it is not difficult to set up, even if you have never built something together.

– it doesn’t cost the world, very affordable.

– no maintenance

– you will never again be depending on the nation’s failure of power; if the power is out, you still have your energy in your house.

– a disaster-proof, recession-proof, and draught-proof system

– you get three books as a bonus, Homestead EMP Protection Protocol, Energy Stockpiling Secrets, Homestead Alternative Energy Sources.

– today, you can buy the system for only $ 39 instead of $ 89, which is a great price.


– I can’t really find any ratings on this product

– you can only order it online

My Opinion

Is Backyard Revolution a scam? No, I don’t think so! Zack is a real guy with a story! He has built this system for his personal use, but the system is so convenient and convincing that he sells his idea to many people who would love to profit. I think it is a great idea, because in the Netherlands and Germany you only find them on your roof, and there are already people who have lost their houses due to burning solar panels. They are not harmless! But this system is small and can be set up in your garden, making it safe for your house. The price is unbelievably low for such a money-saving solar system. Worth trying! Sustainable! Absolutely!

Banner Backyard Revolution

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  • Hannie

    In the picture, this looks really cool, Sylvia. I have looked at the website, always curious about new sustainable items. I didn’t understand from your article why you said $200, and further on in the text $39. But now I do, I think. The $39 is for a DIY manual, right? And I guess, you have to buy the materials which will be an additional $200?

    I am wondering about the design. Two zigzags right behind each other, how does the second one get enough sun. Do you have an idea?

    BTW 20k, that’s probably a US price. We paid way less for our installation and I know from Dutch friends, they did as well. 🙂

    Thanks for making the world more sustainable. Take care.

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, yes, you are right, the price is for the US market! I added it now. In the Netherlands and Germany, it is far cheaper. The whole installation costs about $200, but you get off course only the information about how to build the solar panels. The system is created so that it only affords a small place like in the backyard. The way the panels are designed is to catch sun and light always; it doesn’t matter how the sun’s position is. In this manner, you have always sun meeting the panels.
      I think the price for an independent solar system is great. If I lived in the States of America, I would certainly be independent of the government, energy, water, and food. Thank you very much for your comment, Hannie!:)

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