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What is the Importance of Sustainable Living? – Our Future Generations!

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I am sure that this topic will give uncomfortable feelings to certain people, especially those who only want to make huge money on the cost of the environment and other humans. Also, people still trust the government doing only good things for us and the environment.

What is the importance of sustainable living for our future generations? Everything, because they will otherwise not survive. If we don’t stop greedy people who power to destroy the world and us, we will not survive. It has already begun for years, destroying our world, ecologically and economically, whereas we as their stupid sheep are helping them because of our greediness for luxury. I don’t have children and grandchildren, but you should think about your children’s future and stop overconsumption.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a modern word because without the enormous overconsumption nowadays resulting in exploitation of the global resources, other human beings, destruction, and pollution of the environment, we wouldn’t know this word.

In former times where people’s world was small, they worked with their hands, created food and clothing, got water from a well, primarily located in a village, and had few possessions. The trouble began with the industrializing of our world, leading to a better economy and lifestyle altogether, which is in the first instance a good development. People have a better life; they have more comfort, food, medical care, and products. The trouble lies in the human nature of being greedy and never content. The mammon is the king!

What is the importance of sustainable living? Our future generations!
Stevepb, Pixabay

In the last decades after world war II, our economy has developed very fast, leaving behind enormous destruction of the environment where the poor people have become poorer. Some rich people have increased their riches beyond our imagination. But it seems they still do not have enough. If they gave up some of their money to the poor people in this world, we wouldn’t have so much hunger in the world.

Nowadays, the climate has changed very much. The environment is still getting destroyed because immoral people want to earn money by burning down huge forests like the Amazon for their profit, and the money is more important!

a boat floating over the Amazon river
Nareeta Tartin, Unsplash

There are still illegal acts practiced in the Amazon, and immoral people have no conscience while killing native humans who want to protect their environment, all paid with our money in the bank, given to these exploiting giants in the industry. Do we want that?

There must come more education, but people who try to inform the world receive censor and threatening. Do we want to allow this to happen? Most people don’t recognize what is happening globally, are busy living their lives, and are not interested in essential information. There is only one way to get out; we need to conserve sustainability to save future generations.

The Future Generations

I admire the native people of this world who have always lived with nature and only taken what they need daily for life, caring for a healthy world for future generations. With the greedy white people coming into their world, they have been killed, their environments destroyed, their population thrown in poverty and decimated.

It is not understandable that people can be so greedy that they destroy their children’s future, the world where their children still need to live in. Young people have nearly no chance of a future if everything is destroyed. Living in a science fiction world without nature is, for me, a horrible imagination. We see all these science fiction movies on television, and I can imagine that this can become a reality. Still, if we want robots and self-driving cars, as well as synthetical food in our world, we are already coming close to the point where this fiction can become a reality, and that is certainly not the complete truth.

robots, artificial intelligence
Foto door Kindel Media via Pexels

If we want to save the planet and live sustainably, it has to happen now, back to small sustainable communities, self-sufficient, independent. I believe this is the only way to conserve the future life for our children and grandchildren, while I still believe that we don’t need to renounce all comfort. But who am I, a tiny light in the world?

The importance is that all people globally rethink their actions to stop producing so much waste by choosing the right products, no plastic, no pesticides and herbicides, no toxic products. But it has to be done globally. The sea of plastic covering the shores of the beaches has to stop. If we start to produce organic waste that we can recycle and reuse for our compost, we are already a big step into living sustainably.

Plastic soup in the Pacific

Well, our idea of traveling also has to change, something that will undoubtedly improve our health and the environment’s health. We don’t need so much clothing and furniture, and people have too much in their houses that they have forgotten, never used again, at least here in the Netherlands and Germany.

Let’s trade these things, swapping products with each other. What do you think about this idea? Maybe you already do this?

What is the Importance of Sustainable Living?

It is essential to living sustainably and healthy what is connected.  Another reason to create a sustainable system is to live independent of greedy people who are not interested in us, have no empathy, no compassion but try to overpower us and suppress us in every way we can imagine, like the stakeholder capitalism we are living in these days.

Living self-sufficient is giving us our power back. It is certainly not good to receive censored information, living in the fear that the globalists can take over our money by shutting down this economic system or being threatened by other viruses released out of a lab as a biological weapon.

I know many of you are still thinking this is a conspiracy theory, not reading trustworthy alternative news but following the mainstream media’s fake news. Maybe it is a good idea to be connected to true experts in this world who are getting shut down because of telling the truth, like Dr. Mercola, Robert F. Kennedy, Prof. Sucharit Bahkdi, Prof. Dolores Cahill, Ninefornews, Ernst Wolff ( Finanz Tsunami), and many others.

A lot is happening, and we are in the midst of an economic war. It is necessary to stop going further and refind ourselves by creating self-sufficient communities independent of the powerful, wealthy elite who has never had something good in mind but control, manipulation, and money.  We all can stop it, but the problem is that many people are not interested in accurate information, maybe because it creates fear or disbelief.

However, suppose you watch videos on YouTube. In that case. In that case, you should certainly listen to Prof. Klaus Schwab about the great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Bill Gates, telling us the direction they want us heading to.

Our Life Will Change Very Quickly

If you listen to Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum and his speech about the Great Reset, you will certainly learn that there is coming something huge very soon, a complete change of the world we know today. According to experts, the globalists have in mind the decentralization of the bank system, a digital world with artificial intelligence, and synthetical food.

Listen carefully!

We will own nothing and be happy!

Many politicians have joined this development, a worrying fact showing you can’t trust them, and since Covid, we need to watch out. According to experts warning us, we are in the middle of an economic war far more impacting our lives than world war II.

If the financial economy changes and it will be like a Tsunami, we can expect a difficult situation. Many financial experts and Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, are buying gold and silver, as these always have the best value in such times of economic insecurity.

Ernst Wolff, a financial expert, has written a book, The Financial Tsunami. I don’t know if you can buy the book translated into English.

I read very much and observe the signs, but I am not an expert.  The idea behind the Great Reset doesn’t sound good to me, and I hope many people will come together and let this not happen.

We must go back from globally to locally and live sustainably in our environment and surroundings, helping the planet recover. But it might be already too late! I don’t know!

Final Thought

What is the importance of living sustainably for or future generations, but also for us, because it is now, now is the time to stop, rethink and return?

Well, as long as these guys have our government standing behind them, we need to worry that nothing will change. If we don’t live sustainably and buy sustainable products, reducing the waste on Earth, we will not stop the destruction. We need laws to stop huge polluters and destructive investors from exploiting our environment and killing other people for their profit.

We can’t even trust our governments and better keep together, live in sustainable communities, and be self-sufficient and independent. Something impacting is coming our way, and we can only guess what it could be, but nobody knows in reality. However, listening to Prof. Klaus Schwab is undoubtedly a warning.

I know this might be very confronting for you. However, I would love to know what you think? What is your idea on this topic? Please, let us know!

All the Best,



  • Hannie

    I am less pessimistic than you are, I think, Sylvia. I do agree with you we need to live sustainably. Yet, I don’t agree that all people are greedy and nothing more. Have a look at communities on a smaller scale, in city quarters and villages. There are so many people willing to help another person. Volunteers will even help strangers.

    OK, some things really could be speeded up. I was very glad to read that starting last July 3rd single-use plastic is banned in the EU. And I was truly disappointed to notice that almost all countries have said they can’t comply just yet, they need more time.

    I have a child and 2 grandchildren, so I want to leave a better world for them. But also for other people. Like you, you don’t have children of your own but still want to leave the world better than it is now. We’ll get there, I am sure. After all, the world also came to a standstill when it was deemed necessary against the virus. So it is possible. 🙂

    • Sylvie

      Hi Hannie, I didn’t mean to say that all people are greedy! I am so sorry that you misunderstood. I addressed people who are unwilling to change, but many people are already trying everything they can to adapt to a new world, sustainable and healthy, but free, not what Klaus Schwab is saying. Freedom of our rights is essential, and none should be able to take it away.
      You are so right to say you wish a better world for your grandchildren, and I wish them a better world and do everything to make it happen. We will get there, Hannie! I believe the same! Maybe it is an excellent chance to get hit by the global destruction of the internet, so we all can build a better world, starting from scratch! Don’t worry, but prepare! 🙂

  • Estelle

    Being right there with you, Silvie. Seeing the alarming speed at which things are developing now, is scarry. I have been reading about this controlling greedy goup for 10 years or more.
    They have a system of creating crisises, death and destruction in the form tragidies world wide. Scare and turn the people’s attention and focus away from what they are doing and implimenting. When a tragedy occurs you can see their hand in it, it follows a pattern. Well I can go on and on Silvie.
    Thank you for a very well written article, I enjoyed reading it, it is packed with valuable, eye opening information and I will be back to watch the rest of the videos!
    Thank you for being a light in the darkness!

    • Sylvie

      Thank you so much, Estelle, for your comment! Yes, you are right, and I would love to talk to you. I believe we have much to share on this topic. Thank you for your beautiful words! I give all praise and glory to Jesus, who guides my life! I wish you the very best, Estelle! 🙂

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